Uses a long range Crossbow that can pop 3 layers of Bloon for every hit.
~ Official Description

Crossbow is the third upgrade of Path 3 for the Dart Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It turns the Dart Monkey into a crossbow operator and pops 3 layers instead of one, also increasing the range to 175% of unupgraded Dart Monkey, and increasing pierce by 1 (to 3 for 0-0-3).

It is unlocked for 2,100 EXP and costs $625 on Normal. It is the most expensive 3rd Tier upgrade for the Dart Monkey. In comparison, Spike-O-Pult only costs $300, and Triple Shot costs $400. It upgrades into the Sharp Shooter.

A 0-0-3 Dart Monkey will wear a purple headband, a 2-0-3 will also be wearing a purple headband as well as a red tailband, but the 0-2-3 will wear a red headband above the purple headband with purple cuffs, like all the other variants.


  • If you use the 2-0-3 cross-path it can pierce 3 layers out of 6 Bloons per shot, which is double the amount of pierce when compared to a 0-x-3 Crossbow.



  • During Version 7.0, famous YouTubers have managed to spend less than $2000 to win Logs Deflation Mode using just Gwendolin and one 0-0-3 Crossbow.
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