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For the stronger Ceramic Bloons appearing from Round 81 onwards in BTD6, see Super Ceramic Bloon.

Ceramic Bloons are made of clay, and take 10 hits to destroy. They have 2 Rainbow Bloons inside them.
~ Bloons TD 5

The Ceramic Bloon, originally known as the Brown Bloon, is a Bloon introduced in Bloons TD 3 that takes ten hits to pop. Once popped, it releases two Rainbow Bloons. In Bloons TD 6, it can appear as a fortified ceramic, adding 10 HP (114 RBE). In Bloons TD 3 it first appears in round 31. In Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5 it first appears in round 40. In Bloons TD 6 it first appears on round 38. If a Ceramic Bloon escapes in BTD5 or BTD6, 104 lives are lost, regardless of ceramic health, which means (without Monkey Knowledge) an instant game over on Hard and Impoppable, and a two-hit on Easy and Medium.

On higher rounds starting from the BTD5 generation tower defense games, the Ceramic Bloon will instead become a Super Ceramic Bloon, which gains even more health and spawns no split offspring. Super Ceramics do not appear in Bloons Monkey City Mobile or Bloons Adventure Time TD.


The Ceramic Bloon is one rank above Rainbow Bloon in Bloons TD games. It is slightly faster than a Rainbow Bloon and leaks 104 lives (fewer in earlier games; 38 in BTD3) if it reaches the exit. Unlike most bloons below it, a Ceramic Bloon will possess multiple health, meaning more than one damage is required to destroy the Ceramic layer. The health of a Ceramic Bloon is normally 10 beginning from BTD5, but is instead 9 in BTD3 and BTD4. Ceramics can gain Fortified properties, giving the hard shell with double its normal health, for a default of 20 health instead of 10. Once the Ceramic Bloon's health reaches below 0, it will follow the multi-layer health system as used by its descendants.

As per the multi-layer health system, a popped Ceramic Bloon splits into two Rainbow Bloons once fully destroyed with exactly the amount of damage required to break its hard shell. More damage pops a destroyed Ceramic Bloon into its descendants, following the multi-layer health system of many bloons in the game. The Ceramic Bloon's parent is the MOAB, the first MOAB-class bloon. Ceramic Bloons can also become Super Ceramic Bloons, which gain even more health in exchange for only one offspring for all its children.

In Bloons TD games and Bloons Pop!, the Ceramic Bloon possesses multiple health. However, in Bloons Pop! and the Bloons Super Monkey series, only one descendant bloon spawns upon popping the Ceramic, similar to Super Ceramics in the main Bloons TD games. In Bloons Card Storm, as bloons do not have child bloons by default, the Ceramic Bloon is simply a bloon with a sizeable amount of health.

Bloons TD 3[]

The Brown Bloon has 9 health and splits into two Rainbow Bloons. Brown Bloons are able to be slowed by Monkey Glue but also have White Bloon properties in BTD3. This means that they cannot be frozen or damaged by Snap Freeze. This immunity to Ice would not carry over onto any other Bloons game.

Bloons TD 4[]

The Ceramic Bloon now has 10 health instead, but still leaves behind two Rainbow Bloons. They can no longer be slowed by Monkey Glue or the new Glue Gunner, although Corrosive Glue still damages them. They no longer have white bloon immunities and can now be affected by the Ice Tower, allowing them to be frozen.

Bloons TD 5[]

In Bloons TD 5 Flash and all Flash variants of the Bloons TD 5 Generation games, Ceramics cannot be slowed by glue from all sources but can be frozen by Ice Monkeys. However, in the Mobile variants, Ceramics can be slowed by glue. Ceramics contain 10 health by default, and can become Super Ceramics starting from much later rounds. Properties of Ceramics remain similar throughout later generations.

Bloons Super Monkey 2[]

The Ceramic Bloon can now resist the Magic damage type introduced in Bloons Super Monkey 2, usually associated with magical weapons. Combined with the Ceramic bloon retaining its extra layer health, dealing with a ceramic bloon with magic weapons is ill-advised, even with Earth Magic research, as it will usually take multiple ticks of Earth Magic magic attacks to pop the ceramic layer. Popping a Ceramic in Bloons Super Monkey 2 and its mobile counterpart will only release one rainbow bloon instead of the two typically expected from the BTD series.

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

Ceramics first appear in Round 39, although they can appear earlier if the stronger bloons modifier is active. Just like BMC Mobile, Super Ceramics do not exist, so prepare high pierce towers accordingly if necessary for Round 74's dense ceramic rush. On maps with Zombie Bloons, the Round 74 Ceramic rush can easily overwhelm defenses on Round 75 if the player does not sufficiently prepare defenses later along the track for them.

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

Ceramic Bloons can be sent starting from Round 13 (Round 14 before 1.0.4). Spaced Ceramics cost $150 and give 5 eco per slot, each slot sending one Ceramic with noticeable spacing. Grouped Ceramics replace the Spaced Ceramics option on Round 16, and cost $400 for 2 moderately grouped Ceramics, but decreasing the reward to 1.8 eco instead. At Round 28 onwards (Round 30 prior to Version 1.4.0), Grouped Ceramics are replaced with Tight Ceramics, costing $4000 per slot and sending 40 Ceramics within 0.8s, similar to a wave from BTD6 Round 63 with the tightness of BTD6 Round 78, but no longer gives eco.

Natural Ceramics start appearing on Round 19.

Ceramic Bloons move at a base speed of 62.5, equal to 2.5 RBS.

Ceramics have 10 health and produce two Rainbows when popped, like BTD6. However, Fortified Ceramics have 30 health.

Starting from Round 30, all Ceramic Bloons become Super Ceramic Bloons. Behavior is similar compared to BTD6; 60 health Ceramics with only one descendant per layer. However, Fortified Super Ceramics have 180 health.

Bloons Pop![]

Tough outer shell around a Rainbow
~ Short description

Ceramic Bloons make an appearance in this game as tough multi-HP bloons that each contain a Rainbow Bloon. This hardened layer takes up to 10 damage to fully destroy it; accurate multi-projectile shots and high-damage shots (such as the Sniper Monkey) are ideal against Ceramic Bloons.


Pre-BTD4 generation games
BTD4 generation games
BTD5 generation games
BTD6 generation games

Round Appearances[]

The following are all appearances on each round where Ceramic Bloons will spawn naturally from the entrance. These will not include the rounds where the Ceramic's parents or subsequent parents will feature.


  • Round 40: TBA
  • Round X: TBA
  • Round X: TBA


  • Round X: TBA
  • Round X: TBA
  • Round X: TBA


  • Round 41: 2 Ceramic (other bloons as well; TBA)
  • Round 43: 7 Ceramic (other bloons as well; TBA)
  • Round 47: 12 Ceramic (other bloons as well; TBA)
  • Round 49: X Green (long stream throughout wave), 10 Rainbow, 18 Ceramic, X Zebra, 10 Rainbow Regrowth


Normal Gameplay[]

  • Round 38: 42 Pink, 17 White, 10 Zebra, 14 Lead, 2 Ceramic
  • Round 43: 10 Rainbow, 7 Ceramic
  • Round 46: 6 Fortified Ceramic
  • Round 47: 70 Pink Camo, 12 Ceramic
  • Round 48: 40 Pink Regrowth, 30 Purple Camo Regrowth, 40 Rainbow, 3 Fortified Ceramic
  • Round 49: 343 Green, 20 Zebra, 20 Rainbow, 10 Rainbow Regrowth, 18 Ceramic
  • Round 50: 20 Red, 8 Fortified Lead, 20 Ceramic, 2 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 51: 10 Rainbow Regrowth, 15 Ceramic Camo
  • Round 52: 25 Rainbow, 10 Ceramic, 2 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 54: 35 Ceramic, 2 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 55: 45 Ceramic, 1 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 58: 15 Ceramic, 10 Fortified Ceramic Regrowth, 5 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 59: 50 Lead Camo, 20 Ceramic, 10 Ceramic Regrowth
  • Round 63: 75 Lead, 122 Ceramic
  • Round 65: 100 Zebra, 70 Rainbow, 50 Ceramic, 3 M.O.A.B., 2 B.F.B.
  • Round 67: 13 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 8 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 69: 40 Black Regrowth, 40 Fortified Lead, 50 Ceramic
  • Round 71: 30 Ceramic, 10 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 72: 38 Regrowth Ceramic, 2 B.F.B.
  • Round 74: 50 Ceramic, 60 Fortified Ceramic, 25 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 1 B.F.B.
  • Round 76: 60 Ceramic Regrowth
  • Round 78: 80 Purple, 150 Rainbow, 75 Ceramic, 72 Ceramic Camo, 1 B.F.B.
  • Round 83: 40 Ceramic, 40 Ceramic Regrowth, 40 Fortified Ceramic, 30 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 91: 100 Fortified Ceramic, 20 B.F.B.
  • Round 101: 450 Purple (1 group of 250 and 1 group of 200), 50 Fortified Ceramic, 10 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 104: 200 Purple (2 groups of 100), 200 Fortified Lead (2 groups of 100), 200 Ceramic (2 groups of 100), 25 M.O.A.B., 150 Fortified M.O.A.B., 25 B.F.B., 14 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Round 105: 25 Fortified Lead, 100 Ceramic, 300 Fortified Ceramic, 30 B.F.B.
  • Round 107: 444 Purple Camo, 100 Fortified Ceramic, 10 Fortified Z.O.M.G.
  • Round 113: 42 Ceramic Camo, 42 Fortified Ceramic, 75 Fortified M.O.A.B., 15 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Round 128: 39 Fortified D.D.T., 200 Fortified Ceramic Camo (2 groups of 100), 30 B.F.B.
  • Round 129: 7 Fortified Z.O.M.G., 77 Fortified Lead Camo, 77 Purple Camo, 77 Ceramic Camo, 7 Z.O.M.G., 18 D.D.T.
  • Round 163: 100 Fortified Lead Camo, 100 Lead Camo Regrowth, 100 Fortified Lead Regrowth, 200 Fortified Lead Camo Regrowth (2 groups of 100), 333 Fortified Ceramic, 541 Fortified Ceramic Camo, 1000 Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 437 Fortified Ceramic Regrowth, 1254 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth
  • Round 10,001: 9,999 Fortified Ceramic

Alternate Bloons Rounds[]

  • Round 32: 10 Purple, 5 Rainbow, 3 Ceramic
  • Round 35: 25 White Regrowth, 3 Ceramic, 25 Purple, 30 Black Camo
  • Round 36: 80 Yellow Camo Regrowth, 10 Black, 2 Ceramic
  • Round 38: 42 Purple, 17 Black, 14 Lead, 7 Rainbow, 1 Ceramic Regrowth
  • Round 45: 120 Pink, 10 Purple Camo, 4 Fortified Lead, 10 Ceramic
  • Round 46: 8 Fortified Ceramic
  • Round 48: 30 Purple Camo Regrowth, 80 Black Regrowth, 15 Fortified Lead Regrowth, 3 Fortified Ceramic
  • Round 49: 300 Yellow Regrowth, 10 Zebra Camo, 10 Rainbow Camo, 10 Rainbow Regrowth, 14 Ceramic Regrowth
  • Round 51: 10 Zebra, 28 Fortified Ceramic Camo
  • Round 52: 35 Rainbow, 5 Ceramic Regrowth, 5 Fortified Ceramic, 1 M.O.A.B, 1 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 55: 20 Ceramic, 25 Ceramic Camo, 1 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 57: 25 Ceramic, 2 Fortified M.O.A.B, 1 B.F.B.
  • Round 58: 15 Ceramic, 10 Fortified Ceramic, 10 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 59: 50 Lead Camo Regrowth, 20 Fortified Ceramic Camo, 25 Rainbow
  • Round 63: 40 Ceramic, 30 Fortified Ceramic, 40 Ceramic Camo, 5 M.O.A.B.
  • Round 65: 70 Rainbow, 50 Fortified Ceramic, 3 Fortified M.O.A.B, 3 B.F.B.
  • Round 67: 20 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 6 M.O.A.B, 4 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 69: 40 Black Camo Regrowth, 40 Purple Camo Regrowth, 50 Ceramic Camo
  • Round 71: 30 Fortified Ceramic Regrowth, 10 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 72: 38 Fortified Ceramic, 1 B.F.B, 1 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Round 74: 100 Black Regrowth, 25 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 1 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Round 78: 80 Purple, 150 Zebra, 60 Fortified Ceramic, 72 Ceramic Camo, 1 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Round 83: 40 Ceramic Camo, 40 Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 40 Fortified Ceramic Camo, 20 Fortified M.O.A.B.
  • Round 90: 50 Fortified Ceramic Camo Regrowth, 4 D.D.T.
  • Round 91: 100 Fortified Ceramic, 15 Fortified B.F.B.
  • Rounds 101-120: randomized

Bloons Pop![]

  • Level X
  • Level X


Bloons TD 6[]

Rounds marked in italics are marked as technically starting to appear on that round but only ever appear from getting released from parent bloons.

Image Camo Regrow Fortified Name Appearances
BTD6Ceramic BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle Ceramic Bloon Round 38
Round 32 (ABR)
CeramicCamo TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle Camo Ceramic Bloon Round 51
Round 55 (ABR)
CeramicRegrow BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle Regrow Ceramic Bloon Round 59
Round 38 (ABR)
CeramicRegrowCamo TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle Camo Regrow Ceramic Bloon Round 90
Round 83 (ABR)
CeramicFortified BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon Fortified Ceramic Bloon Round 46
Round 40 (ABR)
CeramicFortifiedCamo TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon Fortified Camo Ceramic Bloon Round 128
Round 51 (ABR)
CeramicRegrowFortified BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon Fortified Regrow Ceramic Bloon Round 163
Round 58 (ABR)
CeramicFortifiedRegrowCamo TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon Fortified Camo Regrow Ceramic Bloon Round 67
Round 67 (ABR)
File:BTD6CeramicGooglyEyed.png Googly Eyed Bloons
File:BTD6CeramicTopHat.png Top Hat Bloons
File:BTD6CeramicHatchet.png Hatchet Bloons
File:BTD6CeramicSantaHat.png Santa Hats Bloons
File:BTD6CeramicTruckerHat.png Trucker Hats Bloons
File:BTD6CeramicBunnyEar.png Bunny Ear Bloons
File:BTD6CeramicBeard.png Beard Bloons

Health Stages[]

Bloons TD 6[]

Health Stages
Variant BTD6CamoRed BTD6RegrowRed BTD6FortifiedRed 1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage 4th Stage
Ceramic Bloon
BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle CeramicDamage1 CeramicDamage2 CeramicDamage3 CeramicDamage4
Camo Ceramic Bloon
TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle CeramicCamoDamage1 CeramicCamoDamage2 CeramicCamoDamage3 CeramicCamoDamage4
Regrow Ceramic Bloon
BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle CeramicRegrowDamage1 CeramicRegrowDamage2 CeramicRegrowDamage3 CeramicRegrowDamage4
Camo Regrow Ceramic Bloon
TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle CeramicRegrowCamoDamage1 CeramicRegrowCamoDamage2 CeramicRegrowCamoDamage3 CeramicRegrowCamoDamage4
Fortified Ceramic Bloon
BadMaimMoabParticle BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon CeramicFortifiedDamage1 CeramicFortifiedDamage2 CeramicFortifiedDamage3 CeramicFortifiedDamage4
Fortified Camo Ceramic Bloon
TickGreenIcon BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon CeramicFortifiedCamoDamage1 CeramicFortifiedCamoDamage2 CeramicFortifiedCamoDamage3 CeramicFortifiedCamoDamage4
Fortified Regrow Ceramic Bloon
BadMaimMoabParticle TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon CeramicFortifiedRegrowDamage1 CeramicFortifiedRegrowDamage2 CeramicFortifiedRegrowDamage3 CeramicFortifiedRegrowDamage4
Fortified Camo Regrow Ceramic Bloon
TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon TickGreenIcon CeramicFortifiedRegrowCamoDamage1 CeramicFortifiedRegrowCamoDamage2 CeramicFortifiedRegrowCamoDamage3 CeramicFortifiedRegrowCamoDamage4


Bloon Layers
Big Airship of Doom
Dark Dirigible Titan
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Flying Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp
Ceramic Bloon

Bloon Layers
Big Airship of Doom
Dark Dirigible Titan
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Floating Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp
Ceramic Bloon

Bloon Layers
Dark Dirigible Titan
ZOMG rightways
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Floating Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp
Ceramic Bloon
Ceramic Bloon
Rainbow Bloon
Zebra Bloon
Lead Bloon
Black Bloon
White Bloon
Pink Bloon
Yellow Bloon
Green Bloon
Blue Bloon
Red Bloon

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[]

This is according to the power of the Ceramic bloon.

  • NERF Glue can slow down Ceramic Bloons.


Main article: Ceramic Bloon/Strategies


Despite being considerably easier to pop than M.O.A.B. Class Bloons, Ceramic Bloons are a serious threat in numbers that shouldn't be ignored. If the player has a large number of potent towers, then Ceramic Bloons and their descendants aren't really a threat. However, popping many Ceramic Bloons without strong towers or many weaker towers is difficult, especially since the ceramic shell needs ten hits to break. Towers that specialize in popping Moab class Bloons such as Monkey Pirates and MOAB Assassin have trouble popping Ceramic Bloons. They can be a minor cause of lag to one's computer or device. Glue can't slow them down (BTD4 and BTD5 Flash only), however Corrosive Glue can harm them and can crack the layers.

There are many rounds in which Ceramic Bloons come in big groups (like 63, 76, and 78), which can be extremely deadly and dangerous without strong towers. If they come early, it can usually mean game over unless the player manages to get strong towers. In BTD3, it's an instant game over on Medium and Hard - if it escapes.

In BTD6, some of the best counters to spaced Ceramic Bloons include 3/x/x Deadly Precision Sniper Monkeys, x/3/x Druids, and x/3/x Downdraft Heli Pilots. For grouped Ceramic Bloons, best counters include 2/3/0 Glue Hose, 4/0/2 MOAR Glaives, 0/3/2 Ice Monkeys, 4/x/x Dart Monkey and multiple 0/1/2 Ice Monkeys.


In BTD Battles 2, sometimes sending constant rush of Camo Fortified Super Ceramics like Round 163 might be better than sending DDT groups, as they don't occur eco loss.


Bloons TD 3
Enjoying the brown bloons? They're ceramic, so they take several hits to pop. They have rainbows in them too :)
~ Round 34 in Bloons TD 3
Bloons TD 4
Ceramic bloons take several shots to destroy - then when you do you are greeted by 2 rainbows. Also glue cannot slow them down!
~ BTD4 Round 40 Pre-Round Comment
Bloons TD 5
Next level will be fun, a whole bunch of Ceramic Bloons are going to charge through your defenses and pretty much make you lose.
~ Bloons TD 5 Round 76
Bloons TD 6
Ceramic Bloons... They are armored and fast bloons. Be careful, they can't be popped so easily.
~ Bloons TD 6
Next Round: Camo Regrow Fortified Ceramic Bloons. Phew! What a mouthful.
~ BTD6 Round 74
If you have played BTD5 you'll remember what Round 63 was like. If you are new to this game, let's just say: many tightly packed Ceramic Bloons.
~ BTD6 round 63
Fortified Ceramic Bloons coming up next.
~ BTD6 round 46
Lots of Camo Ceramic Bloons could wreck your day. Just sayin'.
~ BTD6 round 51
What happens when you cram 75 Ceramic Bloons into a tiny space? You're about to find out!
~ BTD6 round 78
Ceramic Bloons are covered in a shell of hardened clay, and take several hits to pop.
~ BTD6 warning of Ceramic Bloons


When a BTD5 Ceramic Bloon is hit or destroyed:

When a BSM2 Mobile Ceramic Bloon resists an attack:

When a BTD6 Ceramic Bloon is hit:

When a BTD6 Ceramic Bloon is destroyed:





BSM2 Mobile[]





Ceramic Bloon Stages[]


  • It is the BTD counterpart of Ceramic blocks.
  • Glue slows down Ceramic Bloons in Bloons TD 3, Bloons TD 5 Mobile, and Bloons TD 6, but not in Bloons TD 4 or Bloons TD 5 Flash.
  • It is one of the few bloons to have its own specialized sound when hit/popped.
  • Ceramic Bloons are the only non-M.O.A.B. Class Bloon that take more than one hit to pop the first layer while unfortified.
  • In BTD5, The first and only Camo Ceramics appear on Round 78. In BTD6, they appear more often, debuting on round 51 and later spawning from DDTs.
  • They are the fifth fastest bloons in Bloons TD 6, following Pink, Yellow, Purple, and DDT bloons.
  • In Bloons Super Monkey, it has sixteen layers instead of ten.
  • In Bloons TD 3, Ceramic Bloons were simply called Brown Bloons. The name "Ceramic Bloon" came from a pre-round message saying that they were made of ceramic.
  • In Bloons TD 3, crushed Ceramic Bloons would show no Rainbow Bloons under it. This was changed in later versions.
  • In Bloons TD 3, Ceramic Bloons were also immune to freezing, much like White Bloons. This immunity would be removed in later games.
  • On Round Ramp tiles in BMC Mobile, Ceramic Bloons are generated with an RBE of 88, meaning more Ceramics can generate in a certain round than usual.
    • They still are normal after round generation.
  • When the ceramic layer of a Shielded Ceramic Bloon is popped on Bloons Super Monkey 2, its child does not appear to have the lightning symbol on it, unlike every other Shielded Bloon.
  • When in the process of destroying a Ceramic Bloon, only one Rainbow Bloon can be seen in the inside, despite the fact that two Rainbow Bloons come out of it.
  • When hit, they make a sound similar to that of a dart hitting a pot.
  • It takes 2 hits from a BTD5 juggernaut to remove the ceramic layer down to the 2 rainbow bloons inside. A BTD6 juggernaut takes 4 hits with 3 damage each, but the last shot will use the 2 damage leftover to pop the ceramic down to blacks and whites.
  • In BTD3, it takes 3 hits to remove the ceramic; in BTD4 it has 7 layers; but in BTD5, it has 10 layers.
  • In BTD6, Super Ceramics cause fewer lives to be lost when leaked than their effective RBE (65/75 lives versus 68/128 RBE).
    • MOABs on rounds 81+ cost 460 lives (65*4+200), and 700 lives if fortified (75*4+400).
    • BFBs on rounds 81+ cost 2540 lives (460*4+700), and 4200 lives if fortified (700*4+1400).
    • ZOMGs on rounds 81+ cost 14160 lives (2540*4+4000), and 24800 lives if fortified (4200*4+8000).
    • DDTs cost 660 lives (65*4+400), and 1100 lives if fortified (75*4+800).
    • BADs cost 50300 lives (14160*2+660*3+20000), and 92900 lives if fortified (24800*2+1100*3+40000).
  • In Bloons TD 6, Ceramic Bloon is the highest bloon type that spawns fixed amount on set rounds during entire game.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, at level 19, there can be Ceramic Bloon Tiles that are rated Easy and Very Hard at the same city.
  • A Sniper Monkey with Deadly Precision can completely pop a ceramic with a single shot.
  • The Ceramic Bloon, as well as the Lead Bloon, are the only Bloons that can have the Fortified property without being a M.O.A.B.-Class Bloon. However, there was a bug that generated fortified Purple Bloons in Freeplay mode in early versions of BTD6.
  • The Ceramic Bloon had a different sound effect in BTD3-BTD4, BTD5, and BTD6.
  • Once a Bloonchipper sucks a ceramic bloon, it is damaged inside the Bloonchipper and the Bloonchipper cannot suck in other Bloon until the Ceramic is fully popped.
  • Strangely, in Bloons Card Storm, Ceramic Bloons have less health than Rainbow Bloons. This is the only Bloons game as of July 2024 with this property.