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A powerful gemstone that fell from space millions of years ago. Adds an additional laser attack.
~ BATTD description

Carl the Gem is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.


A powerful gemstone that fell from space millions of years ago. Adds an additional laser attack.

Despite the game calling the "laser attack" as such, the laser attack in fact has a damage type of Plasma Plasma Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen), not the Energy Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen) expected of a laser. This is because Carl's laser can pop Lead Bloons but not Purple Bloons. Lasers in Bloons TD games typically have Energy Energy Type (pops Black, White, Frozen) (post-BTD6) or Shatter Shatter Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Frozen) (pre-BTD6), which cannot pop Lead.

Laser attack properties[]

  • Speed: 0.2s
  • Range: copies this value from character it's equipped to
  • Damage: 1
  • Pierce: 3


  • Can't grant damage buff to one PB character when you use another alt version PB with Gemma the Gemstone. So avoid using this item on PB characters, because it's just useless even for raw damage buff.
  • Releases singular red projectiles with 3 piercing and slow projectile speed each time bloons enter holding character's range and speed of repeat of this attack depends on character's speed, directly or proportionally. Red consecutive Projectiles are surrounded with white glittering sparks around them for cosmetic purposes, not affecting their performance.
  • Projectiles disappear soon after leaving range of character who shots them even without hitting pierce cap. Their slow projectile speed rewards holder the most if they were positioned in a point allowing shooting in direction opposite to bloons' direction of movement by letting projectiles stay longer in range and hit maximum piercing cap potential in cases when it's important. That way it's definitely benefits to Marceline, who you can place anywhere.
  • Temporary speed increase abilities, like on FP and Marceline temporary change its speed for ability duration. So it totally is dependent on speed, even in case if it wouldn't copy exact character's speed stat.
  • Its pierce and raw damage cannot be boosted by items. If another trinket that deals extra damage to certain bloon types is equipped, it will add the extra damage as usual, such as Engineers Blueprints to MOAB class, Dragon Eyes to camo. Those 2 items +this item itself (Carl the Gem) work great to make Marceline hit well against against DDTs, with not only her getting rid of her weaknesses, but also allowing "laser" plasma type attack of the gem gain 7 extra damage against DDTs. Vorpal Hand doesn't work, because it's for melee attacks.


Powerful booster of Marceline characters and helps PB characters that have Gemma the Gemstone nearby.

Is affected by Banana Replicator, so won't cost you loosing double cash from bloons in games.

Doesn't give extra bonuses for anyone other than Marceline characters.


  • Unlike most of the other trinkets, Carl the Gem, alongside Gemma the Gemstone, only appeared in the Adventure Time comics. Specifically, Carl the Gem was found in Issue 25.