When this city gets big enough, you will be able to start a 2nd city. Prepare for this by building this city as great as possible.
~ "Prepare to expand!" Quest description
City Level Total XP
1 0
2 100
3 250
4 500
5 900
6 1,500
7 2,350
8 3,500
9 5,000
10 6900
11 9,250
12 12,100
13 15,500
14 19,500
15 24,150
15 24,150
16 29,500
17 35,600
18 42,500
19 50,250
20 58,900
21 68,500
22 79,100
23 90,750
24 103,500
25 117,400
26 132,500
27 148,550
28 166,500
29 185,500
30 205,900
31 227,750
32 251,100
33 276,000
34 302,500
35 330,650
36 360,500
37 392,100
38 425,500
39 460,750
40 497,900

City Level is the level of the players' city in Bloons Monkey City. The player can level up when they get a certain amount of Experience. The highest city level on flash is 40. Players can gain various amounts of XP by doing any of the following:

  • Capturing new tiles by player-initiated attack.
  • Building facilities/buildings in their town
  • Buying upgrades for the towers in the upgrade buildings
  • Completing quests
  • Capturing new tiles, which in flash, may also be done by successfully defending an MvM attack. MvM attacks in flash will target the lowest value tile adjacent to the city (which, perhaps with similarity to bloons beacon, may avoid tiles with specific rewards so as to avoid Special Missions; Treasure Chests Volcanoes and Caves). Captures by MvM defense will result in an XP reward relative to the level of the attack. A player that has evenly pushed out borders: while buying a minimum of towers, while buying upgrades for a minimal range of towers used and while not fulfilling unnecessary quests, will receive a relatively low XP reward from defending MvM attacks. A player that has left relatively low-value tiles unconquered while expanding their city along spoke-like paths; while getting several high-value upgrades, and while pursuing all available quests, will receive a relatively low XP reward from defending MvM attacks.

The advantages of gaining higher levels include:

  • Greater access to buildings, towers, upgrades and decorations. Some upgrades and buildings require a certain City Level (similar to rank in other BTD games) before being bought. Once the player gains enough XP, their city levels up.
  • +5 more in-game lives per game.
  • +$100 more in-game starting money per game.
  • Earning City Cash and Bloonstones when leveling up.
  • Earning cash and rewards in Contested Territory events (from level 5).
  • Accessing other events. For instance, Monkey Team challenges and Mini Land Grab can be accessed from level 8.
  • Access to Bloon Beacons, Boss Battle events and the ability to earn Monkey Knowledge Packs (from level 12).

However, disadvantages include:

  • Having to do a higher tier Contested Territory (which only increases City Cash reward by a little amount)
  • Decreased difficulty may lead to Trivial Difficulty tiles which, if not taken as opportunities for capture in Monkey team events, can be seen as a nuisance.
  • Being forced to fight against harder MvM attacks.
  • Being forced to research more advanced bloons before you can send an MvM attack.


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