Regularly sets a carpet of spikes over the whole track.
~ BTD6

Carpet of Spikes is the final upgrade of Path 2 for the Spike Factory in BTD6. It allows the Spike Factory to automatically shoot out Spike Storms every 15 seconds. The automatic "Carpet of Spikes" spike piles will last for just over 20 seconds at minimum and will continually maintain its ever so deadly spike carpet. In addition, each spike deals +2 damage on top of the MOAB SHREDR upgrade, in effect dealing 7 damage to MOAB-class instead of 5.

It costs $35,700 on Easy, $42,000 on Medium, $45,360 on Hard, and $50,400 on Impoppable.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Carpet of Spikes is specifically designed for widespread area damage, and its main strength comes from regularly spreading high-damage spikes across the map to severely weaken MOAB-class bloons, especially strong singular bloons. Its main weakness comes from wasting damage on much weaker bloons, but pairing up a Carpet of Spikes with towers specifically designed to counter weaker bloons, especially Super Ceramics, does still make it a decent option. Although not the most efficient option compared to alternate options, it is still rather reliable overall.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Carpet of Spikes automatic ability is affected by any speed buffs that would affect the activated ability. Be sure to increase the attack speed of this tower whenever possible.
  • It is often best to go for Path 1 instead of Path 3, as the Bigger Spikes upgrade literally doubles the total popping power of Carpet of Spikes. Not only that, but White Hot Spikes can also be bought to pop DDTs. This is generally more important than the benefits provided from Long Reach or Smart Spikes.
    • With that said, a 0-5-1 Carpet of Spikes will almost always have two-layers of spikes on the field. However, the early-round speed boost from a 0-5-2 can be difficult to manage and unreliable.
  • Although Carpet of Spikes deals 3 damage to all bloon types and 7 damage to MOAB-class, it is still generally better off going for more Spike Storms, as using many more Spike Storms is usually more efficient against MOAB-class bloons than a single Carpet of Spikes.
  • Due to its expertise towards shredding MOAB-class bloons, pair a Carpet of Spikes with good anti-bloon popping power, such as The Bloon Solver or The Biggest One, so that the special spike carpets becomes less wasted on regular bloons.
  • The special "Carpet of Spikes" passive ability is affected by the cooldown reductions of Energizer, so do pair with it to produce much more frequent carpets.

Version History[edit | edit source]


Buff.png Carpet of Spikes now send automatic Spike Storms every 20 seconds instead of sending only one Spike Storm immediately per round.

Nerf.png Spikes from the automated Spike Storm are no longer permanent.


Buff.png Carpet of Spikes price reduced ($50,000 → $42,000)

Buff.png Carpet of Spikes abilities now deals +1 damage to MOAB-class compared to normal spikes (as intended)

Buff.png Carpet of Spikes now (correctly) deals +1 damage to MOAB-class, including ability.


Buff.png Carpet of Spikes deals more damage to MOAB-class (5 --> 6)


Buff.png Carpet of Spikes now correctly deals +2 damage instead of +1 damage


Buff.png Carpet of Spikes passive cooldown decreased (20s --> 15s)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The description used to be "Sets a carpet of spikes over the whole map, every round." but this has changed in Version 4.0 to match its new effect.
    • It formerly allowed the Spike Factory to automatically send a more powerful Spike Storm before every round starts. These spikes would last until the round ends.
  • This upgrade is similar to the Spike Storm upgrade in BTD4 and BTD4E.
    • This was not the case before the 4.0 update.
    • It is also slower but lasts longer than in BTD4 and BTD4E.
    • Since the Spike Factory retains its regular Spike Storm ability as well, it essentially combines the BTD4 and BTD5 variants.
  • The Version 20.0 buff to Carpet of Spikes was listed as a bug fix rather than a balance change in the official Version 20.0 patch notes, but due to its significance it has made Carpet of Spikes considerably stronger overall.
  • On Logs CHIMPS, a 2-5-0 Carpet of Spikes can solo all of the camo bloons as of Version 20.0, leading to specific 3TC combos to be possible. Carpet of Spikes eventually completed its first 2TC combo in Version 21.0 with both the buffs to Prince of Darkness and Carpet of Spikes.
  • The Version 21.0 buff by increasing the automatic spike storm rate makes the Carpet of Spikes attack a little more similar to the BTD4 counterpart.
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