Cave Monkey is a tower that was first introduced on Version 17.0. It is unlocked for a single game upon breaking apart the frozen Cave Monkey on Frozen Over by repeatedly bombarding it with a Mortar Monkey for a total of 30 or more times. Upon breaking the ice, the Cave Monkey spawns close to the entrance of the track. Towers can still be placed on the ice after it breaks.

The Cave Monkey attacks using a wooden club, which pops 1 layer and stuns bloons (including MOAB-class bloons, but not BADs) for a short amount of time (1.0 seconds for bloons, 0.25 seconds for MOAB-class bloons). The club can hit up to 5 bloons at once.

No upgrades are available for the Cave Monkey, and selling it will give no money. There is no way to get the Cave Monkey back if sold outside of starting a new game.


  • If the Cave Monkey is buffed enough in attack Speed, it can solo a Z.O.M.G.
  • The Cave Monkey cannot be sacrificed to Sun Temple, True Sun God, or Adora.


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