Not to be confused with the Ceramic Bloon or Tile Block.


Idle ceramic block.

Ceramic damaged

Damaged ceramic block.

The Ceramic Block is a block. If a dart makes contact with it, it will stop completely, much like the Tile Block. It takes two darts to fully disintegrate it. It appears in Bloons 2, Bloons 2 Christmas Pack, and Bloons 2 Spring Fling.



The idle Ceramic Block appears to be a tan-colored block with a square shape located at the center of the block.


The damaged Ceramic Block looks like the same as the idle version of it, except that cracks are located all over it.



The tile and ceramic blocks sounds in Bloons 2.

Tile n ceramic2


  • The Super Monkey (aka Skip) has the ability to destroy them in one shot.
  • Sometimes, they can block blows from shots, thus making it mandatory to destroy them for the player to pass the level.
  • There is an occasional glitch where if shot precisely onto the corner of the Ceramic Block, the Ceramic Block will be disintegrated in one shot. Some levels made in the Bloons 2 Level Editor required this glitch to complete.
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