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A cry for help arrives from the Candy Kingdom.
~ Adventure description

Candy Cornered is an Adventure in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It consists of two maps, namely Candy Throne Room and Enchiridion. Players unlock Princess Bubblegum upon completing the adventure on Normal difficulty, but she becomes permanently available for the player to use after completing Round 5 in Candy Throne Room.


These are rewarded upon completing both Candy Throne Room and Enchiridion on their respective difficulties.

  • Normal: 250 Coins, 8 Gems, 3 Finn Cakes, 20 Shards, 1 Common Wish Orb, 1 Random Power
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable: 250 Coins, 15 Gems, 12 Star Level Currency, 200 Shards, 1 Epic Wish Orb, 1 Random Power (Super Rare/Epic (?))


Intro transcript[]

[Enter Jake (left) and Finn (right)]
Finn: [holding sword] Jake, PB's in trouble! We need to get to her right away.
Jake: What? How do you know that?
Finn: [returns with a letter and waving it] I have this letter that says...

Finn: [in PB's voice] "Finn I'm in trouble, you need to get here right away."

Jake: Sure, as long as we can stop for Ice Cream on the way.
[they all exit]
PB (left): [tied up] Finn! Help!
[Finn (top right) and Jake (bottom right) reenter]
Finn: PB! Who did this? Who tied you up?
PB: Never mind me, protect the candy citizens.

Transition to Enchiridion transcript[]

[PB (left) and Finn (right) enter]
PB: [digging through and tossing various items] I'm going to analyze some Bloon samples. I just need to find...
PB: [finally gets BWI] Ah, here it is, my old BWI.
Finn: [confused] Pee Bubs. What in the hootin's a BWI?
PB: My Bloon Wave Indexer silly.
PB: According to this data, many more powerful Bloons can arrive in Ooo at any minute.
Finn: [reappears with sword] Bring it on. I-do-not-fear BLOONS!
PB: They're inflating exponentially and must be stopped. Hand me the Enchiridion.
Finn: [confused] We don't have it, Hot Dog Princess borrowed it to...
PB: [alarmed] She's in grave danger! We have to go now!

Outro transcript[]

[Finn (left) enters]
Finn: Hot Dog Princess, you can come out now.
Hot Dog Princess (right): Oh Finn. I was so scared.
Hot Dog Princess: [with cute eyes] Who's your cute little friend?
Jake (bottom left): HP, it's me Jake.
Max (bottom right): (proudly) I think she's talking about me.
Jake: [in resistance] There's only room for one furry side kick around here, buddy.
[Hot Dog Princess and Max return to normal]
Jake: Finn, where'd this guy come from anyway?
[Jake returns to normal; Max swaps with PB]
PB: Hot Dog Princess, do you still have the Enchiridion?
[Finn reappears with Enchiridion]
Hot Dog Princess: Yes I've been sitting on it this whole time.
[Finn and PB reappear, swapping Enchiridion]
PB: [looking at Enchiridion's contents] According to the Enchiridion, popping Bloons will give us access to wish orbs which will grant unique weapons and epic loot.
Finn: [flailing with arms in the air] Unique weapons? Epic loot? Oh my Glob, Jake, are you listening?
Jake: [doing his signature dance] Sure am, homie. It's level up time!

Normal difficulty rewards transcript[]

[Finn (left) and PB (right) enter]
Finn: [confused] Hey why is my face on those cakes?

PB: I'll explain those to you in a bit Finn. Looks like you found a wish orb.

First wish orb transcript[]

[Common wish orb activates]
Finn (left): Dude, we found our first wish orb! Sweet, sweet loot here we come.

[Finn leaves. Player opens wish orb. Inside it contains 3 cards, which from left to right are revealed to be Ice Cream Sundae, Scarlet, and Pocket Watch. All of them have the "New!" badges on them. Below them locate the message "Choose your loot!" and a button to re-roll.]

[Finn (left), Jake (top right), and PB (bottom right) enter]
Finn: [excited] Jackpot! 3 awesome pieces of loot!
Jake: [excited] Dibs on the ice cream.
PB: Guys, calm down. There's something you need to know about wish orbs.
[Finn and Jake stop being excited]
Jake: [disappointed] Aww man there's always a catch.
PB: Wish orbs will drop 3 pieces of loot, but you may only choose one. So choose wisely.
Finn: [happily] My old sword! I haven't seen this in about 5 years. Come to papa.

[Player selects Scarlet and keeps it. PB (left) and Jake (right) reappear. The remaining two items, each with a 50 gem price tag, show again in the background, along with the message "Choose another for Gem" and the Discard button right below.]

Jake: [annoyed] Fiiiinn! I really wanted that ice cream.
PB: Before they go back into the abyss you have the option of getting a second piece.
Jake: [becomes normal] Now we're talking!
Jake: [humiliated] Aww man, it costs gems!
[Jake becomes normal]
Finn: Don't worry buddy, I gots yo back.
[50 gems are added to gem balance. Player selects and buys Ice Cream Sundae for 50 gems. The Pocket Watch does not return.]
[Jake (left) and PB (right) reappear]
Jake: Finn you're the best. Can I eat it on the way home?
PB: Jake we're not going home.
PB: We have Bloons to take care of and we need to prepare. Follow me.

[Returns to overworld]

Character menu tutorial transcript[]

[Player opens the Characters menu. After it loads, the menu lists PB, Finn, Jake, and Max, followed by Premium characters, and then locked characters in alphabetical order.]
PB (left): Finn, it's time to equip your new old sword.
[Player open Finn's profile]
[Finn (left) and PB (right) enter]
Finn: [confused] Awesome! Um, PB how do I equip my sword again?
PB: [tips hand] It's easy. Here I'll show you.
[Player opens the weapons collection from Finn, selects Scarlet, and opens its info.]
PB (left): Before equipping a weapon, you can see its stats and any special abilities here.
PB: [tips hand] Go ahead. Equip it now.
[Player presses the Equip button, then gets sent back to Finn's profile, with Scarlet immediately showing up in Finn's Weapon slot.]
[Finn (left) and PB (right) reappear.]
PB: Perfect, I told you it was easy.
Finn: [reappears grabbing Scarlet] Yeeeaaahhh! Let's get back out there and try it out on those rubbery bandits.
PB: Finn, remember those cakes with your face on them?
PB: We all have a special token which we can use to level up.
PB: In your case, it's the cakes.
Finn: [reappears excited] Level up? I'M READY!
PB: [tips hand] It's easy, try this...
[Player presses the Level Up button. The star level token gauge drains. The Finn Cake graphics are 'absorbed' into the animated portrait of Finn, which shrinks slightly while glistening, and shortly after bounces back to normal size with a burst of light. The Star Level now shows the number 2, and a new star level gauge appears. The player is taken to Finn's Level Up screen, then back to Finn's profile.]
[Finn (left) and PB (right) reappear]
Finn: [happy] Yeeeah! That felt awesome!
Finn: [smiling] I feel radder, faster, and even more powerful.
PB: That's because all of your fighting skills increase each time you reach a new star level.
PB: These Bloons are crazy strong. We'll need to keep levelling up if we're going to beat them.
[Player goes back to Character menu]
[Jake (left) and PB (right) appear]
Jake: [energetic] Wait! It's my turn!
PB: Ok Jake, get to your ice cream the same way Finn got to his sword.
[Player opens Jake's profile, then opens the trinkets collection, selects Ice Cream Sundae and opens its info, and finally presses Equip.]
[Finn (left) and Jake (right) reenter, with Ice Cream Sundae in Jake's hands]
Jake: [scooping Ice Cream Sundae quickly into his mouth with his hand, scoop by scoop] It tastes so good!
Jake: I feel like I have more energy or something. Like I'll be able to attack 3% faster in battle.
Finn: That's the spirit Jake! Can we get back out there now?
Jake: [reappears normal] Yeah, let's go. I wanna find another orb and get more ice cream.
Adventure Time tutorial done

Tutorial finished

[Player closes Jake's profile and the Character menu. "This is just the beginning!" message shows, with Finn standing humbly with Scarlet to the right of it, marking the end of the tutorial]

This is just the beginning!

Now it's up to you to travel around Ooo eradicating the Bloon threat. Embark on exciting new adventures, discover awesome allies, unearth epic weapons and uncover tons of trinkets to aid you in battle. Just don't forget to stop and get Jake something to eat!

What are you waiting for?

It's Adventure Time!

~ [OK]


  • The adventure's name is a pun on "candy corn".