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Regen AND Camo coming up. Not very fun or fair really is it?
~ BTD5 round 82
Next Round: Camo Regrow Fortified Ceramic Bloons. Phew! What a mouthful.
~ BTD6 round 74

Every single type of Camo Regrowth Bloon in BTD6

A Camo Regrow Bloon, often shortened to Camgrow Bloon, is a type of bloon with combinations of Camo and Regrow properties. Like the two name-sake properties it does have, it applies to non-MOAB-class bloons, from Red Bloon to Ceramic Bloon. Popping Camo Regrowth Bloons pops into Camo Regrow Bloons below it, although the Camo Regrow Red will be statistically almost identical to regular Camo Red. These types of bloon appear in BTD5, BTD Battles, Bloons Monkey City, and BTD6, as well as their mobile counterparts.


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  • A player in BTD Battles can send out Camo Regrowth MOAB-class bloons, although the MOAB-class bloons will not have any camo or regrow effect. Its non-zeppelin children will, however.
    • This is not the case in BTD Battles Mobile.
    • In BTD Battles Mobile, they are coded to be immune to the Camo and Regrow properties. If this part of code is removed, thus removing this "immunity", camo-regrow Z.O.M.G.s become possible to send. In this case, camo-regrow B.F.B.s popped from a camo-regrow Z.O.M.G.s will regrow up to a Z.O.M.G., thus making, if possible, a camo-regrow Z.O.M.G. the most powerful rush in the game.
  • Camo-Regrow Reds have become a joke/meme among players in which they say it's the most overpowered rush in the game. In reality, they are no stronger than a Camo Red because Red bloons only has one layer, so the regrowth property will have no effect. In fact, a Camo Regrow Red is actually weaker than a Camo Red because the Regrowth property makes them larger and thus easier to hit, effectively being useless to use. In particular, it would be a total waste of money to send Camo Regrow Reds in Bloons TD Battles.
  • In BTD5, the only rounds with camo regrowth bloons are rounds 62 and 82; in both cases, they are camo regrowth rainbows.
    • In BTD6, a lot more rounds have camo regrowth bloons, those being rounds 36, 48, 62, 67, 70, 74, 90, and 95.