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Ceramic Crucible is one of various arenas in Bloons TD Battles Mobile that players can go to get the chance to win double the entry fee. It costs Medallion Icon2000 to enter, but when won it rewards Medallion Icon4000.

For most of the week, this is the arena with the highest earnings so expect to face experienced players.

Player Rate[]

Ceramic Crucible has a player rate of approximately 180 players per hour.

Ceramic Crucible Club has a player rate of approximately 140 players per hour.


In Ceramic Crucible, you get free powerups, which are:

  • 1x Map Skip
  • 2x Random Rolls
  • 3x Tower Boosts
  • 3x Bloon Boosts
  • 3x Red Hot Spikes



  • Like Yellow Stadium and White Wasteland, a non-club Ceramic Crucible is always available regardless of day.