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Candy Graveyard is the third track under the adventure Necro Candy.


Candy Graveyard is a graveyard with two lanes, one for the normal bloons/MOABs and one special lane (created by the 4 short wavy graveyard lanes meeting, with Starchy the gravedigger behind the intersection facing the pathway) for any Zombie Bloons (and any regular bloons) that descend from their graves, if graves have been planted on the track via popping them.

Bloons that come from the lane coming out of the graveyard will aim directly downwards the track and move up the lane upwards towards the rightwards exit. The normal lane, which does not come out of the graveyard, will aim directly forwards and then up the lane towards the exit.


The zombie bloons will begin to appear from the graveyard starting with Round 6, regardless of difficulty. Another tip you can try is when you have unlocked Fire Princess, Ice King, and Sam, you can stack them together and upgrade them to have a MOAB killing machine. You can use PB's Super Intelligence upgrade to remove camo and regrow to keep things under control.


First time[]


  • This track is currently the only track where all difficulties contain Zombie Bloons regardless of difficulty which makes it harder.
  • Hot Dog Knights, Banana Guards, and Banana Air Corps cannot be placed on the graveyard's paths. However, road objects spawned by characters/allies (e.g. Horsey Soap, Dirt Beer Guy) can be laid on them.
  • Towers cannot be placed inside the graveyard. However, they can hit Zombie Bloons (and even leave gravestones) that are just emerging from the graves but not yet on the track, since there is no Line of Sight blocker between the graveyard and placeable land.