Cash Drops is a Power in BTD6 that gives $2500 in-game cash for one game. They cost Btd6monkeymoney200 to purchase. Note that the money provided in Half Cash is only $1250, as all forms of income including Cash Drops is halved.

How to obtainEdit

  • Purchase from the Powers store. Costs Btd6monkeymoney200 each, or Btd6monkeymoney180 if when the "Budget Cash Drops" Monkey Knowledge unlocked and enabled.
  • Treasure Chest reward Cash Drops.
  • Daily Challenges that reward Cash Drops.


  • Try to use Cash Drops sparingly as they are rather expensive.
  • Cash Drops provide a powerful early game lead and can easily be used to build up defenses if there are weaknesses to certain bloons.
  • Notably, this power is often used in Co-Op Mode due to the slow distribution of cash given so it can help boost a single player to buying more defense.


  • Cash Drops can be also be collected via Monkey Farmers.
  • In the initial release of the game, Cash Drops that were left alone would expire after approximately 15 seconds and then provide roughly $625,000,000 in-game cash. This bug/exploit has since been patched and the reason for occurring is unknown, but most likely is caused by a duplicate multiplication of "2500".
  • Cash Drops replaced Cash Injection in BTD5 and BTD4.
  • When using a Cash Drop, a Cash Drop will drop from a parachute, accompanied by the humming of a non-visible Monkey Ace.
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