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For the bloon of the same name in Bloons 2, see Camouflage Bloon.
Next round there are lots of Camo Bloons, make sure you have a couple of Ninja Monkeys or other towers that can detect Camo Bloons!
~ BTD5 Round 33

The Camo Bloon is a stealthy bloon that made its debut in Bloons TD 4. Introduced as a single bloon type, it later become a property applicable to any bloon in subsequent games. If a monkey lacks "camo detection", camo bloons are considered invisible and cannot be targeted or popped by that monkey.

In BTD4, they are a type of Bloon which contain 2 Pink Bloons, making them about the same level of parenthood as the White Bloon and Black Bloon. Its RBE is 11 (the game says it's 9, but it actually takes 11 hits to pop), and they move at around the same speed as the Blue Bloon. The first Camo Bloons appear on Round 24. Unlike later games, any projectile can hit a Camo Bloon regardless of having camo detection or not.

In BTD5, Camo becomes a property of bloon along with Regrowth, meaning any bloon from a Red Bloon to a Ceramic Bloon can acquire Camo properties. MOAB-class bloons cannot be camos, nor can their children (though the D.D.T. is an exception along with bloons sent in BTDB Flash). They cannot be targeted by most towers. However, there are upgrades that can make surrounding towers and/or themselves able to see them, such as Sonar Beacon and Crow's Nest. In BTD5, Camo Bloons appear on Round 24, 33, 37, 42, 47, 53, 59, 62, 70, 78, and 82.

In BTD6, Camo Bloon properties return, but can also become paired with Regrow and/or Fortified properties too. Camo Bloons appear on round 24, 33, 36, 37, 42, 45, 47, 48, 51, 53, 56, 59, 62, 67, 70, 74, 78, 90 (with DDTs), 93 (DDTs only), 95 (with DDTs), 99 (Fortified DDTs only), and 100 (DDTs from the BAD).

In Bloons Pop!, Camo Bloons return. However, this time around, the camo property is not permanently active. Camo Bloons flicker in and out of transparency every few seconds. When transparent, Monkeys without Camo Detection will have their attacks phase through the Camos. But when they are not transparent, they can be hit by monkeys without camo detection.

Rounds with Camo Bloons[]

Bloons TD 4[]


Bloons TD 5[]


Bloons TD 6[]

Standard Rounds

Up to Round 100 is shown for purposes of displaying information for completing CHIMPS.

  • Round 24: 1 Camo Green (first bloon)
  • Round 33: 13 very spaced Camo Yellows (~3 seconds to start spawning) and 20 finely grouped Camo Reds (start from immediate)
  • Round 36: 2 groups of 10 Camo Regrow Greens (one between each wave of grouped Pinks)
  • Round 37: 7 Camo Whites (~42 seconds to start spawning)
  • Round 42: 5 spaced Camo Rainbows (starts after Regrow Rainbows wave)
  • Round 45: 10 slightly spaced Camo Purples (~15 seconds to start spawning)
  • Round 47: 70 spaced Camo Pinks (~7 seconds to start spawning)
  • Round 48: 30 slightly spaced Camo Regrow Purples (~15 seconds to start spawning)
  • Round 51: 15 spaced Camo Ceramics (start from immediate)
  • Round 53: 80 spaced Camo Pinks (start from immediate)
  • Round 56: 40 grouped Camo Rainbows (start from immediate)
  • Round 59: 59 grouped Camo Leads (~12 seconds to start spawning)
  • Round 62: X spaced Camo Regrow Rainbows
  • Round 67: X spaced Camo Regrow Ceramics?
  • Round 70: X slightly grouped Camo Regrow Whites
  • Round 74: X spaced Fortified Camo Regrow Ceramics?
  • Round 78: X densely grouped Camo Regrow Ceramics
  • Round 90: X grouped Camo Regrow Leads (?) and 3 finely spaced DDTs
  • Round 93: X grouped DDTs
  • Round 95: X grouped Camo Regrow Leads, X grouped Camo Regrow Purples, X spaced DDTs after ~20 seconds.
  • Round 99: 9 spaced Fortified DDTs (~6 seconds to start spawning)
  • Round 100: The 3 DDTs from popping open the BAD.
ABR Rounds

Up to Round 100 is shown for purposes of displaying information for completing "R100 Insta" runs.

  • Round 5: 12 spaced Camo Reds and 1 Camo Regrow Red as the final bloon.
  • ...
  • Round 24: 1 Camo Lead
  • ...
  • Round 59: X grouped Camo Regrow Leads
  • ...
  • Round 97: X finely grouped Fortified DDTs at the start of the round.
  • ...

Camo Detection[]

Even the most "powerful" towers may not necessarily have camo detection.

Camo Bloons can only be detected by some monkeys, usually requiring some upgrades or a nearby tower that gives them that ability. While it is simple to counter in BTD4, it becomes even more important starting from BTD5, as it is no longer possible to "accidentally" hit Camo Bloons starting from that game.

Countering Camo Bloons can be done in three distinctive ways: placing down a camo-detecting tower or upgrading an existing tower to a camo detection upgrade, giving a tower camo detection via Radar Scanner or similar, or by the use of decamo (stripping a bloon of its Camo properties).

In Bloons Pop!, Camo Bloons can technically be popped by any monkey, but the majority are unable to pop them if Camo Bloons phase into invisibility. Only few types of monkey can detect camo fully, such as the Ninja Monkey. The only way to universally detect camo fully is to use the Radar powerup, which only removes camo off bloons currently possessing the camo property.

For further information, see Camo Detection #Countering Camo Bloons.


Bloons TD 6[]


Bloons TD 5[]





Main article: Camo Bloon/Strategies


A Camo bloon is coming next level. Camo bloons cannot be targeted by towers that cannot detect them. Use spikes if you need.
~ Round 24 in Bloons TD 4
Hold up! This area has Camo Bloons in it. If we don't already have a Camo Countermeasures building or a monkey that can pop Camo Bloons, then we should hold off attacking here until we are ready.
~ King Monkey's warning in Bloons Monkey City Mobile, when the player is attacking a tile with Camo Bloons for the first time
Camo Bloons are very dangerous since most Towers cannot hit them. Any Bloon type can be a Camo, and so will all the Bloons that come out of that one. They can only be hit by Towers that can detect Camo Bloons, such as the Ninja Monkey. In an emergency, use Road Spikes to pop them.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description of Camo Bloons
IMPORTANT! Camo Bloons can't be affected by your Monkeys unless they have a way to detect them. For example Quincy can at level 5 and Dart Monkeys can with the Enhanced Eyesight upgrade.
~ First time encountered with Camo Bloons in BTD 6.
That was just one Camo Bloon, Easy enough to pop with road spikes if your towers missed it. There will be more next time so beware!
~ BTD5 round 25
This next round coming up will separate the strong from the weak. Make sure you have good Camo detection by now and burst damage to deal with Regrowers too.
~ BTD5 Round 42
In a couple of rounds there will be more Camo Bloons. You have been warned.
~ BTD5 Round 39
Camouflage Bloons cost three times the normal price, but they can only be seen by certain towers and upgrades, and can cause a lot of damage.
~ BTDB Mobile tutorial description of Camo Bloons
Camo Bloons can ruin a perfectly good game. The Centre of Camo Countermeasures grants your City special knowledge on combating these nasty invisible Bloons. Most upgrades or Monkeys that can target Camo Bloons requires this building first.
~ Description of Centre of Camo Countermeasures in BMC



  • In Bloons TD games, the player can and always will see Camo Bloons, the colors, the camouflage pattern (camo property), the shapes, and all. This makes it easy for the player to identify these types of bloons. They can use road items, activated abilities, or power-ups to their advantage to help their non-camo seeing towers attack specific bloon types as well as catch any camo bloon that escapes the player's defenses before they can set up reliable counters to every camo bloon type via upgrades.
  • 11 hits are needed to pop the entire Camo Bloon in BTD4, yet one bunch of Road Spikes (10 spikes) can pop it.
  • Letting a Camo leak in BTD4 makes you lose 9 lives instead of 11, meaning letting the Camo's children out is actually slightly more dangerous than letting the Camo out itself, as leaking the Camo's children cost you 10 lives as opposed to 9. This doesn't happen in the iOS version, as letting one leak makes you lose 11 lives.
  • The first Camo Bloon appears in Round 24 in all installments when Camo Bloons are added where such a bloon appears. In BTD5 and BTD6, the Bloon is Green.
    • In BTD5, this is also the round with the lowest RBE of only 3. However, in BTD6 it has actually more RBE than that due to the 40 Blues.
    • In BTD6's Alternate Bloon Rounds mode, multiple Camo Bloons appear as early as round 5.
      • And the normal 24 Round, its a single Camo Lead
  • Covert Pops, a Special Mission in BTD5, gives all bloons Camo Properties. Those who are normally Camo acquire Regrowth properties instead.
    • All bloons are set normally just like in normal games, unless that the bloon(s) that normally has camo/regrowth property, that is becomes Camo Regrowth Bloon.
  • Blade Maelstrom, Technological Terror and Activate Sea Monster! abilities cannot hit Camos even if the towers themselves can detect them.
  • In BTD4, it is possible for towers to "accidentally" pop Camo Bloons without camo-detection. This was changed in BTD5, as towers no longer accidentally pop Camo Bloons.
  • In BTD5, Dartling Gun, Ninja Monkey and Spike Factory are the only towers (not agents) capable of detecting camo bloons without an upgrade.
  • In BTD4, upgrades of towers that help their own Camo-detection can also make other towers around those radius to be granted ability to see Camo Bloons, but this is no longer the case with any tower except Monkey Village and Monkey Buccaneer with a Tier 3 Pirate Cove in BTD5 and Bloons Monkey City.

Specific to BTD5[]

  • In Bloons Monkey City, Camo Bloons can appear in assaults as well as tiles with the maximum bloon type Rainbow Bloon or stronger.
  • The camo rounds in BTD5 are 24 (1 Green Camo), 33 (20 Yellow Camo), 37 (7 White Camo), 42 (6 Rainbow Camo), 47 (70 Pink Camo), 53 (80 Pink Camo), 59 (28 Lead Camo), 62 (300 Pink Camo and 15 Rainbow Camo Regrowth), 70 (200 Rainbow Camo), 78 (72 Ceramic Camo), and 82 (400 Rainbow Camo Regrowth).
    • Despite the description of Camo Bloons in Bloons Tower Defence 5 mentions any type can be Camo. M.O.A.B Class Bloons can't.
  • The description used in BTDB Mobile's in-built tutorial is incorrect; Camo Bloons actually cost 2.2x more expensive, not "three times".

Specific to BTD6[]

  • The only tower to not detect camo whatsoever is Alchemist, starting from Version 12.0 with the removed interaction with Unstable Concoction explosions.