Cargo is an Advanced Map in BTD6. It was added to the game on July 2nd 2019 in the Version 11.0 update, along with the returning map Park Path.


The Cargo map appears to be a dock surrounded by water, with several cargo trucks next to a road where bloons travel down. There are also numerous boats floating around the track in the water, none of which are able to carry towers or be removed. This track uses both land and water, so tower variety is encouraged.

The trucks on the second road will pose as Line of Sight blockers until Round 40 onwards, where they will automatically move out.

The Cargo map features a plentiful amount of water around its edges, allowing free use of water towers. The map is relatively challenging, with a single quick path for bloon travel. Due to the little amount of space on the track that is next to the track, ample usage of towers like Heli Pilots, Sniper Monkeys and Mortar Monkeys are recommended.

From Round 40 onwards, the cargo trucks along the second path will move out, revealing an entirely new lane exclusively for incoming MOAB-class bloons. The original lane will continue to be used for any incoming bloon that is Ceramic or lower.

There are two graffitied trucks on the sides that can be removed after beating Round 39, at a cost of $500 each. Removing a graffitied truck will make it drive out of the parking towards the other side of the road.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $225
Completed $45


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  • This is the first map in BTD6 to have exclusive bloon type lanes.
    • It's also the first map in BTD6 where obstacles can only be removed after a specific round threshold.
  • The removable graffitied trucks both have the number "39" on the roof of the truck carriage. This may be a reference to the round needed to complete in order to unlock removal of them.

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