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Cornfield is a Advanced Map in Bloons TD 6. It is one of 4 Advanced Maps to be introduced on initial release, and was one of the first 21 original BTD6 maps introduced on initial release.


Cornfield is a small patch of farmland enclosed by white picket fencing around the upper and lower borders of the screen. The terrain mainly consists of empty gardening beds with several aesthetic objects scattered among some of the plots such as a wheel, a pair of boots and various stones. At the beginning of each match, all but one of the plots are covered in large crops of corn, some of which bear ears and others not. These crops serve as destructible objects, blocking a lot of the vision for most towers inside. The path is drawn from dirt and there are fences that act as blockers. Every round, the gate is opened at the start and closed at the end of each round.

Count the plot that is provided with at the start of the game, there are 14 plots (1 plot is free in the middle, 2 $350 directly parallel to each other and the free one, with one near the start and one near the end, 4 $500 create a rectangle on the 4 corners of the map, 3 $700 with one under the free one and the other are the top and bottom part of the rectangle with a monkey scarecrow in it, 3 $1000 with one in the middle of the rectangle with the monkey scarecrow, one above the free one and one below the long one with is $1500 and 4 of them has ungrown corn). There are a scarecrow, 4 little stones, 2 wheels and a pair of boots which isn't that closed to each other after the field has been cleaned.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney.png Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $225
Completed $45


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  • Players can remove the cornfields on the map for certain amounts of money.
    • This map has the record for individual destructible objects, at 13 plots of corn.
      • It also has the second most money spent on complete removal of all destructible objects, at $9300.
  • When the Corn patch where Scarecrow is placed is removed, the scarecrow laying on ground appears to have sad expression.
  • Choosing to destroy any object creates a Monkey Farmer with a scythe, who is purely aesthetic and disappears after the animation is over.
  • You can place Dart Monkeys in the tiny spaces between corn.
  • It is possible to beat this map on C.H.I.M.P.S. with only 3 towers. TremenMusic completed Cornfield C.H.I.M.P.S with only Quincy, Permanent Brew and Apache Prime on Version 13.1. Prior to 11.0, it was possible to do a 3 towers C.H.I.M.P.S combo in Obyn Greenfoot, Apache Prime and Homeland Defense but Obyn's price was nerfed making it impossible to beat Cornfield C.H.I.M.P.S with 3 towers until 13.1 as above.