Bloons Monkey City is a Bloons game developed and published by Ninja Kiwi. It has been in the open beta and available to play since November 26, 2013, and the full release date is December 5 2014. In BMC, you try to build a city and attack other users' cities by sending bloons at them, while defending your own. You also build buildings, such as Banana Farms or windmills. The Trailer for the game has been released, which shows gameplay of Bloons Monkey City. The currency used in this game is called Bloonstones. They can be used to finish the building process of a building or an upgrade.

Here is the information on NK's blog:

"Bloons Monkey City, the premier city building, bloon popping and upgrade cranking simulation of our time, is coming soon to!

In Bloons Monkey City you must build your humble town into a bloon busting metropolis, a centre for all that is monkey, and stop the inevitable horde of bloon-kind barrelling through your city walls. Expand your empire by farming bananas, constructing super sized vivariums for your monkey recruits, stomping over the wild bloons in the wilderness beyond and researching powerful upgrades for extreme bloon poppage.

As your city grows you'll discover another side to BMC. By building bloontonium generators and bloontonium storage tanks, spending city cash on bloon engineering and constructing Bloon Deployment Factories, you can enter into Monkey vs. Monkey duels of might and tact. Raid your friends' cities and take their cash, or run down their buildings for your Simian glory. But do not worry! If you don't want to send a resplendant riposte at your attacking comrades, simply ignore them for a few days and you can continue building your city in Pacifist Mode without needing to defend against unwanted assaults."

Multiple new blimps have been introduced, such as the blimp called the Dark Dirigible Titan. It has Camo, lead and black properties, and also moves as fast as Pink Bloon.

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