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Update 2.11 is here and it's time for a brand new track, Checkers. This beginner difficulty track twists and turns, providing a perfect landscape for honing your skills.
~ Bloons TD 5 HD's in-game update description

Checkers is a beginner track that debuted on Bloons TD 5 Mobile and Bloons TD 5 HD on September 9, 2014.


This track is set in a grassy area with water on the top and bottom. The land part of the track has grass and stone tiles, which are organized like part of a checkerboard. There are some plants growing on the track, which shows the Bloons path. There is only one path and one exit and almost no overlapping, which is useful for Spike Factories. There are many corners, which are useful to Tack Shooters and Ice Monkeys. Though there is space in the center, the center space does not do much effect to Super Monkeys or other powerful large-radius towers, except Monkey Engineers. The center spaces may do better for Boomerang Throwers though.


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