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Crossbow Master shoots really fast and devastates most Bloon types with ease.
~ In-game description

Crossbow Master is the fifth and final upgrade of Path 3 for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It increases the Dart Monkey's attack speed to every 0.16s (6.25 shots per second), critical hit frequency to 4-8 (with equal chance for any per-shot numbers between this range, inclusive, every 6 shots on average) instead of 8-12 from Sharp Shooter, range to 240% of a 0-0-0 Dart Monkey, and slightly increases projectile speed. It also increases the pierce of each shot to 10, +6 when upgraded with Sharp Shots and +7 on top of that with Razor Sharp Shots. Upgrading to Crossbow Master also allows the Dart Monkey to pop any bloon type, including Lead.

This upgrade costs $19,975 on Easy, $23,500 on Medium, $25,380 on Hard, and $28,200 on Impoppable.



Upgrading to Crossbow Master changes the Sharp Shooter's crossbow design to a black-and-yellow high-tech design. The crossbower now wears a dark yellow visor with a full-black hood and several yellow pockets. It loses its purple wristbands and eyeband, but keeps its quiver from Sharp Shooter. Like most Tier 5s, its appearance is unaffected by crosspaths.


Alongside shooting arrows that deal 6 damage, the Crossbow Master's arrows fires arrows much faster, gains much more pierce, and apply critical hits at a much faster rate. More specifically, it attacks one shot every 0.16s (or 6.25 shots per second), pierces up to 10 bloons per shot, and crits will occur every 4-8 shots. Its range also improves to 76.

Crossbow Master will shoot a critical damage arrow once every 4-8 shots, and each critical damage arrow is denoted by an orange aura at the back of the arrow and the orange word "CRIT" (or language variant) above bloons struck by them. The frequency of critical damage arrows is determined by a pre-determined count for the number of per-shots made, with a plus-or-minus of 2 from the pre-determined crit frequency average, for an average of every 6th shot.

Crossbow Master has a unique crosspathing interaction with Sharp Shots and Razor Sharp Shots: it receives +6 pierce from the former, and +7 pierce from the latter, for a total of 23 pierce for 2-0-5.

Targeting Priorities[]

Crossbow Master targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Crossbow Master can access Camo Prioritization, allowing all its attacks to prioritize Camo Bloons over other types when this secondary targeting option is active.

Full Popology[]


  • Damage: 6 (50 for critical hits; occur every 4-8 shots)
  • Pierce: 10/16/23 (0-x-5, 1-0-5, and 2-0-5)
  • Attack Rate: 0.16/0.yy/0.zz seconds (x-0-5, 0-1-5, and 0-2-5)
  • Range: 76 units

Damage Types[]



Updated as of Version 31.0. Listed prices exclude buffs, sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-X-5) $19,975 $23,500 $25,380 $28,200 -
Total (0-0-5) $22,620 $26,615 $28,740 $31,940 $15,834 $18,631 $20,118 $22,358
Crosspath (1-0-5) $22,740 $26,755 $28,890 $32,110 $15,918 $18,729 $20,223 $22,477
Crosspath (2-0-5) $22,925 $26,975 $29,125 $32,375 $16,048 $18,883 $20,388 $22,663
Crosspath (0-1-5) $22,705 $26,715 $28,850 $32,060 $15,894 $18,701 $20,195 $22,442
Crosspath (0-2-5) $22,865 $26,905 $29,055 $32,290 $16,006 $18,834 $20,339 $22,603

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: BonusMonkeyIcon.png Bonus Monkey!, ComeOnEverybodyIcon.png Come On Everybody!, BetterSellDealsIcon.png Better Sell Deals



Crossbow Master is a well-rounded upgrade that is able to act as a good source of overall DPS. The random critical hits now activate much quicker on top of its much improved attack speed, allowing a few of these critical hits to easily wipe out a decent number of Super Ceramics and shred weaker MOABs. Because of its relatively high pierce and high damage from its frequent random critical hits, it is recommended to place the Crossbow Master along straight lines.

Although the Crossbow Master doesn't necessarily require external buffs in order to perform well, it pairs very well with Overclock in order to increase its powerful random but consistent critical hit rate even more. Although it has only 66% uptime, adding an active Overclock will rapidly improve the Crossbow Master's overall performance by applying critical hits more often, especially versus Super Ceramics. Other useful support towers include Stronger Stimulant, for the increased attack speed to apply critical hits at a faster rate, and Primary Training, to make its projectiles move faster and therefore more accurate.

In addition to being a rather cost-effective Tier 5, there is a Monkey Knowledge Point called "Master Double Cross" that allows for two Crossbow Masters on the map at once, which adds an extra dimension overall power. With this one MK Point, this allows the option to place each Crossbow Master on different areas of the map for even more attack coverage, or they can be placed together in similar locations to produce even more bloon destructive power. In fact, this also makes it easier to get a higher-degree Apex Plasma Master, the Dart Monkey Paragon.


  • Unless the extra pierce is needed for densely packed bloons such as on round 63, 76, or 78, 0-2-5 Crossbow Master is preferred over a 2-0-5 for the higher attack speed.
    • Regardless of crosspathing choice, to make the most of Crossbow Master, place it such that it can shoot along straightaways.
  • On easier maps, a single Crossbow Master can solo up to round 80.
  • Even though it can pop lead bloons and therefore DDTs, it will have a hard time against them due to their high speed and health.
  • Crossbow Master is mostly a mid-game carry style tower, as it is very good against the pre-super ceramic rounds but heavily falls off past Round 80 when super ceramics take much more time for it to pop, not to mention falling off even harder in the 90s, when rounds become simply too heavy for the Crossbow Master to make much impact. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use Crossbow Master not for solo DPS, but instead to help save up for a more powerful Tier 5 that can scale well in late game, most commonly Sky Shredder or Apache Prime.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a Crossbow Master's DPS is relatively consistent due to the high frequency of shots, rather than completely random due to crits, because the Crossbow Master is guaranteed to get a crit at most on the 8th shot after a previous crit, and on the 4th at the least. The DPS ranges between 71.875 and 106.25, with the average being 83.333.


Not Lacking Critical Information
FIRST RELEASED: Version 29.0
Description: Get 25,000 Critical hits

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Crossbow Master is currently a lot stronger than it was when it first released. Note that the crosspathing rework in Version 18.0 is considered an overall buff, because it already had a large amount of pierce anyway, and the attack speed buff allows it to activate crits more often.

  • Buff Crossbow Master's price was reduced from $27,000 to $25,000.
  • Buff Crossbow Master's crit rate increased from every 8-12 shots to every 6-10 shots.
  • Buff Crossbow Master attack speed bonus increased from 3x to 4x
  • Buff Crossbow Master crit rate increased from every 6-10 shots to every 4-8 shots
  • Buff Crossbow Master's base attack speed increased by roughly 50% (0.2375s → 0.16s)
  • Nerf Crossbow Master's base pierce reduced from 23 to 10
  • Buff 105 and 205 pierce bonus increased to +6 and +7, up from +1 and +2
    • While the pierce bonus is a buff, the 205 pierce total was nerfed from the previous 24 and 26 respectively to 16 and 23.
  • Ninja Kiwi reworked the Crossbow Master in Version 18.0 in order to let the Path 1 crosspath have a fairer usage over the far more favorable Path 2 crosspath.
  • Note: Crossbow Master remained at 450 projectile speed despite its predecessors receiving projectile speed buffs.
Instead of saying the same thing each time; many specific crosspaths that add a 'camo specialty' to a tower end up being viewed as rather inferior crosspaths due to camo being quite available to pick up through other methods. To give these upgrades more use even with other forms of camo reveal in play, we have added a brand new Camo Prioritization option that is added to the towers when taking this crosspath. When enabled this filter combines the selected target method with Camo Prioritization (e.g. Strong Camo would work through all Camos in strength order, then revert to normal Strong until any new Camos show up). Individual Monkeys are called out below.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to "Camo Prioritization" target option
  • Buff Affected by Enhanced Eyesight adding a Camo Prioritization filter.
[...] Crossbow Master is pretty much around the entry level T5 that we want, but a little too expensive for something that brings no extra utility.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Crossbow Master price decreased ($25,000 -> $23,500)
  • Buff Affected by Enhanced Eyesight projectile lifespan buff

Bug Fixes[]

  • Master Double Cross (a Monkey Knowledge that allows you to have two Crossbow Masters at once) now works more consistently.
  • Buff Crossbow Master's base attack damage (correctly) increased (5 → 6)
    • This was the result of a 12.0 Sharp Shooter buff not being inherited by Crossbow Master until this bug fix.
  • Nerf Master Double Cross no longer allows you to use 1 Crossbow Master in Daily Challenges where this tower is prohibited.
    • Before the bug got fixed in Version 20.0, challenges that banned Crossbow Master but not Sharp Shooter allowed the player to purchase exactly one Crossbow Master if they have the "Master Double Cross" MK. This was revealed since Version 17.0, starting from that update when Challenge Editor added the option to allow challenges to restrict specific upgrades of any tower.

Extra Notes (Version History)[]

  • Before the 4.0 update, the Crossbow Master increased the layers popped by one. This upgrade was granted as a buff to the Sharp Shooter instead, keeping the basic power at 5 layers per shot.
    • In Version 12.0, Sharp Shooter gained yet another +1 damage buff, but Crossbow Master formerly did not gain the +1 damage buff alongside Sharp Shooter, though Crossbow Master had gained a series of other damage buffs to compensate. However, this damage decrease discrepancy was since corrected for the Crossbow Master as of Version 12.1.
  • Although Sharp Shooter received balance changes in Version 23.0, this did not affect Crossbow Master at all.
  • Every time the Crossbow Master's "crit frequency" was buffed, Ninja Kiwi would list these buffs in terms of the Crossbow Master's average numbers of crits per second assuming constant attack speed.
    • Version 8.0's "crit frequency" was mentioned to be buffed from 10 to 8.
    • Version 12.0's "crit frequency" was mentioned to be buffed from 8 to 6.


Official artwork[]