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Effective home security for the candy citizen.
~ BATTD description

Candy Cane Shotgun is a Super Rare Weapon. It allows the equipped character to shoot three projectiles instead of one, along with +1 damage plus an additional +1 per 5 stars, but the equipped character will attack 10% slower. It can only be equipped to Princess Bubblegum.


  • Speed: -10%
  • Range: N/A
  • Damage: +1 (+1 / 5 star levels)
  • Pierce: N/A


The Candy Cane Shotgun is an ordinary comically large gun with deep carmine and white strips. It has a hole at the tip of the straight part for firing 3 bubblegum projectiles. Princess Bubblegum extensively holds the Candy Cane Shotgun like a firearm.

Special Properties[]

Every attack Princess Bubblegum fires three consecutive bubblegum shots with each tilting about 15 degrees. Shots fired by Princess bubblegum have 1 pierce in base form.


Being the only weapon in BATTD with a downside is easily considered to be something to use for collection or sharding. The Candy Cane Shotgun has 1 pierce per projectiles, implying each shot is 3 pierce respectively. Although speed is a necessary statistic that heavily degrades the weapon (because the ability is also affected by this, and it cannot gain any additional damage that isn't specific to certain bloons, making it a downgrade in this sense) and can’t withstand dealing with crowds.

If planning to use this weapon, it is recommended to place Princess Bubblegum in a curved path, this makes use of all candy projectiles to hit, unlike straight paths with the risk of wasting the extra projectiles.

Use speed boosting modifiers to make up for the downside of slow speed, such as speed trinkets and Lemonhope.

There are far better guns without negative statistics for Princess Bubblegum, shard the weapon and save shards to buy rarer wish orbs.


Update History[]


BUFF Attack speed penalty reduced (-50% --> -10%)


  • The candy cane shotgun has also appeared in the Adventure Time series as a weapon used by the Candy People.
  • This is the only gun to be made out of candy.