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Candy Throne Room is the first track under the adventure Candy Cornered.


For more in-universe info, see TBA.

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On this map, bloons enter from the bottom, turn right, take two loops around, and then go towards the exit shown as the throne.

Unlike most tracks, Normal Difficulty only has 10 rounds instead of the full 30. Maximum bloon type in this difficulty is Yellow (?) instead of Lead/Zebra. The other difficulty types are exactly the same as for other difficulties on other tracks.

Outside the track, some citizens of the Candy Kingdom include an anthropomorphic icecream, and some other anthropomorphic sweet foods. The citizens will explode if a specific amount of bloons have leaked.


  • Since Treefort Exterior does not count toward the progress of winning a game, playing Candy Throne Room on Normal Difficulty is the fastest way to complete daily quests like win 20 games using specific character since it only have 10 rounds instead of 30.


First Time[]

  • Normal: 20 Coins, 1 Gem, 60 XP
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extereme: TBA
  • Impoppable: 160 Coins, 6 Gems, 5 Star Level Currency, 1 Rare/Super Rare Wish Orb, 1 Power, 165 XP.

Replay reward[]

  • Normal: 4-8 coins, 10 XP


Upon loading the track for the first time, Princess Bubblegum, with her entire body tied up in pink bandage, helplessly hops in place in the center of the roundabout faced by the throne. There is also a transcript that follows.

PB (right): Finn, don't let the Bloons get to the Candy Citizens!
[Finn (left) appears]
Finn: You know I can just lean over there and cut you free, right?
PB: Concentrate, Finn!

Dialogue resumes after beating Round 5, when PB manages to break free from the bandage.

[Finn (left) and PB (right) appear]
PB: [holding a bubblegum blaster] Finally I'm free! There's no holding me back now.
Finn: PB, you had a bubblegum blaster under there the whole time?
Finn: [confused] Wait a minute, did the Bloons tie you up or did you have an accident with the blaster?
PB: [scratching head] Haha..ha... Look, more Bloons!

A MOAB bloon unexpectedly intrudes their defense on Round 10.

Max (left): [cups hands into mouth and shouts] MOAB (MOH-ab) incoming!

After the MOAB moves for a while, the dialogue continues still.

[Finn (left) and Max (right) reappear]
Finn: [dismayed] Mother of all Bloons! What IS that thing?
Max: That thing, is a lot of trouble and we're not strong enough to take it down.
PB (bottom left): [worried] Oh no, if it reaches the Candy Citizens then it's game over for all of us.
Jake (bottom right): Can't we just retry or continue for coins or something?
Finn: [calls a plan] Time to call in the big guns!
[Player presses Powers button on the bottom left corner]

Powers are single use items that have a huge impact on the game.

They can range from character boosts to full screen effects which devastate all bloons.

Powers will level up with your overall player rank. Use the Hugsplosion now to save the Candy Kingdom.

~ Cuber's introduction to Powers
[Player presses the Hugsplosion power. The screen shaking effect accompanied with a pint tint in the background and bursts of hearts transforms the MOAB and all bloons onscreen into red bloons. They are quickly popped.]
Jake (right): [waving arms in air] Finn that was awesome! What was that?
[he exits]
Finn (left): [smiling] The power of HUGS.
[Finn stops grinning]
PB (right): [raising arms] Well whatever it was it just saved the Candy Kingdom!

[Level Complete]

Version History[]

  • BUFF The first hairpin bend in Candy Throne Room now gains a lane section, becoming a roundabout, and forcing all bloons to loop around it a second time



  • When all bloons stop for the Powers introuduction, the MOAB's propeller continues to rotate.
  • The MOAB that appears during the tutorial is the only appearance of any MOAB class bloon on Normal Difficulty.
  • Jake's quote in Round 10 mentions using coins on a continue, which costs 1,000 coins per use.
    • There are other powers and items that revive the player in the game, such as the Dimension Disruptor.