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Characters, also referred to as Heroes are the ensemble of main towers in Bloons Adventure Time TD made up of personified takes on Bloons TD series towers and characters from the Adventure Time series.


Unlike Bloons TD games before it, Bloons Adventure Time TD has a loose story which revolves around the arrival of the Bloons into the land of Ooo, which is told through dialogue between the Characters before a new Adventure begins and after one ends with the collection of a new Character.

Most Adventures which feature a new character often have one of these sequences, though alternate variants of older Characters lack this kind of interaction. There are also some Adventures which are purely for the loot at the end, playing much more as non-sequitur storylines starting and ending with the brief description given to them at the opening of their Adventure.


To differ itself from the typical formula of Bloons TD further, each Character can only be placed down once in a game, preventing purchase of a second of that same character type until the first character is sold. In a sense, this mechanic is highly reminiscent of Bloons Monkey City and its own limited brigade of towers to utilize per map.

Unlike BMC however, there is no method to increasing the quantity of any Character outside of rare abilities such as Finn using the Finn Sword Activated Ability. In place of having limited towers of each type is the presence of Allies, a new mechanic which lets a Character bring along another tower to the fray, up to four per character can be introduced in this way, with some being able to be placed multiple times.

Trinkets are also a highly variable factor for towers, allowing for stat boosts to radical abilities which will let the player's towers perform overall better than before. Both Trinkets and Allies depend on the Character's current Level, which can be increased with Star Level Currency collected along one's adventures through levels.

One gimmick in particular that is introduced into BATTD are upgrades requiring certain other Characters to be close-by in order to purchase. To make these upgrades less situational, characters with alternate versions of themselves can serve as interchangeable participants for unlocking these upgrades. For example: Finn and his upgrade Brofist requires Jake to be nearby for it to be unlocked, but Tuxedo Jake can be used as a substitute and vice versa.


As of the 2.0 update, there are currently 15 free Characters to unlock. They are listed below:

Character Based on Description Pros Cons Weapon Type
Finn Finn the Human (Adventure Time) Finn is always ready with his sword to do what is right. In this case, pop lots and lots of bloons. Fast attack speed Short range Swords
Jake Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) With his stretchy powers and musical talents, Jake excels at helping his friends to victory over the bloon invaders. Variety of attack types Slow attack speed Musical Instruments
Max Dart Monkey Triple Shot upgrade Path As a graduate of the prestigious Monkey Academy, Max certainly knows which way to point a dart. Don't let his laid back, wisecracking exterior fool you. When it comes to popping Bloons, Max is serious. Low cost, efficient Low damage Darts
Juggernaut Max Dart Monkey Spike-O-Pult upgrade Path When darts aren't enough, Max turns to the heavy weaponry. This grease monkey has assembled a bloon crushing contraption which should stay together until the battle is over. Very high pierce Slow attack speed Darts
Ice King Ice King (Adventure Time) Ice King's not a bad guy, he just has a bad habit of kidnapping princesses. He's putting those days behind him now and using his ice powers for good against the bloons. Freezes bloons Slow attack speed, can't pop white bloons Wands
Princess Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time) tba Fast attack speed Short range Guns
Warrior Bubblegum Design from series episode The Vault (Adventure Time) Never one to stay on her throne in times of trouble, the leader of the Candy Military can call forth a variety of units to help defend against the bloon invasion. Summons candy soldiers to fight the bloons Low direct attack power Swords
Captain Cassie Monkey Buccaneer Cannon Ship upgrade Path A highly respected commander of the monkey navy fleet who went rogue after a battle with a Bloon infested pirate ship. Cassie commandeered the vessel and set off on a voyage to plunder yonder treasure. Can Be places on water Average attack speed Bombs
Commander Cassie Monkey Buccaneer Destroyer upgrade Path As a commander in the advanced monkey navy, Cassie can unleash an arsenal of heavy weaponry at the push of a button. Powerful upgrades Expensive Darts
Marceline Marceline (Adventure Time) Vampire Queen, Demon, Rockstar, Marceline can do it all, and now she's ready to sink her teeth into battling the bloons. Flying, pursues bloons Slow attack speed Musical Instruments
Sam Wizard Monkey Hailing from one of the most notable families in the wizarding world, Sam certainly has history on her side. She may look cute but her feisty temperament packs as much of a punch as a zap from her wand. Powerful upgrades Low pierce Wands
Flame Princess Flame Princess (Adventure Time) The ruler of the Fire Kingdom won't tolerate invaders, inflatable or not. FP believes in raw firepower and she's ready to bring the heat. Fires seeking fireballs Expensive Wands
C4 Charlie Bomb Shooter Charlie was an absentee on the first day of military school so he missed the most important rule of explosives handling. After lighting the fuse, STAND BACK. Nevertheless, he can blast his way out of any tricky situation. Explosive damage Can't pop black bloons Bombs
Sai Ninja Monkey Sai the Shadow is a silent but deadly Bloon destroyer. A member of the mysterious Guerilla Tactics Assassination Squad she is responsible for guarding the secrets of the Ninja Scrolls. Can pop camo bloons Low base damage Darts
Supermonkey Super Monkey Sun Avatar upgrade Path A hero in the monkey world and boy does he know it! Supermonkey's blistering speed allows him to crush Bloons on a level that no other monkey can come close to. Lightning fast attack speed Very expensive, can't pop camo bloons Darts

Premium CharactersEdit

Unlike other Characters, Premium Characters are not accessible for free in the game, requiring in-app purchases to unlock them. Alongside unlocking the Character themselves, each has their own respective Adventure complete with a slew of maps, as well as a guaranteed Legendary rarity Ally at the end of the Adventure.

These characters can also be purchased from the Martian Trader for 75,000 Martian Crystals.

As of the 2.0 update, there are currently 3 Premium Characters to Purchase. They are listed below:

Character Based on Description Pros Cons Weapon Type
Dungeon Finn Design from series episode Dungeon Train (Adventure Time) Sporting all his coolest loot from the Dungeon Train, Finn has a whole bunch of new ways to take down bloons. High damage Short range Swords
Tuxedo Jake Design inspired by series episode The Creeps (Adventure Time) Jake is ready to put his musical talent to good use and inspire his friends to greater heights. Hopefully Lady will be impressed! Boosts all nearby characters Doesn't attack Musical Instruments
Hunter Marcy Design from series episode Everything Stays (Adventure Time) Years ago, Marceline's skills as a hunter spelt disaster for the vampires. Now she's ready to turn those talents to eradicating the bloon menace. Fast attack speed, flying Expensive Darts


  • All Premium Characters thus far have been based on other Characters and their alternate costumes featured in episodes of the series.
    • Of all these, Warrior Bubblegum is an odd outlier in all of this, given her design origins are similar to the other Premium Characters, yet is a free character herself.
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