Automatically calls in 3 more Comanches when they're most needed.
~ Upgrade Description for the Comanche Defense in BTD6

Comanche Defense is the third path fourth-tier upgrade of the Heli Pilot in Bloons Tower Defense 6. Whenever the RBE on the map is greater than 2000 RBE, the main Comanche Helicopter calls in 3 mini Comanche Helicopters armed with missiles and darts to aid it in battle. However, this has a cooldown of 25 seconds. Eventually the Comanches will leave after 10 seconds. The mini-copters can spawn more than once a round if the round lasts longer than 25 seconds. It costs $8,500 on Easy, $10,000 on Medium, $10,800 on Hard, and $12,000 on Impoppable.



The Comanche Defense is a highly unreliable tower. It activates on very arbitrary conditions, and its uptime is less than 50%. All its power is in the summoned Comanches, which makes it dead weight when they are not present. It also does not act well as a stepping stone to the Comanche Commander. It is highly unrecommended to use this tower.


  • The Comanche Defense is only powerful when the smaller Comanche helicopters are around. As such, its only use during those times is the built-in MOAB Shove.
    • As the smaller Comanche Helicopters automatically pursue the bloons, the Pursuit upgrade is never needed, and the main helicopter can be placed somewhere else.
  • The smaller planes do gain the extra projectiles from Quad Darts, faster movement speed from Bigger Jets and camo detection from IFR.
  • Exiting the game and restarting the round will reset the cooldown on the passive ability, and so therefore could give the player a small advantage.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Nerf Comanche Defense's mini-comanches are no longer affected by Alchemist buffs.

  • Buff Comanche Defense maximum activations per round increased (1 -> 2) (Still has an internal cooldown of 25 sec)



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