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This is a list of strategies for Cargo, an Advanced Map in BTD6.


  • The Bloon Solver on the area just below the intersection allows it to dissolve bloons very efficiently.
  • Permaspike is best placed and targetted around the MOAB-class path, preferably the intersection between the normal bloons and the MOAB-class path, as MOAB-class bloons typically pose the greater danger compared to regular bloons.
  • Strategies that require a decently large area to work like Mauler and Cluster Bomb spam, Grandmaster/Master Bomber and Shinobi spam, Poplust Avatar of Wrath/Spirit of the Forest, etc. are pretty effective on this map.
  • Towers like Sky Shredder or Prince of Darkness also perform well at taking out moab class bloons and the regular bloons on the seperate sections
  • There is lots of water on this map so you can also use a Sub Commander strat


  • Round 100 - The track is not long enough for either double First Strikes from a single Sub, even with a Reactor buff, so to double First Strike you will require two x4x Subs.