A Monkey Pilot has crashed his Helicopter. Rescue him from the bloons to unlock the Heli-Pilot Monkey!
~ Bloons Monkey City Mobile level description
My Tracks Crash Site

Crash Site map

Crash Site is a Special Mission that involves saving a Heli-Pilot from bloons. This mission is very similar to the Submarine Alliance mission: Same as the Broken 2/4 Sub, the broken Heli-Pilot is at the middle. Paths go towards the Heli-Pilot in 2 paths. Either Defend the Heli-Pilot or repair it to use as a free tower. Repairing costs $1000, so players can pretty much get it first Round. The highest bloon rank is Ceramic Bloon and there are 17 rounds.

Walkthrough by Cutterfish12345Edit

I started on Level 14 or 15 (I don't exactly remember the level) and with no extra cash, insta-monkeys or other stuff. This is how I did it:

  • Free the Heli Pilot by spending $1000 and place it on the undefended entrance. Don't forget to select the option 'Follow Touch'.
  • Put 1 Monkey Engineer at the entrance of one track and try to upgrade it to 1/X. (Use Ninja Monkey if you don't have the Engineer)
  • Then put another Engineer at the other start and try to upgrade it to 1/X.
  • Put two Wizards near the Engineer to take care of those pesky Lead bloons.
  • Upgrade the Heli Pilot to X/2 to take care of those pesky Camo bloons. (Upgrade it to 2/X instead if you have Ninja Monkey)
  • Place two Glue Gunners near the Wizards and upgrade them to 2/X.
  • After that upgrade the Heli Pilot to 2/2 and select the option 'Pursuit'.
  • To deal with those major pain in the neck Camo-Lead bloons, upgrade the Wizard to X/2.
  • Now the fundamentals are covered, do whatever you want, you'll probably be at Round 10.



  • After players defeat this mission, a hole will still be visible where the Heli-Pilot crashed.
  • Players can upgrade the Heli-Pilot to any upgrade in this mission.
  • A map with the same name is found in SAS 4, added with the Contracts update.
  • A special mission in Bloons Tower Defense 5, Protect Monkey Town , has a similar map.
  • This mission is one of the easiest Special Missions that involves the BMC-Mobile-exclusive towers.
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