City Cash makes the world go round - so the Monkeys say. The more of it you get, the faster you can expand your city! You can build another Banana Farm in your city every 5 levels. Build one to maximize your income.
~ "More Money!" Quest description
City cash
City Cash exceed limit

The City Cash tab with capacity exceeded

City Cash is the main currency in Bloons Monkey City. It is used to build and upgrade buildings, upgrade your towers in Upgrade Buildings, and researching new bloon types in the Bloon Research Lab, as well as buying decorations in the Mobile version.

At the start of the game, the player has a maximum capacity of City Cash of 1500, but it can be increased by upgrading or building Monkey Banks. However, it is possible to go over that capacity by conquering tiles. If the player does so, the City Cash meter will turn yellow on how much City Cash you have, signaling that it's higher than the maximum capacity. However, any cash coming from Banana Farms or the Contested Territory land will not be accepted if the capacity is full.

There are various ways of obtaining it: By conquering tiles, collecting from Banana Farms, by raiding other players, by completing quests, by obtaining a City cash20,000 Bounty Card from the Monkey Knowledge Packs, and by finding a Magic Banana Bag on Treasure Chest Tiles.

When collecting city cash, it is best to have more banks to store cash rather than to go over the limit as with banks not full and at massive capacity it is easy to collect cash from Contested Territory and banana farms. However, sometimes it shows necessary to hoard cash to upgrade or get a tower. The best way to get cash over bank limits is from Contested Territory events giving cash depending on the round. Hunting numerous tiles work too, but it is better if the normal tiles are hunted to get to easy special missions with good rewards. Special missions like Phase Crystals are best to be avoided unless at higher levels, however, Wattle Trees and other missions that are simple are better alternatives.

Banks Full Message

Banks Full

Monkey Banks full pop-up

Banks full message instructing you to build more Monkey Banks or spend your cash

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