Clans are a feature that was added in 2016 and can be accessed on these versions Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Steam, allowing a group of up to 50 players to join forces to benefit each other. People in the clan work together by winning games to earn keys. At the end of each week, the total number of keys gained by every clan member is counted, and the clan earns one of ten different War Chests accordingly. Each War Chest comes with a different design, reward, and number of keys required to unlock. Rewards range from just a handful of medallions to new symbol pieces (for clan logos) and profile skins. Creating a clan costs Medallion Icon100,000 (or $4.99 USD), and a player paying this becomes a clan leader. Clan leaders can name their clan, write a clan motto, and decide to let others join freely, or by request. They are also allowed to kick players from their clan. Keys are granted equivalent to 2% of medallions won rounded up. Every clan has a logo, created by the clan leader. A clan logo is made up of a coloured outline, with a Bloons-related picture within it. If a player is part of a clan, their clan logo will show up in place of their profile picture when they join a game.
Keys Earned By Arena/Mode


Keys Net Medallion Value (if won)
Assault Mode 1 5 or 7
Defensive Mode 1 5 or 7
Yellow Stadium 1 5
White Wasteland 1 20
Lead Dungeon 2 100
Rainbow Ruins 10 500
Ceramic Crucible 40 2K
Moab Pit 200 10K
BFB Colosseum 500 25K
Boss Arena 700 35K
Dreadbloon Cave (Rarely) 1000 50K
Blastapopulos Inferno (Very Rarely) 10,000 500K
Keys Required to open clan chests
Tiers Keys Required Medallions Extra
Tier 1 500 750 None
Tier 2 2500 1500 None
Tier 3 5000 2500 None
Tier 4 25,000 5000 None
Tier 5 125,000 10,000 None
Tier 6 250,000 25,000 None
Tier 7 500,000 50,000 None
Tier 8 1,000,000 100,000 One random Clan Icon, three random Clan Shields, and one random Profile Skins.
Tier 9 1,750,000 160,000 All in Tier 8 plus plus one extra random Clan Icon, one extra random Clan Shields, and extra three random Profile Skins.
Tier 10 3,000,000 250,000 All in Tiers 8-9 plus three extra random Clan Icons, three extra random Clan Shields, and three extra random Profile Skins.

Clan rewardingEdit

Super Monkey Storm Symbol Mascot, Darts Profile Skin, Sharp Shield With Flat Top (?) Symbol Piece Shield, Firey Profile Skin, Twin Guns Symbol Mascot, Spaceship (?) Symbol Piece Shield, Faster Firing Buccaneer Symbol Mascot, Snakes Profile Skin, Operation Dartstorm Symbol Piece Shield.

More TBA to be continuing.



  • With the Terms and Conditions sign of Clans, the difference between pressing "13 and over" and "12 and under" is simply that 13-and-overs can get chat while 12-and-unders don't. This is to be consistant with laws relating to private online chat, specifically Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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