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For the bloon of the same name in Bloons 2, see Camouflage Bloon.
A Camo bloon is coming next level. Camo bloons cannot be targeted by towers that cannot detect them. Use spikes if you need.
~ Round 24 in Bloons TD 4
You're about to attack the first area that has Camo Bloons in it. You should hold off attacking this tile until you're ready. A Centre Of Camo Countermeasures is required for most Monkey upgrades that can detect Camo Bloons.
~ Bloons Monkey City when the player is attacking a tile with Camo Bloons for the first time
Camo Bloons are very dangerous since most Towers cannot hit them. Any Bloon type can be a Camo, and so will all the Bloons that come out of that one. They can only be hit by Towers that can detect Camo Bloons, such as the Ninja Monkey. In an emergency, use Road Spikes to pop them.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description of Camo Bloons
IMPORTANT! Camo Bloon can't be affected by your Monkeys unless they have a way to detect them. For example Quincy can at level 5 and Dart Monkeys can with the Enhanced Eyesight upgrade.
~ First time encountered with Camo Bloons in BTD 6.

The Camo Bloon is a bloon that made its debut in Bloons TD 4. Its RBE is 11 (the game says it's 9, but it actually takes 11 hits to pop). They move at around the same speed as the Blue Bloon.

In BTD4, they are a type of Bloon which contain 2 Pink Bloons, making them about the same level of parenthood as the White Bloon and Black Bloon. The first Camo Bloons appear on Round 24.

In BTD5, Camo becomes a property of bloon along with Regrowth, meaning any bloon from a Red Bloon to a Ceramic Bloon can acquire Camo properties. MOAB-class bloons cannot be camos, nor can their children (though the D.D.T. is an exception along with bloons sent in BTDB Flash). They cannot be targeted by most towers. However, there are upgrades that can make surrounding towers and/or themselves able to see them, such as Sonar Beacon and Crow's Nest. In BTD5, Camo Bloons appear on Round 24, 33, 37, 42, 47, 53, 59, 62, 70, 78, and 82.

In BTD6, Camo Bloon properties return, but can also become paired with Regrow and/or Fortified properties too. Camo Bloons appear on round 24, 33, 36, 37, 42, 45, 47, 48, 51, 53, 56, 59, 62, 67, 70, 74, 78, 90 (with DDTs), 93 (DDTs only), 95 (with DDTs), 99 (Fortified DDTs only), and 100 (from the BAD).

Camo Detection

Camo Bloons can only be detected by some monkeys, usually requiring some upgrades or a nearby tower that gives them that ability. It is necessary in both BTD4, and even more important in BTD5 and BTD6, as it is no longer possible to "accidentally" hit Camo Bloons in these games.

Camo Detection in Bloons TD 4

If another tower targets a Bloon and a Camo Bloon gets in the way, the Camo Bloon will be popped. If a tower with piercing projectiles targets a Bloon in front of a Camo Bloon, both will be popped. Usually, all you need is one set of Road Spikes or a Pineapple to set off a chain reaction. Camo RBE: 11 (BTD4), same speed as a blue.

The following towers and upgrades allow the tower and/or nearby towers to detect Camo Bloons:

Tower Upgrade Notes
Monkey Beacon Sonar Beacon (Upgrade #3) Allows detection to all nearby towers. The Monkey Storm Beacon destroys all bloons including camo bloons.
Monkey Ace No upgrade required Spy Plane (Upgrade #2) allows all towers near the ace to detect Camo Bloons.
Monkey Buccaneer Crow's Nest (Upgrade #2) Allows detection to all towers within its range (including itself).
Monkey Apprentice Crystal Ball (Premium Upgrade) Crystal Ball costs CoinsIcon.png10 and also increases the Monkey Apprentice's attack range in addition to allowing Camo detection.
Dartling Gun No upgrade required Can pop camos anywhere unupgraded.
Spike Factory No upgrade required Pops any bloons (except for leads when it doesn't have the 3rd upgrade) that run over its spikes on the track.
Road Spikes N/A Pops any bloons, except for leads, that run over the spikes on the track. One pile in BTD4 will pop all of the camo, even though its RBE is 11, and spikes do 10 damage.
Pineapple N/A Pops any bloons, including Camo, that get caught in blast radius. 1 damage only.
Mortar Tower No upgrade required Can pop camos anywhere unupgraded.

Camo Detection in Bloons TD 5

In BTD5, Camo becomes a Bloon property: therefore their RBE can be from 1 to 104 unlike in BTD4. If a tower cannot see camo bloons, its projectiles will go straight through them without doing any damage to them. A camo bloon can also be Regrowth at the same time, making them very dangerous if you do not prepare, like in round 82.

The following towers and upgrades allow the tower and/or nearby towers to detect and also target Camo Bloons:

Tower Upgrade Notes
Dart Monkey Enhanced Eyesight (Path 1, Upgrade 2) Dart Monkeys will also get a bit more range with this upgrade. If it has the Triple Darts upgrade, it can pop up to 3 layers of the camo bloon. Only the Juggernaut upgrade can pop camo leads.
Sniper Monkey Night Vision Goggles (Path 2, Upgrade 2) Can pop camo bloons. Can also pop camo leads if it also has the Full Metal Jacket upgrade.
Boomerang Thrower Glaive Lord (Path 1, Upgrade 4) It can pop infinite amount of bloons as long as the glaives touches it. Also allows to pop lead bloons.
Ninja Monkey No upgrade needed If timed correctly, and it has Double Shot or Bloonjitsu, the Ninja can pop up to two or five layers of the camo bloon, respectively. Cannot pop camo leads without the Flash Bomb upgrade.
Bomb Tower MOAB Assassin (Path 2, Upgrade 4, Ability only) Only works if the ability is activated when the camo bloon is the strongest bloon on screen. Even then, it only pops one layer. It is not recommended to defend against camos in this way, due to its inefficient popping of camo.
Ice Tower Viral Frost (Path 1, Upgrade 4); Absolute Zero (Path 2, Upgrade 4, Ability only); Tier 4 Ice Fortress (BTD5 iOS only) Camo Bloons can be affected by the Viral Frost; Absolute Zero Ability can freeze camo bloons regardless of support for camo detection; Tier 4 Ice Fortress allows to lose the camo status.
Glue Gunner Glue Striker (Path 2, Upgrade 4, Ability only) Glue Strike Ability can glue camo bloons regardless of support for camo detection.
Monkey Buccaneer Crow's Nest (Path 2, Upgrade 2); Tier 3 Pirate Cove Lets the tower itself (only) be able to detect camo bloons; Tier 3 Pirate Cove also grants other towers in range Camo detection if upgraded to Crow's Nest.
Monkey Ace Spy Plane (Path 2, Upgrade 2) Spy Plane lets itself (only) to be able to detect camo bloons. Spectre and Neva-Miss Targeting cannot pop camo bloons without this upgrade, but their projectiles can target them.
Monkey Apprentice Monkey Sense (Path 2, Upgrade 2) Allows all attacks from the tower to be able to pop camo bloons.
Monkey Village Radar Scanner (Path 2, Upgrade 2) Allows detection to all nearby towers. High Energy Beacon cannot pop camo bloons without this upgrade.
Super Monkey Temple of the Monkey God (Path 1, Upgrade 4); Tier 3 Super Monkey Lair Allows detection to the tower, even if no tower with camo detection is sacrificed.
Mortar Tower Signal Flare (Path 2, Upgrade 3) Makes the next layer permanently lose camo status. Cannot detect camos without this upgrade.
Dartling Gun No upgrade required Pops Camo Bloons regardless of upgrades. Cannot pop camo leads without Depleted Bloontonium or Ray of Doom.
Spike Factory No upgrade required Spikes from the tower will pop the camo bloons. Cannot pop camo leads without White Hot Spikes.
Monkey Sub [1] Submerge and Support (Path 1, Upgrade 3) Bloons within the green circle that appears when submerged will lose their camo status.
Road Spikes N/A Pops bloons including camo that come over it. Does not pop lead.
Pineapple N/A Explodes bloons including camo bloons that are nearby when pineapple explodes.
Meerkat Spy Special Agent, allows detection to all nearby towers within its range. Beams from the pro version can also pop camo bloons.
Bloonberry Bush Special Agent, pops bloons including camo that come over it. Does not pop lead.
Angry Squirrel Special Agent, detects camo bloons only when it's raging. Also can pop camo leads.
Super Monkey Storm Special Agent, destroys all bloons on screen, and that includes Camo Bloons.
Bloonsday Device (ability only) Special Agent, pops all kinds of bloons including camo bloons.
Monkey Engineer (BTD5 Deluxe, BTD5 iOS, Android and BMC only) Cleansing Foam (Path 1, Upgrade 3) Removes Camo, Lead and Regen status of bloons with cleansing foam. Cannot detect camos unless a bloon is de-camoised.
Heli Pilot (BTD5 iOS and Android only) Enhanced IFR Instruments (Path 2, Upgrade 2) Can pop camo bloons. Without Razor Rotors or Apache Dartship, it cannot pop camo leads.

Camo Detection in Bloons TD 6

In BTD6, the methods for Camo Detection is similar to BTD5. Several upgrades that help detect Camo are also available in BTD6, including the Radar Scanner upgrade. Alongside this, many more options are available to detect Camo, with nearly every tower having some way to combat Camo. Somehow, Glaive Lord in Bloons TD 6 can no longer detect Camo, though Camo Bloons can become popped by its rotating glaives.

Tower Upgrade Notes
Dart Monkey Enhanced Eyesight (Path 3, Upgrade 2) Dart Monkeys will also get a bit more range with this upgrade. This upgrade plus Juggernaut can pop Camo Leads, the only cheap effective way that can be done by a Dart Monkey without enhancements. Crossbow Master can also pop Camo Leads.
Boomerang Monkey Glaive Lord (Path 1, Upgrade 5) Only rotating glaives pop camo, including Camo Lead. Does not detect camo itself though. Not viable camo detection due to cost.
Bomb Shooter Bomb Blitz (Path 3, Upgrade 5) Only works when a bloon leaks. Even so, there is a 40-second cooldown before this special ability can be activated again. In addition, this special ability can only be used once per round. Not viable camo detection especially on Impoppable Difficulty or CHIMPS.
Tack Shooter Inferno Ring (Path 1, Upgrade 5) Meteor attack can target Camo Bloons, but it is highly unreliable as it may target MOAB-class bloons instead, as well as the fact that the meteor attack is very slow and only has 1 pierce. Not viable camo detection due to unreliability and very high cost.
Ice Monkey Snowstorm (Path 2, Upgrade 4) Ability can deal one damage to all bloons, including camo bloons. Will also freeze any camo bloon type, including Camo Whites and Camo Zebras. Cannot damage Camo Whites or Camo Zebras unless Absolute Zero is bought.
Glue Gunner Glue Strike (Path 2, Upgrade 4) Ability can glue all bloons including camo bloons. Requires Corrosive Glue to damage Camo Bloons via Glue Gunner.

Alternately, a Relentless Glue could be used to glue Camo Bloons, though it is highly unreliable.

Sniper Monkey Night Vision Goggles (Path 2, Upgrade 1) Allows the Sniper to detect camo and deal an additional +2 damage to them. Must add Full Metal Jacket (or upgrade to either Supply Drop or Full Auto Rifle) to pop Camo Leads.
Monkey Sub Submerge and Support (Path 1, Upgrade 3) Removes the camo property from all bloons in its range. Also possible to detect camo using Advanced Intel (Path 1, Upgrade 2), but there must be at least one other camo-detecting tower in range of the map's track to target camo bloons. Recommended to upgrade to Reactor to not only pop camos but also be able to more easily catch faster camo bloons like Camo Pinks.
Monkey Buccaneer Crow's Nest (Path 3, Upgrade 2) Allows Buccaneer to detect Camo Bloons. Requires Hot Shot to pop Camo Leads.
Monkey Ace Spy Plane (Path 2, Upgrade 2) Allows the Monkey Ace to see camo. Can pop Camo Leads with this upgrade, but the pineapples are highly unreliable (even with Monkey Knowledge). Bomber Ace or a Spectre with Spy Plane is more reliable against Camo Leads. Ground Zero ability or Sky Shredder is required for D.D.T.s.
Heli Pilot IFR (Path 2, Upgrade 2) Allows the Heli Pilot to see camo. Cannot pop Camo Lead without Razor Rotors or Apache Dartship.
Mortar Monkey Signal Flare+ (Path 3, Upgrade 3+) Allows the Mortar Monkey to pop Camo & remove Camo property from affected Bloons. Shattering Shells can also remove Regrow & Fortified property from Bloons up to & including a B.F.B., and remove the Camo property from Black Bloon properties, including D.D.T.s but only if the Paint Stripper Knowledge perk is active. Camo Blacks cannot be popped without a Monkey Intelligence Bureau, unless Mortar Monkey is further upgraded to Blooncineration. Not reliable against faster camo bloons like Camo Pinks due to slow firing speed, although Rapid Reload may ease this partially.
Wizard Monkey Monkey Sense (Path 3, Upgrade 2) and Shimmer (Path 3, Upgrade 3), Archmage (Path 1, Upgrade 5) Monkey Sense allows the Wizard to pop camo bloons. Shimmer can remove the camo property from the Bloons. Must be under influence of Monkey Village with Monkey Intelligence Bureau to pop Camo Purple, though a Necromancer: Unpopped Army can be used to pop Camo Purples provided another bloon was popped within close range. Must have Fireball, Arcane Spike, or Necromancer to pop Camo Leads.

Archmage also utilizes the Shimmer effect, although it is recommended to have Monkey Sense to have the arcane magic reliably pop the camo bloons.

Ninja Monkey Gains camo detection as a 0-0-0 tower. Needs Flash Bomb to pop camo leads, and Sticky Bomb to hit D.D.T.s efficiently. Can remove the camo property from the Bloons damaged by the ninja with Counter-Espionage (Path 2, Upgrade 2).
Super Monkey Ultravision (Path 3, Upgrade 2) Allows the Super Monkey to see Camo. Cannot pop Camo Lead or D.D.T.s without Plasma Blasts (Path 1, Upgrade 2), Technological Terror and The Anti-Bloon (Path 2, Upgrades 4 and 5) or Dark Champion and Legend of the Night (Path 3, Upgrades 4 and 5). Do note that using Plasma Blasts or Technological Terror does leave Camo Purple impossible to pop without being under the influence of a Monkey Intelligence Bureau, or being upgraded to Dark Champion, The Anti-Bloon, Sun Temple, or Sun Avatar with the appropriate MK.
Druid Superstorm (Path 1, Upgrade 5), Spirit of the Forest (Path 2, Upgrade 5) Not viable camo detection due to their high cost. Requires Superstorm to pop Camo Lead and damage DDTs.
Alchemist Unstable Concoction (Path 2, Upgrade 3) Unstable Concoction explosions can pop any bloon in range of the explosions, including Camo Bloons. Not viable camo detection due to being extremely situational.
Spike Factory Pops camo as a 0-0-0 tower Already pops camo even without upgrades. Requires White Hot Spikes to pop Camo Leads.
Monkey Village Radar Scanner (Path 2, Upgrade 2) and Primary Expertise (Path 1, Upgrade 5) Radar Scanner allows every tower in its range to pop Camo Bloons. Primary Expertise can pop Camo Bloons itself even without Radar Scanner.
Quincy Level 5 Allows Quincy to see Camo Bloons. Can pop camo leads due to Level 7 Exploding Arrow, but unreliable unless leveled up further. Cannot damage D.D.T.s without Monkey Intelligence Bureau.
Gwendolin Level 3 Cocktail of Fire and Firestorm ability can pop Camos and Camo Lead. Cannot pop Camo Purple without influence of Monkey Village with Monkey Intelligence Bureau, until she reaches Level 16+. Gwendolin herself cannot detect camo without abilities without Radar Scanner.
Obyn Greenfoot Level 3 Obyn can use Brambles ability that can pop Camo. Level 10 Wall of Trees ability or Level 16+ Brambles ability is required to pop Camo Lead. Wall of Trees can swallow DDTs if its capacity doesn't overflow. Level 16+ Brambles ability can damage DDTs without needing a Monkey Intelligence Bureau. Obyn himself cannot detect camo without abilities without Radar Scanner.
Captain Churchill Level 6 Churchill can pop Camo Lead naturally at Level 6 and has little trouble with Camo Black, but must activate Armor Piercing Shells or have an Monkey Intelligence Bureau to pop D.D.T.s.
Ezili Level 1 Ezili can naturally see and attack Camo Bloons (including D.D.T.s), and can also strip all special properties of Bloons up to Ceramic Bloons at Level 9. In addition, her Sacrificial Totem ability can grant Camo detection to all towers in the totem's radius for a few rounds. Camo Purple cannot be popped or stripped of properties without a Monkey Intelligence Bureau.
Road Spikes N/A Pops any bloon. Costs 50BloonjaminsIcon.png to use one stack of 20 spikes (21 with proper MK). Cannot be used when Powers is disabled.
Camo Trap N/A Decamos any bloon type, including DDTs (though they consume more pierce). Costs 50BloonjaminsIcon.png to use one trap with 500 capacity (600 with proper MK). Cannot be used when Powers is disabled.



  • 11 hits are needed to pop the entire Camo Bloon in BTD4, yet one bunch of Road Spikes (10 spikes) can pop it.
  • Letting a Camo leak in BTD4 makes you lose 9 lives instead of 11, meaning letting the Camo's children out is actually slightly more dangerous than letting the Camo out itself, as leaking the Camo's children cost you 10 lives as opposed to 9.
  • In BTD5, Camo Bloons can be very dangerous, especially on Round 78, which contains a dense rush of Camo Ceramic Bloons.
  • Only two things in Bloons TD 5 can make camo bloons lose their camo status: the Mortar Tower with the Signal Flare, best used at the beginning of a track, and the submerged Monkey Sub with Submerge and Support. In Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe, Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile and Bloons Monkey City, however, you can also use the Monkey Engineer's Cleansing Foam (or, in BTD5 Mobile, the Tier 4 Ice Fortress).
    • In BTD6 however there are more ways to do it. Other than the Submerge and Support and Signal Flare, there are 4 more ways to reveal Camo Bloons, with 2 involving Magic monkeys, 1 involving a Hero, and 1 involving a power: Ninja Monkeys can with Counter-Espionage, Wizard Monkeys can with Shimmer, a Camo Trap can strip 500 Bloons (600 with the Bigger Traps perk), and a level 9+ Ezili can with her basic attack, alongside stripping Regrowth and Fortified properties off the target.
  • The first Camo Bloon appears in Round 24 in all installments when Camo Bloons are added where such a bloon appears. In BTD5 and BTD6, the Bloon is Green.
    • In BTD5, this is also the round with the lowest RBE of only 3. However, in BTD6 it has actually more RBE than that due to the 40 Blues.
    • In BTD6's Alternate Bloon Rounds mode, multiple Camo Bloons appear as early as round 5.
  • Covert Pops, a Special Mission in BTD5, gives all bloons Camo Properties. Those who are normally Camo acquire Regrowth properties instead.
  • Blade Maelstrom, Technological Terror and Activate Sea Monster! abilities cannot hit Camos even if the towers themselves can detect them.
  • In BTD4, it is possible for towers to "accidentally" pop a camo bloon without camo-detection. This is no longer possible in BTD5.
  • Dartling Gun, Ninja Monkey and Spike Factory are the only towers (not agents) capable of detecting camo bloons without an upgrade.
  • In BTD4, upgrades of towers that help their own Camo-detection can also make other towers around those radii to be granted ability to see Camo Bloons, but this is no longer the case with any tower except Monkey Village and Monkey Buccaneer with a Tier 3 Pirate Cove in BTD5 and Bloons Monkey City.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, Camo Bloons can appear in assaults as well as tiles with the maximum bloon type Rainbow Bloon or stronger.
  • The camo rounds in BTD5 Beginner difficulty are 24 (1 Green Camo), 33 (20 Yellow Camo), 37 (7 White Camo), and 42 (The deadliest, 8 Rainbow Camo along with 8 Rainbow Regrow).


  1. The Monkey Sub can pop camo bloons by using Advanced Intel, but only if there is another tower on the screen with the capability of popping camo bloons.