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One of the first candy weapons ever created, it hasn't lost any of its punch.
~ BATTD description

Butterscotch Bomb is a Rare bomb weapon that gives a speed boost to the character, and leaves a pool that slows bloons on the track.


The Butterscotch Bomb is a glass-made grenade with it’s insides being entirely made up of butterscotch with a label tagged as “Butterscotch #3”. Butterscotch pools made by this bomb show a yellow puddle covering non-MOAB bloons with yellow, slowing goo.

Special Properties[]

Every attack the wielder does leaves a pool of butterscotch to where the bomb was detonated. Butterscotch pools will cover bloons with yellow goo that modifies the bloon to be slower by 2x, effects will last for an indefinite time. (?). Butterscotch pools can withstand up to 5 bloons before disappearing.


the Butterscotch Bomb is a great beginners item to use before obtaining more powerful and rarer bombs, as the special property allows the user more time to attack. Players should use the wielder close to the starting point of the map due to its effect never wearing off, or placing them with a crowd of characters to further make use of the borrowed time.

If the player were to choose if C4 Charlie or Captain Cassie should equip the Butterscotch Bomb, is up to the user’s preference.

  • Captain Cassie has a large range that can allow her to place butterscotch pools further, but she has average attack speed.
  • C4 Charlie in the other hand has smaller range but throws faster which makes him throw butterscotch bombs quicker.

It is highly recommended that the wielder should have speed-boosting modifiers such as Baker’s Shard or Lemonhope’s boost. This is due to the possible scenario of a crowd of bloons overwhelming the pool with it’s mediocre pierce.

Do not try to put Pierce adding trinkets if your ambition is to allow butterscotch pools to slow more bloons, as it does not modify the special property but the weapon’s statistics instead.



  • Butterscotch pools reuse Dr Monkey’s potions with their “Alchemy” upgrade, without rising bubbles.
  • The insides of the bomb are from Butterscotch Lake from Adventure Time.