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Camo Bloons can ruin a perfectly good game. The Centre of Camo Countermeasures grants your city knowledge on combating these nasty invisible Bloons. Most upgrades or Monkeys that can target Camo Bloons requires this building first.
~ Official BMC description
Camo Bloons are nasty. You cannot pop them unless you have Monkeys that can detect them. Build a Centre of Camo Countermeasures to enable research of camo detection upgrades for your Monkeys.
~ "Camo Countermeasures" Quest description

Centre Of Camo Countermeasures or Camo Countermeasures is a Special Building in Bloons Monkey City Flash and Bloons Monkey City Mobile, respectively. It grants knowledge on combating Camo Bloons in some towers.

It unlocks upgrades that allow camo detection. The building takes 3 hours to build. When built, the player is awarded 250 XP. To build this building, players must have BMCF-Power-Icon5 available, City Cash1500, and must be at least Level 5.


  • This building is required for the following research:
    • Enhanced Eyesight
    • Night Vision Goggles
    • Spy Plane
    • Crow's Nest
    • Monkey Sense
    • Cleansing Foam
    • Submerge and Support
  • Signal Flare research does not require this building.
  • This building unlocks the Camo Craziness Bloon Strategy.
  • The Ninja Monkey, Spike Factory, and Dartling Gun are not dependent on this building as they can always pop normal Camo Bloons, even without upgrades.