In-game description of Business Men

Business men (from adventure time) is a common ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that costs $380 to place. They use their trust axe to slice the bloons coming their way.

A maximum of 4 Business Men can be placed on the map, this could be a possible homage to the show Adventure time, on the episode, "Business Time", where Finn and Jake found 4 Business Men as a Frozen Iceberg that drifted onto the shore.

How to obtainEdit

Business men can be obtained through the common wish orb.


"The Business Men are here to make your bloon popping more efficient with the help of their trust axes."


  • Cutting edge, $150: Top of the range axes have increased pierce.
    • Ruthless efficiency, $330: Optimised attack for increased speed.


  • Business Men is the only non-Premium ally that has no character equip restrictions.
    • Monkey Farmer is the only other ally that has no character equip restrictions, but he is a Premium ally that costs $2.99 USD to purchase.
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