Enjoying the brown bloons? They're ceramic, so they take several hits to pop. They have rainbows in them too :)
~ Round 34 in Bloons Tower Defense 3

Ceramic Bloons are made of clay, and take 10 hits to destroy. They have 2 Rainbow Bloons inside them.
~ Bloons Tower Defense 5

Next level will be fun, a whole bunch of Ceramic Bloons are going to charge through your defenses and pretty much make you lose.
~ Bloons Tower Defense 5 round 76

Ceramic Bloons... They are armored and fast bloons. Be careful, they can't be popped so easily.
~ Bloons Tower Defense 6

Next Round: Camo Regrow Fortified Ceramic Bloons. Phew! What a mouthful.
~ BTD6 Round 74

If you have played BTD5 you'll remember what Round 63 was like. If you are new to this game, let's just say: many tightly packed Ceramic Bloons.
~ BTD6 round 63

Fortified Ceramic Bloons coming up next.
~ BTD6 round 46

Lots of Camo Ceramic Bloons could wreck your day. Just sayin'.
~ BTD6 round 51

What happens when you cram 75 Ceramic Bloons into a tiny space? You're about to find out!
~ BTD6 round 78

The Ceramic Bloon (Originally known as the Brown Bloon) is a Bloon introduced in Bloons TD 3 that takes ten hits to pop. Once popped, it releases two Rainbow Bloons. In Bloons TD 6, it can appear as a fortified ceramic, adding 10 HP (114 RBE). In Bloons TD 3 it first appears in round 31. In Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5 it first appears in round 40. In Bloons TD 6 it first appears on round 38. If a Ceramic Bloon escapes (regardless of health) 104 lives are lost, which means (without Monkey Knowledge) an instant game over on Hard and Impoppable, and a two-hit on Easy and Medium.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Despite being considerably easier to pop than M.O.A.B. Class Bloons, Ceramic Bloons are a serious threat in numbers that shouldn't be ignored. If the player has a large number of potent towers, then Ceramic Bloons and their descendants aren't really a threat. However, popping many Ceramic Bloons without strong towers or many weaker towers is difficult, especially since the ceramic shell needs ten hits to break. Towers that specialize in popping Moab class Bloons such as Monkey Pirates and MOAB Assassin have trouble popping Ceramic Bloons. They can be a minor cause of lag to your computer or device. Glue can't slow them down (BTD4 and BTD5 Flash only), however Corrosive Glue can harm them and can crack the layers.

There are many rounds in which Ceramic Bloons come in big groups (like 63, 76, and 78), which can be extremely deadly and dangerous without strong towers. If they come early, it can usually mean game over unless you manage to get strong towers. In BTD3, it's an instant game over on Medium and Hard - if it escapes.

In BTD6, some of the best counters to spaced Ceramic Bloons include 3/x/x Deadly Precision Sniper Monkeys, x/3/x Druids, and x/3/x Downdraft Heli Pilots. For grouped Ceramic Bloons, best counters include 2/3/0 Glue Hose, 4/0/2 MOAR Glaives, 0/3/2 Ice Monkeys, and multiple 0/1/2 Ice Monkeys.

Super Ceramics[edit | edit source]

Super Ceramics are a special type of Ceramic that appear at later rounds, starting in Bloons TD 5. They have increased health but spawn only one Rainbow Bloon. Additionally, that Rainbow Bloon and its subsequent children will only spawn one child each instead of two (with the Zebra spawning only one White and no Blacks). The purpose of Super Ceramics is to reduce lag in freeplay mode while still providing as much challenge and cash as normal ceramics do.

They appear in Rounds 86+ in BTD5 and BTD5 Mobile, Rounds 30+ in BMC Flash and Mobile (this also applies to Boss Fights for the Flash version past boss level 30, although bugged to give less cash than normal), Rounds 35+ in BTDB Flash, Rounds 43+ in BTDB Mobile, and Rounds 81+ in BTD6.

In the BTD5 generation, Super Ceramics have 38 health. In BTD6, Super Ceramics have 60 health, while its Fortified variants have 120 health.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Due to their high health but the lack of multiple children, towers with relatively low pierce but high stalling power or high damage are recommended. Towers such as Ice Monkeys, Summon Whirlwind/Druid of the Storm, and Bloonjitsu + Distraction are among some of the useful ways to stall Super Ceramics.

In BTD6, Super Ceramics must be encountered when attempting to complete Impoppable Difficulty or C.H.I.M.P.S.. Because of this, special strategies must be handled in preparation for these greatly reinforced bloons. It's worth noting that Super Ceramics spawn fewer bloons when the ceramic layer is broken. This feature gives an easier time for multiple 0-1-2 Ice Monkeys to handle Super Ceramics, although it will take a considerably long time before the extra hard shells crack into weakened versions of Rainbow Bloons. Super Ceramics are also easier to blow back from x/3/x Downdraft Heli Pilots. Glue Gunners, especially to the likes of the 5/x/x Bloon Solver or the normally less powerful 0/3/2 Glue Hose, will find it easier to handle them.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ceramic Bloon/Strategies

Ceramic Bloon Description and Layers.gif

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[edit | edit source]

This is according to the power of the Ceramic bloon.

Nerf.png Glue can slow down Ceramic Bloons.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Ceramic Bloon Stages[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is the BTD counterpart of Ceramic blocks.
  • Glue slows down Ceramic Bloons in Bloons TD 3, Bloons TD 5 Mobile, and Bloons TD 6, but not in Bloons TD 4.
  • It is one of the few bloons to have its own specialized sound when hit/popped.
  • Ceramic Bloons are the only non-M.O.A.B. Class Bloon that take more than one hit to pop the first layer while unfortified.
  • In BTD5, The first and only Camo Ceramics appear on Round 78. In BTD6, they appear more often, debuting on round 51 and later spawning from DDTs.
  • They are the fifth fastest bloons in Bloons TD 6, following Pink, Yellow, Purple, and DDT bloons.
  • In Bloons Super Monkey, it has sixteen layers instead of ten.
  • In Bloons TD 3, Ceramic Bloons were simply called Brown Bloons. The name "Ceramic Bloon" came from a pre-round message saying that they were made of ceramic.
  • In Bloons TD 3, crushed Ceramic Bloons would show no Rainbow Bloons under it. This was changed in later versions.
  • In BTD3 it was immune to freezing.
  • On Round Ramp tiles in BMC Mobile, Ceramic Bloons are generated with an RBE of 88, meaning more Ceramics can generate in a certain round than usual.
    • They still are normal after round generation.
  • When the ceramic layer of a Shielded Ceramic Bloon is popped on Bloons Super Monkey 2, its child doesn't appear to have the lightning symbol on it, unlike every other Shielded Bloon.
  • When in the process of destroying a Ceramic Bloon, only one Rainbow Bloon can be seen in the inside, despite the fact that two Rainbow Bloons come out of it.
  • When hit, they make a sound similar to that of a dart hitting a pot.
  • It takes 2 hits from a BTD5 juggernaut to remove the ceramic layer down to the 2 rainbow bloons inside. A BTD6 juggernaut takes 4 hits with 3 damage each, but the last shot will use the 2 damage leftover to pop the ceramic down to blacks and whites.
  • In BTD3, it takes 3 hits to remove the ceramic; in BTD4 it has 7 layers; but in BTD5, it has 10 layers.
  • In BTD6, Super Ceramics cause fewer lives to be lost when leaked than their effective RBE (65/75 lives versus 68/128 RBE)
  • In Bloons Monkey City, at level 19, there can be Ceramic Bloon Tiles that are rated Easy and Very Hard at the same city.
  • A Sniper Monkey with Deadly Precision can completely pop a ceramic with a single shot.
  • The Ceramic Bloon, as well as the Lead Bloon, are the only Bloons that can have the Fortified property without being a M.O.A.B.-Class Bloon. However, there was a bug that generated fortified Purple Bloons in Freeplay mode in early versions of BTD6.
  • The Ceramic Bloon had a different sound effect in BTD3-BTD4, BTD5, and BTD6.
  • Once a Bloonchipper sucks a ceramic bloon, it is damaged inside the Bloonchipper and the Bloonchipper cannot suck in other Bloon until the Ceramic is fully popped.
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