Candy Throne Room is the first track under the adventure Candy Cornered.


For more in-universe info, see TBA.

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On this map, bloons enter from the bottom, turn right, take two loops around, and then go towards the exit shown as the throne.

Unlike most tracks, Normal Difficulty only has 10 rounds instead of the full 30. Maximum bloon type in this difficulty is Yellow (?) instead of Lead/Zebra. The other difficulty types are exactly the same as for other difficulties on other tracks.

Outside the track, some citizens of the Candy Kingdom include an anthropomorphic icecream, and some other anthropomorphic sweet foods.


  • This track on normal is the fastest way to complete daily quests like win 20 games using specific character since it only have 10 rounds instead of 30.


First TimeEdit

  • Normal: TBA
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extereme: TBA
  • Impoppable: 160 Coins, 6 Gems, 5 Star Level Currency, 1 Rare/Super Rare Wish Orb, 1 Power, 165 XP.

Replay rewardEdit

  • Normal : 4,8 coins, 10xp

Version HistoryEdit


Candy Thone Room now gains a loop


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