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The Continue Button in BTD5

Continue (Continue Game in BTD5) is a premium item that can be bought to continue the current game after reaching a game over state. It was first released in Bloons TD 5 Flash, and has since been released for all future Bloons and Bloons TD series games. With exception of Bloons TD 5 Flash, premium upgrades that are bought with Monkey Money, with BTD5 Flash requiring NK Coins instead.

Bloons TD 5 Flash[]

Who said 0 lives means Game Over? Get back in the game with $5,000 cash and 100 lives and make those bloons pay for their insolence!
~ Bloons TD 5 Description
Continue Advert

Continue Game Advertised

Continue Game is a one-off Premium Upgrade in Bloons TD 5. When the player runs out of lives and loses (game over), if this is bought for CoinsIcon7 the player will restart the round on with $5,000 extra Cash and 100 Lives. Having Double Cash Mode or Triple Lives enabled means that the player will continue with $10,000 extra cash and 300 lives respectively.

This can generally be a waste if the player lost with more than $5000 cash and 100 lives or both before the player started the round they failed at. Unless the player was deep in freeplay or it was a Special Mission, Daily Challenge or Extreme Track, it is generally a good idea to use the save/reload trick. This upgrade is useful when the player doesn't like starting over.

Continues are not available in Deflation Mode and in BTD5, Freeplay Mode and Apopalypse Mode. Continues are also not available in the C.H.I.M.P.S. game mode and Daily Challenges that bans continues.

In BTD5, the icon is a head of a brutalized Mortar Tower operator.

Bloons TD 5 Deluxe[]

In Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, Continues can be purchased for Monkey Dollar200. They have the same effect as the Continue Game in Bloons TD 5.

Bloons TD 5 Mobile[]

Same as in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, except that the player must pay Monkey Dollar500 instead in order to use a continue. It also gives 10,000 cash when used, but it still gives the regular 5,000 cash in Impoppable Difficulty.

Bloons TD5 permits an alternative to continue game thanks to its function of saving games between rounds. Closing the game before the end of a round will return players to the main menu. Choosing play and resume game will then return them to exactly the same position they were in at the beginning of the aborted round.

Bloons Monkey City[]

In Bloons Monkey City, Continue makes another apperance. When a player loses all lives, the player may choose to continue for BloonstoneIcon20. The player would then start with the same amount of money (with a cash bonus depending on the round) and the same round that they lost, and have their lives refueled. The round would have exactly the same bloons.

In Monkey vs Monkey, however, a Continue works differently than usual. In the Flash version, a Continue costs BloonstoneIcon50 and the whole battle must be restarted. In the mobile version, Continues are disabled, and the map must be restarted.

Continues are not available in Contested Territory.

Bloons TD 6[]


Continue button selected (V1.0)

Much like Bloons TD 5 Deluxe and Mobile, Continues in Bloons TD 6 must be purchased for a varying amount, with the amount increasing as the player gets later into the game (as low as BloonjaminsIcon100 and as high as BloonjaminsIcon500). Continues have the same effect as the BTD5 games, but the amount of money the player gets is depended on Monkey Money spent (MM spent x 10) and instead of gaining 100 lives, the player now gains the same amount of lives the player started with at the start of the game mode (200 on Easy, 150 on Medium, 100 on Hard, and 1 for Impoppable). As of version 23.0 the first continue a player uses is free; any subsequent uses will void this.

Continues are not available in Deflation, CHIMPS, or Custom Challenges that ban Continues.

Continues work much differently on Boss Bloon Events and Contested Territory. Instead of offering monetary and life compensations, the player must go back to a specific checkpoint if they are to use a Continue, in which all game progress of that game reverts back to the state of that checkpoint. Monkey Money costs to go back to the latest checkpoint increases by BloonjaminsIcon100 every 20 rounds, with such a choice being unavailable before Round 20. Starting from Version 35.0, there is the option to restart from the current round for double the amount of Monkey Money.

Starting from Version 41.0, CHIMPS offers an alternative to the Continue; the "Retry Last Round" allows the player to roll back to the current round, equal to saving and reloading the current game.

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

Can't we just retry or continue for coins or something?
~ Jake, tutorial in Candy Throne Room
Continue BATTD

Like from other Bloons TD games, the player may choose to continue for 1,000 coins after a game over. Upon doing so, the player will receive an additional $5,000(?) in-game cash while restarting from the same round the player lost on with all starting lives. Unlike revive sources that make appearance in the game, there is no limit on the usage of continues, coin balance permitting.

Continues are not available in Martian Games.

Bloons Pop![]

Bloons Pop! gives the player options to continue the game depending on the loss condition. If the player has used up all of their shots, and has one or more incomplete objectives, the player may purchase 5 extra shots for 250(?) Monkey Money or get 3 extra shots by watching an ad. If the bloons reach the top of the play area past the danger zone, the player may push them TBA units down and stun them for 250(?) Monkey Money or simply push them TBA units down by watching an ad. The player may only continue once(?). Continues are not available in Golden Bloon Time. If the player runs out of shots and lets bloons escape at the same time, the "Bloons Escaped!" prompt will show first.

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