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BTD3 Monkeys popping Bloons. The vibrant pastel colors and comical premise would set the tone for future games.

The Classic Bloons TD Generation or Pre-BTD4 Generation/Era refers to the earliest Bloons TD games. The main titles in this period are Bloons TD 1,Bloons TD 2, and Bloons TD 3 since they share a similar visual style, depth of gameplay, and limited tower roster. Some include other early bloons games like Bloons 1, Hot Air Bloon, and more in this generation. Even though these are not tower defense games, they share a similar aesthetic and provided direct inspiration for much of the gameplay in the Early Bloons TD Generation.

A infographic showing the similarities of the first three Dart Monkey generations compared to the last. Source: u/yhemirr [1]

Though later Bloons TD games define their own generation, the first three Bloons TD games are often grouped together because they share a comparatively similar visual style, shallow depth of gameplay, and limited track selection. Take, for example, the dart monkey. Across BTD 1, 2, and 3, the sprites are identical, with a simple color scheme, flat shading, and limited upgrades. In later generations, each iteration of the dart monkey receives more substantial updates, as is true for the other game elements. Despite this simplicity, the early Bloons TD Generation was enjoyed by millions of players on Flash websites like and Newgrounds, laying the foundations of success for later generations.

Depending on how a fan defines the Classic Bloons Generation, the era began in either March 2007 with the release of Bloons 1, the first Bloons-related title, or Mid 2007 with the release of BTD 1. The Classic Era unofficially ended in October 2009 with the release of Bloons TD 4, however updates and spinoff-development continued past this date. Even today, many fans will frequently revisit these beloved titles on nostalgia Let's-Plays or for fun through the flash archive.

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Main Tower Defense Line[]

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