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Ready to roll out!
~ Quote from Captain Churchill

Captain Churchill is a Hero that appears in Bloons Pop!. Once tossed into the screen, he parachutes carefully down in the direction he is tossed at, bouncing against walls and obstacles wherever he is. As he parachutes down, he can crush bloons with his tank, immediately dealing 2 contact damage to the bloons as he moves. Physical contact with the tank cannot pop Lead Bloons. His tank will fire shells downwards that both penetrate into bloons and explode upon either exhausting their pierce limit or after a short amount of time. Unexploded shells can pop any bloon type but the explosions do not affect Black Bloons and Zebra Bloons. His shell and explosions both deal 1 damage each and all attacks can damage Camo Bloons including invisible Camos. He will disappear if his tank goes a certain amount of time without crushing any Bloons (5 seconds?) or if he reaches the bottom.

He is effective against Leads and Regrows, but can also target and affect Camo Bloons regardless of bloon visibility. Captain Churchill is unlocked at Level 31.


Captain Churchill is very effective at crushing dense groups of bloons. In fact, if he doesn't have a lot of bloons to hit then he will be weak. His tank and explosive shells deal quite a lot of damage overall. However, Captain Churchill himself has the potential to create masses of Regrow Bloons. This is offset due to taking advantage of the masses of Regrows and racking up massive hero chains.

Compared to other heroes, Captain Churchill requires genuine skill to utilize him properly but is very powerful once used for the right scenarios.


  • Save Churchill for a moment where there's lots and lots of strong bloons.
  • Try not to leave too few bloons on the top, as he needs to be continuously running over bloons to stay on the screen.
  • Try angling Churchill as much to the side as possible to get the most pops. However, don't aim too shallow or else he disappears too soon before charging into bloons to reset his lifespan, and don't aim too steep or else he wastes damage potential.

Version History[]

Churchill is so good, especially in those clusters of Regen Bloons. Too good in fact, and the ability to create a hero cascade was too frequent and needed to be reduced. We still wanted Churchill to feel like an awesome hero, so instead of nerfing him, we've increased the damage he deals when he runs over bloons from 1 -> 2. This can make him more effective against certain individual Bloons, but by increasing the amount of damage done, the regen cascade is reduced.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Churchill's tank runover damage increased (1 --> 2)
  • Change [undocumented] Captain Churchill no longer looks downwards, instead looking at the player



  • Despite Churchill being marked with a Camo weakness before Version 2.0, he can always attack and damage Camos no matter if they are visible or not. Version 2.0 fixed his weaknesses list to only include Blacks and Zebras.
  • Like Adora, Captain Churchill always smiles unlike his BTD6 counterpart.