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As a commander in the advanced monkey navy, Cassie can unleash an arsenal of heavy weaponry at the push of a button.
~ BATTD description
Commands a powerful warship with a mounted dart cannon.
~ Short description

Commander Cassie is a variant of Captain Cassie in Bloons Adventure Time TD who is unlocked by clearing Something's Fishy on the Extreme difficulty. Her attacks are similar to the Destroyer in BTD5 and BTD6, along with upgrades that are similar to Aircraft Carrier. She costs $2,800 to be placed.


Like Captain Cassie, Commander Cassie is a brown monkey with dark brown hair and eyes. She wears a navy uniform and a hat above her with her name, Cassie. We can see that her sleeves are folded. On the right of her, you can see a microphone attached to her.


  • Powerful upgrades


  • Expensive


Icon MAF
COST: $2,000
Description: Cassie launches 2 military planes that attack bloons on their own
Effect: Self-explanatory
Icon Scramble
COST: $600
Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Place 2 more of Cassie's allies
Effect: 2 more copies of each ally become available to place
Icon Arms Race
Arms Race
COST: $2,750
Upgrade(s) Required:
Description: Call in additional planes
Effect: +2 planes
Icon Triple Barrels
Triple Barrels
COST: $3,500
Upgrade(s) Required:
Arms Race
Description: Fires 3 darts every attack
Effect: Fires 3 darts that split at a 30°(?) angle per side
Icon sidewinder strike
Sidewinder Strike
COST: $3,500
Requires Star Level 5+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Triple Barrels
Description: Ability: Transform all planes into powerful jet fighters
Effect: Commander Cassie's planes, including the R/C Plane if equipped, shoots small missiles that have TBA damage type, TBA damage, and TBA pierce every TBA seconds for TBA seconds. TBA second cooldown
Icon Sonar Array
Sonar Array
COST: $500
Description: Increases Cassie's range
Effect: +5 range
Icon Enhanced Tactical Radar
Enhanced Tactical Radar
COST: $500
Upgrade(s) Required:
Sonar Array
Description: Increases Cassie's range further and allows her to detect camo bloons
Effect: +2 range and gains camo detection
Icon Cruise Missile
Cruise Missile
COST: $750
Description: Cassie gains an additional homing missile attack
Effect: Shoots an infinite range missile that have Explosion damage type, 4 damage, and 15 pierce every 6 seconds; missiles cannot pass Line of Sight obstacles and follows Cassie's targeting priority. Missiles can inherit damage bonuses from trinkets
Icon Advanced Warheads
Advanced Warheads
COST: $600
Upgrade(s) Required:
Cruise Missile
Description: Missiles are faster and do more damage
Effect: Missiles have +30% attack speed, +10 pierce, and +2 damage
Icon Bloontonium Tips
Bloontonium Tips
COST: $2,500
Requires Star Level 3+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Advanced Warheads
Description: Cassie's attacks do more damage and can pop any bloon type
Effect: All attacks gain Normal damage type and +1 damage to all attacks
Icon Mounted Mauler
Mounted Mauler
COST: $1,000
Needs C4 Charlie nearby!
Upgrade(s) Required:
Bloontonium Tips
Description: Replaces all missiles with powerful MOAB Maulers for extra damage against MOABs
Effect: Missile attacks now deal 70 base damage against MOAB-class bloons.
Icon Missile Barrage
Missile Barrage
COST: $2,800
Requires Star Level 7+

Upgrade(s) Required:
Advanced Warheads
Description: Fires multiple missiles at once
Effect: Fires 3 missiles in quick succession instead of 1

Star Boost[]

Commander Cassie will receive the following permanent boosts as she levels up:

  • 2 stars - Base range increased by 1
  • 4 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 1
  • 6 stars - Base price decreased by $250
  • 8 stars - Base attack pierce increased by 1
  • 9 stars - Base range increased by 2
  • 10 stars - Start with 2 M.A.F. planes in the air (separate from upgrade)


When placed:

  • "The best form of defense is attack."
  • "Alright, everyone ready to mobilize on my command."
  • "Bravo, Lima, Oscar, Oscar, November, Sierra."
  • "Yaaaaarrrrr!/What trickery is this?" - Captain Cassie/Commander Cassie, when Captain Cassie/Commander Cassie is placed after the other

When selected:

  • "Awaiting orders!"
  • "Standing by!"
  • "This is Cassie."
  • "Yes sir!"
  • "Scramble!"
  • "Go ahead!"
  • "Cut it out! We need to focus!" (when annoyed)

When upgraded:

  • "Ready!"
  • "Systems, check."
  • "Stay in formation!"

When activating ability:

  • "Bravo squadron, engage!" (when activating Sidewinder Strike)

When a MOAB Class Bloon appears:

  • "Sizable enemy threat in bound! Brace yourselves!"

When a MOAB Class Bloon pops:

  • "Good work team! Stay vigilant."


Like Captain Cassie, Commander Cassie is a water tower. She mainly attacks with darts, but can also add more weapons and attacks to her arsenal via upgrades. She's also the most powerful water tower in the game. Consider her when the tracks got space for water, or if the player has Jetpack or Lady Rainicorn.

When you get her to level 3, it is highly recommended to have her in the battlefield especially when using Dragon Fangs. However, in later patches, the Triple Barrels and Bloontonium Tips paths have become mutually exclusive, meaning Dragon Fangs may no longer be her best weapon if opting for the Bloontonium Darts path.

With huge speed increase effects, she can shoot MOAB maulers rapidly, crushing MOAB class bloons rapidly from a global distance. Iron Hull can be used for negative effect protection, or Jetpack for land placement. Missile is not recommended on her, as dart weapons lack high attack speed options, and she is one of two characters that cannot use Baker's Shard.

R/C Plane can shoot missiles with her level 5 ability.

Cursed Ice Ring, Heart Gauntlets, Cosmic Gauntlets and Doom Gauntlets will provide her 15% speed increases each, while Medallion of Brogends and Dagger of Chilled Glass will add 10% speed each.

Version History[]

  • BUFF Increased distance projectiles can fly
  • BUFF Scramble now increases the quantity of any ally, not just flying ones
  • NERF All star boosts removed from upgrades
  • NERF Base attack speed reduced from 10 to 5
  • NERF Enhanced Radar range boost changed from 5 + 1 per 2 stars to 2
  • NERF Bloontonium Tips and Triple Barrels are now mutually exclusive
  • NERF Triple Barrels price increased from $800 to $3500
  • BUFF Cruise Missile blast radius increased from 20 to 35
  • Change Bloontonium Tips price increased from $1100 to $2500, now changes damage type to Normal Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Normal, now required to purchase Missile Barrage
  • Change Upgrade tree rearranged to better reflect new upgrade order
  • NERF Mounted Mauler price increased from $700 to $1000
  • BUFF Mounted Mauler MOAB damage increased from 16 + 1 per 2 stars to 60
  • BUFF M.A.F. planes pierce changed from TBA to TBA
  • BUFF M.A.F. planes attack speed increased from TBA to TBA
  • BUFF M.A.F. plane attacks now ignore obstacles
  • BUFF Sidewinder Strike plane blast radius increased from TBA to 10
  • BUFF Sidewinder Strike plane damage increased from 2 to 3
  • BUFF Sidewinder Strike plane attack speed increased from 3.3 to 5
  • BUFF Commander Cassie now gains the following buffs at certain star levels
  • Star Level 2: +1 Base range
  • Star Level 4: +1 Base attack pierce
  • Star Level 6: -$250 Placement cost
  • Star Level 8: +1 Base attack pierce
  • Star Level 9: +2 Base range
  • Star Level 10: Gains 2 M.A.F. planes at base level
  • BUFF Bloontonium Tips now also grants +1 damage
  • BUFF Mounted Mauler MOAB damage increased from 60 to 70


  • Her sidewinders planes can attack extremely fast by activating Sidewinder while having an attack speed influence buff, such as Lute Suit or Warning Horn, then activating Plasma Goggles. The glitch requires a level 5+ Commander Cassie as it requires Sidewinder Strike.



  • The description for the Scramble upgrade formerly was "Place more of Cassie's flying allies" but has since changed after it was modified to allow placement of any of Commander Cassie's allies.
  • If the player waits on the character screen, she will either pull her binoculars out and look around or start speaking on her microphone.
  • Her quote "Bravo, Lima, Oscar, Oscar, November, Sierra" uses the NATO phonetic alphabet to spell out "Bloons".
  • She is comparable to Admiral Brickell, due to both being water heroes with military related powers.
  • The +1 damage from the Bloontonium Tips upgrade was added as a buff for the upgrade after the Bloontonium Tips + Triple Barrels nerf by introducing "Locked By" restrictions.


  1. The information screen claims that her pierce is '0'. This is an error.