Cursed Mirrors is the third track under the adventure Loch'd and Loaded.


Cursed Mirrors is set inside a large, dark cave with a large sphere made of mirrors in the center of the field trapping C4 Charlie and being the most obstructive obstacle in the room alongside some stalagmites dotting the rest of the area. There is no sources of water to utilize and no negative effects.

Bloons enter the fray from a single entrance out of the four entrances present in the map, starting at the corners of the screen, moving going vertical towards the center and then moving directly towards C4 Charlie and the cursed mirror ball.

True to its name, Curse Mirrors presents its gimmick with a shadowy variant of C4 Charlie placed on top of the beginning of the pathway where the bloons will stream out. This serves as a good indicator where the bloons arrive, but is purely cosmetic and functions like any other typical map that cycles where the bloons enter.


  • Since the four tracks come close together at the left and right portions of the screen, planning to have a party of split-up heroes is crucial for success. This is likely to interfere with certain upgrades which require another hero to be in close proximity with.
  • Camo Bloons and Lead Bloons are some of the biggest early-game threats, as having only one or two towers which can deal with these types (if not both at the same time) can be disastrous. MOAB-Class Bloons also share this threat in the later rounds. Even considering having enough cash to fund both sides competently is the issue of certain towers either having the capabilities to take on the more tricky bloon types now or later. Take for instance one side with Finn and Jake, trying to purchase Brofist; Jake can take down Leads and Fin can later become a decent MOAB-Class bloon powerhouse, but neither has any natural capability against Camo Bloons and require more backup on that front.
  • When focusing on finishing the last few, difficult rounds in a match, selling towers on the side not being used during this combat won't cause any major issue and opens up more concentrated efforts to the final wave with more heroes and likely a large sum of refunded cash to reinvest into upgrades for the heroes currently situated or for the newly freed-up heroes from the other side. This also works for relocating heroes after purchase of their proximity-specific upgrades with other towers.


First timeEdit


  • Cursed Mirrors is without a doubt the hardest track in BATTD because most maps are easily beaten by just spamming characters, but this map will force the player to split their character's placements to defend all 4 lanes making the player's defense almost not strong enough to hold Z.O.M.G and B.A.D.
  • It is also probably the shortest track in BATTD making the D.D.T a huge threat because of its speed, and because the player basically needs to split their defenses making it 2 times weaker, so D.D.T can easily pass the player's defense.
  • This track is logically harder than Muddy Puddles because Cursed Mirrors doesn't have water, and it has a huge sight block.
  • If there is a C.H.I.M.P.S mode on this track (or maybe even without C.H.I.M.P.S), this track will probably be one of the hardest tracks ever made in BTD series because of its short lanes, multiple exits, massive sight block, and no water. The other candidates for the hardest map are Monkeys VS Bloons, Bloontonium Lab, Tar Pits, Bloody Puddles, Workshop, Quad, Crypt Keeper with Reverse off, and Down the Drain.


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