For the bloon in BTD4 and BTD5, see Camo Bloon.
Bloons 2 Camo Bloon
The Camouflage Bloon is a new type of bloon that is in the game Bloons 2. Its transparency continuously changes and the player can only pop a Camouflage Bloon when it is visible, adding a neat variant to normal Bloons gameplay.

Camouflage Bloons in the promo level that didn't make the final cut: "Now you see me", possibly due to the difficulty of this level.

The Camouflage Bloon in Bloons 2 first appears in the Sneak Peaks levels.


  • It is speculated to be based off the Camo Bloon in Bloons Tower Defense 4. The BTD4 Camo Bloon cannot be seen without the proper upgrades to certain towers. It contains 2 Pink Bloons.
    • The Bloons 2 camo bloon, however, can be seen by the dart monkey, but only when it is visible. If it is about 90% of being totally invisible, or more, it can't be hit by anything.
  • Even when it is frozen by the Ice Bloon, it will still disappear.
  • It is often confused with BTD4 and BTD5's Camo Bloon.

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