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A fully insulated dive suit from PB's lab. Allows water placement and protect against negative effects.
~ BATTD description
Candy Dive Suit b

Description before potential buying the trinket

The Candy Dive Suit is an Epic Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.


This pink-purple dive suit has a crown on top, a helmet that looks like it was made out of bubble wrap, and the rest of the armor looking like knight armor.



The Candy Dive Suit can serve as a ...

< further describe how it can serve a beginner before getting other trinkets; describe alternative trinkets and their benefits, and its unique interactions by itself in Wizard Royale and Martian Games with Wizard Attack >


  • Regardless if Captain Cassie or Commander Cassie has the trinket equipped, they can only be placed on Water and Lava. It is recommended that they instead equip Jetpack with a negative effect protection trinket such as Glob's Helmet to replicate Candy Dive Suit's functionality while gaining additional bonuses such as land placement and bloon property popping.



  • The Candy Dive Suit's description does not mention lava placement, even though its special properties description does.