Update 2.0 - Featuring exclusive content!

Get ready for a brand new exclusive tower - the COBRA, also known as Covert Ops Battles Response Agent. Armed with a very particular set of skills and trusty sidearm, the COBRA can affect the course of a game in many different ways. Good luck.

~ Ninja Kiwi's Apple App Store update description

COBRA (Covert Ops Battles Response Agent) is a tower appearing in Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Steam as well as Bloons Adventure Time TD. It was added in the update on August 18, 2014. The tower costs Medallion Icon.png5000, tallying the third most medallions to get an item in BTD Battles, only overcome by the Silver and Golden weapon skins. However, it can be bought for USD $4.99 or equivalent (still more than all the other towers, for USD $3.99). Winning battles in Battle Arena is essential to be able to afford the tower, given the classic mode's rewards are only a fraction of the cost of the tower.

Its upgrades are generally focused on changing game mechanics in ways that were previously impossible. However, it must be used in combination with good grouped popping power and camo popping power as it possesses neither. Also, it is sometimes banned in Bananza Battle Arena.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main article: COBRA/Strategies

Bloons TD Battles[edit | edit source]

Path 1[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Cost Image
Wired Funds
You gain +80 extra money per round.
$400 Wired funds.jpg
Bloon Adjustment
Every 5th neutral Bloon on your opponent's side will be randomly given camo, regen, or +1 rank (max Ceramic) can be stacked.
$650 (6.9)

$550 (pre 6.8)
$500 (pre 4.3.1)
$350 (pre 3.2)

Bloon adjustment.jpg
Monkey Stim
Reduce Tower boost cooldown by 5 secs (min: 15 secs)
$400 Monkey stim.jpg
Offensive Push
Another bloon tier gets to be sent 1 round earlier than normal.
$1750 Offensive push.jpg

Path 2[edit | edit source]

Upgrade Cost Image
Double Tap
Two guns double attack speed.
$325 Double tap.jpg
Every 15 seconds, either: Steal 2 lives (assault mode), or gain 2 lives (defensive mode).
$600 Attrition.jpg
Finish Him!
Reduce Bloon Boost cooldown by 5 secs (min: 15 secs.)
$400 Finish him.jpg
Ability: Moves highest Bloon in range at your opponent. Cooldown varies based on Bloon type moved. (max: BFB)

($3250 pre 4.3.1)


Bloons Adventure Time TD[edit | edit source]

COBRA in the shop

The COBRA returns as an Epic Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD and can only be equipped by monkey characters. You can only place one COBRA per each monkey who equips him, but being a total of 8 monkey characters so far, you can get up to 8 COBRAs in a single game (even more if you get Warrior Bubblegum to the right upgrades and Commander Cassie's Scramble upgrade). He costs $400 to place. Like in Battles, COBRA's base attack pops 1 bloon at a time and pops 2 layers each attack, but every few seconds he can also drop suitcases full of cash and med crates. Cash drops range between $50 and $100 cash, and med crates can drop between 1 and 2 lives. However, when calling for supply crates, COBRA will also stop shooting for a couple of seconds. Being an Ally, COBRA only has 3 upgrades, but they can be powerful, especially for providing extra damage against MOAB Class bloons.

Properties[edit | edit source]


Generates cash and lives


Very low pierce

  • Cost: $400
  • Attack speed: 0.5
  • Damage: 2
  • Damage type: Sharp
  • Range: 50
  • Pierce: 1


  • Double Tap($300): Dual wield pistols for double attack speed.^
    • Attrition($2100): Gradually chips away at the health of all MOAB Class bloons.
      • Monkey Stim($2400): Reduce the cooldown on all your powers and activated abilities.

^Even though it says that Double Tap doubles his attack speed, the upgrade actually increases it by more than double.

Version History[edit | edit source]


  • Buff.pngStim upgrade now reduces the cooldown of activated abilities as well as powers
  • Buff.pngAttrition damage upgrade increased from 1dmg/s to 5dmg/s

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[edit | edit source]

The COBRA is capable of highly influencing the outcome of a game. Ever since the COBRA was added to the game, it has almost always been nerfed in updates. Most of these nerfs are to some of its most powerful upgrades.

The only popular loadouts that uses the COBRA right now is COBRA-Bomb-Mortar and COBRA-heli-farm. Previously Boomerang-Village-COBRA and Dart-Farm-COBRA (way back before 3.1) were popular but both eventually fell out of use due to unknown reasons.


Nerf.png If the opponent has only 1 life left, another Attrition will not kill the opponent, but instead, give the player $30.


Nerf.png Bloon Adjustment price increased ($350 → $500).


Buff.png Misdirection ability can now target camo bloons.


Nerf.png Bloon Adjustment Price increased ($500 → $550).

Nerf.png Misdirection price increased ($3250 → $3500).


Nerf.png Overall attack speed decreased by 10% (1.000000s → 1.111111s).

Nerf.png Initial cooldown of Misdirection increased (10 seconds → 20 seconds).


Nerf.png 2-x cobra cost increased from $550 to $650

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The COBRA is the most expensive tower to unlock in BTD Battles, costing Medallion Icon.png5000.
  • This tower is the first in Bloons TD Battles where all upgrades are unlocked with the purchase of the tower.
  • This is the only tower in Bloons TD Battles that can affect an opponent's side of the track.
  • The name COBRA could possibly be a reference to Solid Snake of the Metal Gear Solid video game series.
  • The name COBRA could also be a reference to the German television series Alarm für Cobra 11.
  • Misdirection is the only ability that has varying countdown times.
  • Cobra means "snake" in Portuguese.
    • The cobra is also a kind of snake known to be highly venomous.
  • The COBRA and the Banana Farm are the only 2 BTDB towers that don't have an upgrade that allows it to pop Lead Bloons.
    • However, since Banana Farms cannot pop bloons at all, the COBRA is the only attacking tower that can't pop Leads.
    • Misdirection can send back Leads, but not pop them.
  • Normally, players would get Medallion Icon.png7 if you finish a game with 150 lives. However, if players lost some lives and used Attrition to get lives back to 150, players would not get Medallion Icon.png7. The same applies to Support Chinook.
  • It is the third tower that shoots from a firearm, the first being Dartling Gun and the second being Sniper Monkey.
  • This is one of the only two towers that can regain lives without using premiums, the other being the Heli Pilot.
  • Sometimes, if both players have the COBRA, one of them will attempt to reduce the opponent's lives to 1 (kill their opponent before version 3.1) by having more 0/2 COBRAs than the other. This is known as an "Attrition War".
  • Offensive Push only affects the bloons, and not Regen or Camo modifiers.
    • For example, if one gets Offensive Push on level 11, the player will only get grouped blacks and spaced rainbows without the Regen and Camo modifier.
  • The "Finish Him!" upgrade is a reference to the phrase "Finish Him!" from Mortal Kombat.
  • The COBRA's hair gets less messy as players upgrade it.
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