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For the BTD5 counterpart, see Co-Op Mode (BTD5).
All Co-Op games share cash and hero xp [sic] evenly and double cash mode is no longer disabled following version 19.0. For this game, you are playing: [Mode][Sub-Mode]
~ BTD6 Co-Op rules popup

BTD6 Co-Op rules popup (before Double Cash became enabled)

Main Menu of Co-Op (before ~22.0)

Co-Op Mode is a new mode added to Bloons TD 6 in an update that was released on 2nd July, 2019 for BTD6, on Version 11.0. Unlike Bloons TD 5 Mobile, Co-Op Mode must be unlocked by reaching Level 20. It involves 2-4 players cooperating on a random or private chosen game of BTD6 on a chosen map and difficulty.

Co-Op Mode can be accessed on the main menu. Players can either play on Quick Matches or create/join Private Matches. Each player will be assigned a specific number (P1, P2, P3, or P4) depending on their timing to a Co-Op Match. Players can leave and re-join at any time during the Co-Op match, but there are still risks to leaving a match.

Players are limited by their respective sides, usually a specific quadrant(s), unless the tower territory distribution is modified by a specific map. Some maps may have universal territories, as indicated by a colored "A" symbol, to represent an "All Players" territories. Players may only transport their own towers via Support Chinook only to within their allocated territory(s). Collectable items, such as bananas from Banana Farms, are only able to be picked up by the owner of the tower(s) that outputted the collectable items. In addition, other players cannot modify other players' towers or sacrifice them, with the only exception being Sun Temple, True Sun God/Vengeful True Sun God and Paragon sacrifices. However, abilities that lack the possibility of accidental sabotage such as Jungle's Bounty (counts everyone's Banana Farms in range) can become influenced or can influence other players' towers.

Every player starts with the same amount of cash minus $100 (-$50 in Half Cash) for 2-Player, and minus $50 per additional player (-$25 per additional player in Half Cash). If the "More Cash" MK is unlocked by any player, it will be distributed evenly among each player. While playing the game, the full cash is gained for a particular player's cash account while popping bloons or generating cash. Players can share or request cash during the game on at anytime via the Co-Op Communication Menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

Before playing each game, players will be able to choose their own Hero; this is to be done before starting up Co-Op Mode, as there is currently no way to change Heroes while waiting for players to connect to a Co-Op Mode game. In addition, players are allowed their own set of Tier 5 towers (i.e. up to 4 of a single Tier 5 on each side, up to 8 for Crossbow Master with "Master Double Cross" MK enabled), which allows each player to decide on their own sets of Tier 5 towers without another disrupting other players' Tier-5 tower selection progress.

If one player has a given Monkey Knowledge upgrade, the upgrade is applied to all players. For example, if one player has the Bonus Monkey! Knowledge upgrade, every player will start with a free Dart Monkey. However, multiple instances of the same upgrade will not stack, so even if two or more players have the Bonus Monkey! upgrade, only one free Dart Monkey will be given to each player. If a Monkey Knowledge upgrade does not "apply to each player" and only contributes to the overall game instead of each player, then only one instance of any given upgrade will be used. For example, if a player has the Mana Shield Monkey Knowledge upgrade, only one instance of the Mana Shield will be present (i.e. only 25 bonus lives.)

Additionally, Co-Op Daily Challenges may appear around 2 times per week; one on Sunday and another on Wednesday.


Co-Op game with multiple heroes and a variety of different towers

Opened Communication menu of Co-Op

Players are able to request and exchange cash from one player to another and send emotes with in-built functions. To access Co-Op related communicational commands, tap the Co-Op button on the right of the screen to open.

Once on the menu, the subject player may request cash by tapping "Request" button. Every other player will be alerted that the subject player requested cash by two alerts: an exclamation mark popup next to their player number, followed by an alert sound effect. The player can also tap the emotes button to open a list of emotes, which can then be sent to other players. The other players will be alerted of the emote by the subject player.

Players can mute other player's cash requests or emotes by pressing that player's mute button on the menu.

If the player(s) lose all their lives, any of the available players must press the Continue button in order to continue (unless CHIMPS Mode, Deflation Mode, or any other mode that limits use of Continues). Players may restart, but only players who presses restart will be redirected to a restarted match.

Available emotes[]

Here is a list of the available emotes that can be sent to other players.

Default emotes[]

These emotes are provided to the player at the start.

  • "Hi!"
  • "Ready!"
  • "Well done"
  • "Good job"
  • "Thanks"
  • "Sorry!"
  • "Slow!", likely to be used when needing to turn off Fast Forward
  • "AFK" (away from keyboard)
  • "GG" (good game)
  • A laughing Monkey head
  • A Monkey head giving a thumbs up
  • A Monkey head giving a thumbs down
  • A dizzy Monkey head, resembling the one shown on the Defeat screen
  • A crying Monkey head
  • A green camo bloon, likely to be used to signify rounds with camo such as rounds 24, 42, and 51.
  • A Lead Bloon, likely to be used to warn against rounds with lead bloons such as rounds 28 and 59.
  • A Zebra Bloon, Rainbow Bloon, and Ceramic Bloon, likely to be used to signal against thermal bloons or rainbow/ceramic rushes such as rounds 26, 63, 76, and 78.
  • A MOAB, BFB, ZOMG, and BAD, likely to be used to notify others to prepare MOAB defenses against rounds such as 40, 64, 75, and rounds past 80.
  • Ability icons for Fire Cocktail, Concussive Shell, and Brambles, to represent use of hero abilities.
  • A piggy bank, likely to notify others about farming or to collect Monkey Banks.
  • Icons of Support Chinook health crate, Jungle's Bounty, and Merchantmen, likely to notify others about farming.
  • The hero icons of each hero that the players on the team is using.

For a list of possible interpretations of each default emote, see Co-Op Mode (BTD6)/Strategies #Emote Interpretation.

Trophy Store emotes[]

Main article: Trophy Store#Co-Op

These emotes have to be bought at the Trophy Store before they can be used.

Special tower interactions[]

There are some interesting interactions that are worth noting that may cause changes in tower behavior and player strategy, including:

Trade Empires stacking across multiple players

  • After ending each round, the total gained Hero XP is divided evenly to each player's placed Hero.
  • Level 4+ Benjamin's Skimming income generation will increase every player's income evenly (so +$0.5 per bloon for 2 players, $0.33 per bloon for 3, $0.25 for 4). This income generation can be stacked with other players' Benjamin Skimming income generation. (Tested in patch 22.2)
  • Jungle's Bounty (x4x Druid) affects all players' nearby Banana Farms within the Druid's own bounty range.
  • Super Monkey Fan Club (x4x Dart) affect up to 10 nearby Dart Monkeys regardless of owners, respectively. (?)
  • Plasma Monkey Fan Club (x5x Dart) affect up to 20 nearby Dart Monkeys regardless of owners. (?)
  • Total Transformation (x5x Alchemist) affect towers regardless of owners.
  • Spirit of the Forest (x5x Druid) on-track thorned bramble growths can stack with other Spirits of the Forest, producing extra damage to all bloons on screen.
  • Sub Commander (xx5 Sub), Energizer (5xx Sub), Prince of Darkness (xx5 Wizard), and other Tier 5 towers that add buffs to other towers do not stack their own buffs when multiple of them are placed. However, multiple Sub Commanders without the Sub Admiral MK can still add limited-range buffs to Monkey Subs nearby.
  • Trade Empire (xx5 Buccaneer) will stack effects with other player's Merchantmen. The parameters of this require further testing.
  • Shinobi Tactics and Poplust buffs can only stack up to 20 times and 5 times, respectively, towards their respective towers (Ninjas and Druids, respectively), regardless of player ownership.
  • Alchemist buffs and Monkey Village buffs can target any players' towers.
  • Multiple Obyn Greenfoots use their own respective Wall of Trees for each respective player.
  • Overclock and Ultraboost abilities may be used on any available tower, regardless of player ownership.
  • Adora can only sacrifice towers owned by the player who owns her.
  • The "Come On Everybody!" MK is separated from each player, and thus is treated for each player as though the other players' Primary Monkeys do not exist.
  • Admiral Brickell's Mega Mine can be placed on any area of water, regardless of player ownership.
  • Benjamin's per-round income is given only to the player who owns Benjamin.
  • Bloon Traps and XXXL Trap rewards are given to the successful trapper.
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Other special interactions[]

  • Hero levelup voicelines are randomized differently from player to player.
  • Jukebox settings are not shared with other Co-Op members.
  • Achievement-earned settings (e.g. Big Monkey Towers Option, Small Bloon Option) are set to whatever the player has set, rather than appearing on other players' screens.
  • Pausing the game by the settings menu does not affect Co-Op connection, but certain actions that trigger pausing (e.g. pulling the status menu on iOS devices) will cause a temporary loss in Co-Op connection.


Unlike BTD5, all maps are available for Co-Op. However, each map has different territory distribution boundaries depending on the nature of the map. Some maps, such as Firing Range and all Expert Maps, do not have any boundaries; these maps are marked on the map display with a colored "A" symbol to indicate that all pieces of land are universal. The game uses the same configuration for 3-player games as it does with 4-player games, but one of the quadrants will be available to all players. The following key will be used to identify maps' configurations:

  • All = All players can place towers anywhere
  • Horizontal = Split a horizontal line across the center of the map
  • Vertical = Split by a vertical line down the center of the map
  • Down Diagonal = Split by a diagonal line from the top-left to the bottom-right of the map
  • Up Diagonal = Split by a diagonal line from the bottom-left to the top-right of the map
  • Straight 4 = Split into quadrants by a horizontal and a vertical line.
  • Diagonal 4 = Split into quadrants by 2 diagonal lines.

Co-op daily challenges can overwrite a map's configuration.

Map 2-Player Configuration 3-Player Configuration 4-Player Configuration
Monkey Meadow
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
Tree Stump
Down Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
Town Center
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
Up Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
Down Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
Lotus Island.png
Lotus Island
All All All
Candy Falls.png
Candy Falls
Up Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
Winter Park.png
Winter Park
All All All
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Park Path
All All All
Alpine Run
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
Frozen Over.png
Frozen Over
All All All
In the Loop
Up Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
All All All
Four Circles
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
End of the Road
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
All All All
All All All
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
Adora's Temple.png
Adora's Temple
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
Spring Spring.png
Spring Spring
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
Moon Landing.png
Moon Landing
Down Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Downstream BTD6.png
Down Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
Firing Range
All All All
Down Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
All All All
Spice Islands
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
X Factor
All All All
Up Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
All All All
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Cargo Map.jpg
All All All
Pat's Pond.png
Pat's Pond
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
All All All
High Finance.png
High Finance
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Another Brick
Vertical Straight 4 Straight 4
Off the Coast
Horizontal Straight 4 Straight 4
All All All
Up Diagonal Diagonal 4 Diagonal 4
All All All
All All All
Flooded Valley.png
Flooded Valley
All All All
All All All
Bloody Puddles.png
Bloody Puddles
All All All
Workshop (BTD6).png
All All All
All All All
Dark Castle.png
Dark Castle
All All All
Muddy Puddles
All All All
All All All

Quick Matches[]

Quick Matches are publicly available, and there are three types of Quick Matches, all of which could have 2-4 players per match. Expert Maps, Alternate Bloons Rounds on Beginner Maps, Deflation Mode, Apopalypse Mode, Half Cash, and C.H.I.M.P.S. difficulties cannot be encountered on Quick Matches. The following match modes are listed:

Match Mode Map Difficulty Game Difficulty Game Modifier
Quick Game Beginner or Intermediate Easy or Medium Standard or Reverse
Medium Game Beginner to Advanced Easy, Medium, or Hard Standard, Primary Monkeys Only, Military Monkeys Only, Reverse, Magic Monkeys Only, Double HP MOABs
Long Game Intermediate or Advanced Hard Standard, Magic Monkeys Only, Double HP MOABs, Alternate Bloons Rounds, Impoppable


When successfully completed a game mode, there will be a two-page completion screen: the first page will include a list of useful statistics relating to each of the contributing players, alongside an image depicting the game's interpretation of the highlight statistic for each player:

This section is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.
Highlight Statistic Monkey Description Details
Pop Master
Crossbow Master X Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of bloons
Pop Pacifist
No longer used as of Version 13.0
Obyn Greenfoot X Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the least amount of bloons
The Bloon Solver X Regrow Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of Regrow Bloons.
Head Detective
Elite Sniper X Camo Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of Camo Bloons.
Fired Up
Gwendolin X Ceramic Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of Ceramic Bloons.
Metal Muncher
The Anti-Bloon X Lead Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of Lead Bloons.
Boss Skillz
Bomb Blitz X Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of MOAB-class bloons
What MOABs?
No longer used as of Version 13.0
Bigger Globs X Bloons Popped Given to the player who has popped the least amount of MOAB-class bloons
Master Builder
Engineer Monkey X Towers Placed Shown for the player who has placed the most amount of towers
PatFustyPortrait.pngBFB Brawler Pat Fusty X BFBs Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of BFBs
DDT Destroyer
Destroyer X DDTs Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of DDTs
ZOMG Zapper
Superstorm X ZOMGs Popped Given to the player who has popped the most amount of ZOMGs
Less is More
No longer used as of Version 13.0
Submerge and Support X Towers Placed Shown for the player who has placed the least amount of towers
Monkey Financier
Monkey Wall Street X Cash Generated Given to the player who generated the most money, via farming income (Banana Farms, Merchantmen, Rubber to Gold, etc). This does not take into account money gained from pops (except Monkey Town).
No Bananas 4 U
No longer used as of Version 13.0
Permafrost X Cash Generated Given to the player who generated the least money, via farming income (Banana Farms, Merchantmen, Rubber to Gold, etc). This does not take into account money gained from pops (except Monkey Town).
Generous Benefactor
Thrive X Cash Donated Given to the player who has donated the most amount of cash to another player.
Insta Winner
Glaive Lord X Insta-Monkeys Used Given to the player who has placed the most Insta-Monkeys.
Tech Terror X Abilities Activated Given to the player who has used the highest amount of Activated Abilities

Powered Up

Super Monkey Storm X Powers Used Given to the player who has used the highest amount of Powers
Dart Monkey N/A No "special" statistic, or used for when disconnected


Main article: Co-Op Mode (BTD6)/Strategies

For a list of strategies relating to BTD6 Co-Op Mode, see Co-Op Mode (BTD6)/Strategies.


Player 1 can send an Obyn Greenfoot emote even though the Co-Op Challenge doesn't allow the usage of heroes.

  • If too many people join a private match at the same time, the co-op match can glitch. This was patched on version 11.1.
  • Players used to not earn progress towards achievements such as Survivor or Inflated in the game (reaching round 100 on Apopalypse or Deflation respectively). However, these achievements can still be earned outside the game (in Steam achievements, Game Center, etc.). This was patched on version 11.1.
  • There is a known bug (commonly known as the "Thanos Snap") where if you reach a certain round, at the end of the round when the server refreshes the map many towers can disappear, which can be infuriating and may cost the game. This bug occurs due to poor server communication or when crashing other players from the game, and it is known to happen later in the game, usually at or around rounds 59-60, rounds 75-80, and rounds 90-100. Depending on the severity, it might only affect one player's towers or all the towers besides the ones placed early in the game. While this glitch can still happen, it's now less likely to occur since version 12.0.
    • It was presumed that having an IMF Loan could be the cause of activating this glitch, but this was proven false when this glitch even occurred on C.H.I.M.P.S.
  • If the above glitch occurs, one player might get the Defeat screen but the other players can get the Victory screen. Only the players who reach the Victory screen will get the rewards; the player who got the Defeat screen will earn nothing.
  • If a player leaves the game and the person who gets the leaving player's hero has the other costume of the hero active, it will change to the new costume when the hero levels up. For example, if the player who left had the regular Gwendolin skin but the new player who has Gwendolin has the Scientist Skin active, it will change to Scientist Gwendolin when it levels up. This also affects voice lines.
  • Since version 11.1, sometimes the "P# has left the game" message can reappear for a number of times later.
  • In some cases, it might be impossible to give money to a player even though they are in the game. This has been patched around version 12.0.

Top: Co-op rewards displayed correctly, middle: co-op rewards displayed as a normal map attempt, bottom: co-op rewards displayed and given correctly

  • If the server refreshes the map and the Pre-Game Prep MK is enabled, the road spikes will be reset after the refresh. Even if the road spikes run out, when the server refreshes, the road spikes will come back. It can be particularly helpful on some maps like End of the Road, Haunted, and Quad.
    • This has been adjusted with the new restart mechanic on version 13.0; now whenever the server refreshes, all of the Pre-Game Prep road spikes will disappear.
  • When restarting a Co-Op Game with the "Restart" button, the free Dart Monkey from the "Bonus Monkey" MK does not become available again. This does not occur for the "Military Conscription" halved Military Monkeys MK.
  • Likewise on older versions of the game, restarting a Co-Op game may keep all Ceramic Bloons from MOAB-Class Bloons "Super Ceramics", even before round 81.
  • On version 12.0, there are numerous disconnections that may happen suddenly or even before the round starts.
  • On version 12.0, it might be impossible to place towers on a certain part of the map after a player has left. This does not happen on maps where the player can place towers anywhere at the start.
  • In Co-Op Challenges, the available hero emotes will always be the hero the players starts with before starting the challenge, even if it the hero is forced and no one has the hero prior to starting the challenge. This can result in players having emotes of other heroes that cannot be used in the challenge.
  • Co-Op Challenges does not display rewards correctly on the teammate screen, but will appear correctly after the Co-Op Challenge is complete.

Unable to start Spillway on version 18.1, resulting in a unique error message

  • If the game is lagging, you might be able to stack other towers on top of each other while waiting for the server to communicate.
  • If the player selects a tower and then another player upgrades that tower, the upgrade paths won't update even though the artwork updates
    • If that upgrade causes a path to become locked, sometimes that path's upgrade shows as costing 3.422823*10^38. This is likely due to locked upgrades supposed to be unpurchasable.
    • This can also occur if the player upgrades their tower, then unselects and reselects that tower before the upgrade appears.
      • If the player then tries to upgrade that tower, the upgrade will work if the player can afford the actual upgrade for that path, and the price glitch occurs if a path becomes locked by that upgrade.
  • If the player has the jukebox enabled and leaves an in-progress co-op game, the music from the game plays on top of the main menu music. This seems to only occur when a round is in progress.
  • Spillway cannot be played in co-op on version 18.1 due to a bug with the map crashing upon starting.
  • Even if all players left the game, the latency for placing towers and starting rounds stay the same.
  • Rarely, the game can get stuck when refreshing. This renders the match unplayable as the next round never starts.
  • during a refresh or occasionally when a player has poor connection, the game runs noticeably slower
    • When the game is running slower, all tower animations/particles, and animations for hiding/revealing the power, ability, and co-op emote menus run slower, and bank deposit animations loop. Other menus work at normal speed

Differences between BTD5 and BTD6[]

  • Buff All maps can be played in Co-Op mode

Version History (BTD6)[]

Balance Changes[]

  • Buff Initial release
  • Buff Multiple Obyns now can use separate Walls of Trees
  • Nerf Monkey Money first time completion reward balance. The first time completion MM bonus will no longer apply separately for both Single Player and Co-op. Now it will only apply for the very first time regardless of Play Mode.
  • Buff Informative Co-op emotes - be social or share tactics
  • Buff Added codeless 'Local' Matchmaking to co-op for users connected over the same wifi
  • Buff Other players will be able to view these shared stats on player profile popups found on leaderboards & in co-op lobbies.
  • Nerf [undocumented] More Cash no longer gives +200 cash to all players in a co-op game, rather it is split up among them
  • Buff Double Cash is now enabled for players who own and activate them.
  • Buff Awesome new Co-Op Emotes of all varieties, even audio
  • Buff New Co-Op Emotes
  • Buff Players can now rejoin their co-op game

Bug Fixes[]

  • Change xx5 Resolved some funky stuff going on in co-op games that was confusing
  • Change Resolved a co-op crash that could occur occasionally when sending money on round 1
  • Buff Round 100 achievements will work in co-op now
  • Buff MOAB Mines now count towards your MOABs-popped in Co-op
  • Change 5xx Temple persistent desync issues resolved in co-op
  • Change A visual issue where the "Restart" option in co-op didn't show MK Dart Monkey as 'free' has been resolved
  • Change Resolved a crash when placing an insta-monkey in a co-op daily challenge then returning to menu
  • Change Hero Boosts work correctly in co-op again
  • Change Sent money in co-op should now round off decimal places
  • Change Resolved a crash in co-op with players leaving in the lobby
  • Change Co-op non-host desync when backgrounding the app has been resolved
  • Change Co-op 'separate game' desync has been resolved
  • Change Co-op 'Guests' will now be given names
  • Change Co-op 'Thanos Snap' bug has had a lot of preventative work done, but we'd appreciate any reports if user still find their towers randomly deleted in co-op.
  • Change Co-op using a cash drop before everyone has loaded in will no longer desync
  • Change Substantial refactor of co-op lobbying, connections, and player to player messages, for efficiency and stability
  • Change Resolved a co-op desync that could cause some players to never see the defeat screen or be able to continue playing
  • Change Resolved a co-op desync that could kick every other player from the match
  • Change Resolved a co-op issue causing some lower end devices to crash when viewing options
  • Change Player zones in non-FFA co-op should no longer shuffle when a desync occurs
  • Buff Resolved an issue when loading save or co-op resync that would not save any cash gains from the very last attack in each round
  • Change Co-op daily challenge private match codes should work again
  • Change x4x IMF Loan debt should now correctly transfer in co-op
  • Change Resolved a co-op timeout crash
  • Change Resolved a crash for low level players attempting to join co-op
  • Change Resolved a crash for android devices using the back button during co-op search too quickly after beginning the search
  • Change Co-op stat "Bloons Popped" has been changed to "Pop Count"
  • Change Co-op resync should now be less obvious
  • Change Collection event should visually show correct values on the co-op menu now
  • Change Reduced memory spike during co-op resync to lessen crashes when this occurs
  • Change Local co-op lobbies will no longer disappear from your list while players are still in the lobby if the host leaves
  • Change In player stats Co-op Pops & Cash Gifted should no longer have the same display value
  • Change Resolved an issue where users could create a bugged co-op lobby
  • Change Resolved a co-op issue where interactable objects would cause a desync
  • Change Local co-op lobbies will no longer disappear from your list while players are still in the lobby if the host leaves
  • Buff Round 81+ cash generated from pops reverted to normal


Co-Op Match Icons[]

Co-Op Player Count Icons[]

Co-Op Player Type Icons[]

Victory Screens[]

Emotes and Phrases[]

Co-Op Interactions[]

Other PNGs[]


  • Ninja Kiwi released Bloons Tower Defense 6's Co-op mode in update 11.0, which allows up to four players to play at the same time.
  • For some tracks (such as Firing Range), players can place towers anywhere on the map.
  • In contrast to BTD5, even if all other players leave the game, a Co-Op medal will be awarded to the remaining player(s) for a win.
  • If all players have the same hero, some buffs will not stack.
  • If a co-op game is set to a map with quadrants, and a player left, the space for that player will be available to all players, also, the towers/powers that are left are also available to all players to access.
    • Towers/powers are distributed evenly between the remaining players
    • In Co-Op Daily challenges with limited towers and/or limited max monkeys, unused towers are distributed evenly too.
      • If players can use their own hero, and a player disconnects, another player can use that hero, allowing 2 or more placeable heroes
  • Unlike most Tier-5 towers, only one Vengeful True Sun God may be on the map at any one time. In addition, other players' The Anti-Bloons and Legends of the Night will be disabled if a Vengeful True Sun God is on the map.
  • It is possible on Quick Matches to be involved in difficulties that cannot be encountered by normal means, such as Easy Reverse or Medium Magic Monkeys Only. If these modes are completed, the player will only be rewarded for the Monkey Money and earn no medal for completion of the mode.
  • If the player completes a match for a mode that is not unlocked, the player will still earn the medal for completing the mode if the team wins. For example, if the player hasn't unlocked C.H.I.M.P.S. for the map but joins and completes a C.H.I.M.P.S. game for that map, the player will earn the C.H.I.M.P.S. medal despite not having the Impoppable medal.
  • Even though the badge for a red Co-Op C.H.I.M.P.S. medal exists in the game, it cannot be obtained normally as the player cannot leave a Co-Op game and come back, meaning that the players who complete C.H.I.M.P.S. on Co-Op will always get the black medal.
  • All of the maps have been solved on Co-Op C.H.I.M.P.S.