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Sniper hits on Ceramic Bloons slow them down briefly.
~ In-game description

Ceramic Shock is an upgrade in the Military Monkey Knowledge tree, introduced on initial release. It allows all Sniper Monkeys to briefly slow Ceramics by 70% for 0.6s. Ceramic Shock requires Elite Military Training before unlocking this upgrade. It has no other prerequisites.



Ceramic Shock is very effective against Ceramics, especially when paired with extra attack speed and/or Shrapnel Shot. With this MK, it becomes easier to deal with spaced Ceramic waves such as Round 38 and Round 46, as well as rounds where Ceramics come between grouped bloons such as Round 43. It also has uses for the late-game when combatting Super Ceramics.


  • It is very useful for Rounds 81+, especially due to the rise of Super Ceramics.
  • Every attack, including shrapnel, can slow down Ceramics with the Ceramic Shock effect, so do try adding Shrapnel Shot for Snipers wherever possible in order to fully utilize this MK Point.
  • For the best results, Elite Defender with Shrapnel Shot and Elite Sniper are both highly effective at shocking Ceramics.
  • Ceramic Shock helps Bouncing Bullet on Ceramic rounds such as Round 46, since the brief Ceramic slowdown clumps up the Ceramics so that its bullets can make use of its maximum bounce amounts.



  • Ceramic Shock is the only status effect that only affects Ceramic Bloons.