One of your characters has dropped a collectable. These can contain cash, lives, or even other loot like Wish Orbs!

Tap the collectable to pick it up. Don't wait too long, collectables will disappear if they are not collected quickly.

~ BATTD description
Collectables is a term given to collectable pickable items that give certain currencies, usually in-game cash. Usually, the collectables come as bananas from Banana Farms, but can sometimes come in the form of crates, such as from Supply Drop or Support Chinook. However, Bloons Adventure Time TD collectables come in many more various forms; some collectables in that game can grant Coins, Gems, or even Wish Orbs.

In BTD5 and BTD6, collectables come in various forms:

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, collectables can come in various forms:


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