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A change (symbol: Change) is a term that is used to describe a balance change that describes neither an objective buff or a nerf. It is often a rework that has greatly modified the tower such that it becomes stronger on one end and weaker on the other. Sometimes it is just a description change for that tower due to changes made by that tower. Most of the time, a "change" is a mix between a technical buff and a player nerf. Occasionally, this can refer to towers that have experienced an indirect buff or indirect nerf, usually the former in relation to a previous tier getting nerfed without affecting the current tier.

The first established "change" is the rework of Larger Service Area in BTDB Mobile at Version 4.6 by reducing its range. In that example, its range was decreased, which technically a nerf but is an overall buff in favor of the player. Hence a "change".


By convention, a "change" refers to balance changes that inconclusively changes utilization of a game mechanic to the player's advantage. It is often a rework of a tower with a questionably "buffed" or "nerfed" outcome depending on perceived strategy style. If a very specific strategy style has been clearly improved/worsened by a balance change, then this balance change is considered a "buff"/"nerf".


On Bloons Wiki, a "change" is marked with a Yellow Bloon with a grey equals sign, plus following text that describes the change.

Simple example:

  • Change UpgradeName now <new change>
  • Change BlimpName speed decreased (0.5 -> 0.4) but health increased (12000 -> 14000)

Refer to the documentation for Template:Change for further details.

Notable examples[]


  • Gyrfalcon dealing extra Regrow damage allows it and its upgrade Horned Owl to not underwhelm versus certain Regrow rounds such as Round 17 and Round 19, but it greatly affects attempts to infinitely stall bloons with Regrow Farming.
  • Downdraft was changed in Version 36.0 to remove glue and ice status effects with its blowback effects. While the glue removal is almost certainly a nerf, the ice removal has altered the optimal way to stall Super Ceramics with Ice Monkeys. In some ways it helps prevent an individual Ice Monkey from getting overwhelmed with Super Ceramics, but no longer can keep frozen bloons in place with the retained application of blowback to the affected bloons.
  • Overclock rework in Version 21.0 had modified how the buffs work, going by a tier basis rather than a price basis. In essence, it is overall a nerf due to the nature of Overclock designed to be targeted onto single powerful towers rather than single weak towers.
  • Super Glue rework in Version 8.0 increased its on-hit blimp damage from 0 to 50, which is a technical buff but is a big nerf to stalling strategies.
  • MOAB Shove adds a missile attack starting from Version 28.0, which in terms of pure damage is a straight buff but its stalling power is reduced substantially.