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Bloon Liquifier cost reduced by 1000.
~ In-game description

Cheaper Solution is an upgrade in the Primary Monkey Knowledge tree. It decreases the cost of the Bloon Liquefier upgrade by $1,000 regardless of game mode. It requires 10 primary knowledge points invested, Aviation Grade Glue, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon500.


The following are prices for the Bloon Liquefier with and without the effect of Cheaper Solution:

Tower Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Bloon Liquefier upgrade w/ Cheaper Solution $3,250 $4,000 $4,940 $5,000
Bloon Liquefier upgrade w/o Cheaper Solution $4,250 $5,000 $5,940 $6,000
4-0-0 Bloon Liquefier net price $6,035 $7,275 $7,935 $8,930



A lower cost of Bloon Liquefier for a cheaper source of quick dissolving, making it more efficient for handling early MOABs and their children bloons.


  • This lower cost for the Bloon Liquefier is handy if needing to use Bloon Liquefier to handle early MOABs and their children bloons.



  • Maim MOAB and Bloon Liquefier used to cost the same as each other, so the respective discount effects from their respective MK, this MK and Cheaper Maiming, formerly meant the respective new prices to also be the same too. This was because the discount for both MK Points were discounting by $1,000. This was changed when Bloon Liquefier got another price buff down to $5,000 on Medium. Version 35.0 broke the cost similarities once again with a price nerf to Maim MOAB.