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Clarence is paying penance for killing Ghost Princess by helping defeat the bloons. His ghostly powers make him an expert at dealing with supernatural bloon threats.
~ BATTD description
Expert at destroying zombie and ghost bloons. Can destroy zombie bloon graves.
~ Short description

Clarence is an exclusive Legendary Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. He is available as the grand prize of the Hall-Ooo-Ween 2018 event or an item with the Martian Trader. He can only be equipped to most Adventure Time characters (with exception of Ice King and Flame Princess), Sam, Sai, and Commander Cassie. He costs $600 to place.


Clarence appears in his ghostly form in Bloons Adventure Time TD. For further information about him in the Adventure Time series, see this page.



  • Detects camo, Can remove zombie graves


  • Specialised


Placeholder other
Deceased Dagger
COST: $450
Description: Deals more damage to Zombie Bloons and Ghost Bloons
Effect: Self-explanatory
Placeholder other
COST: $1,150
Description: Removes up to 6 gravestones within range per round
Effect: Self-explanatory
Placeholder other
COST: $1,900
Description: Removes all gravestones within range per round
Effect: Self-explanatory


  • It is recommended for him to be equipped to Princess Bubblegum first, as he is able to receive benefits from the To Me upgrade, thus allowing more of him to be placed on the same map.
  • When placed in a spot where many placed bloon gravestones congregate, he is able to reduce overall lag on the device by reducing the mass-spawning of bloons on screen.



  • It is not known if "Specialised" is a valid weakness, though it can be determined that Clarence cannot take advantage of his unique gravestone removal ability if there are no Zombie Bloons present. His stats may only be slightly better than comparable allies like Monkey Apprentice initially, but he lacks the upgrades to become more effective against bloons in general, making him very weak in levels without Zombie Bloons.
  • He is the subject of the items Cla Blade and Rence Hilt.
  • On post-2018 Hall-Ooo-Ween events, he did not appear as the grand prize for the event. Instead, a Legendary Wish Orb (special Epic Wish Orb with unique prizes worth Epic status) is rewarded after unlocking all ~24 tape screen tiles.
  • If the player does not have him, he is not visible in the Collection entry, sharing the trait with other holiday-exclusive items.