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An Airburst Dart bursted from the main dart, a demonstration of Burst

Burst is an attack style characterized by spawning from another existing attack. It is part of the damage types family.

Burst is represented on Bloons Wiki as Burst (unspecified variant), the upgrade icon for Airburst Darts in Bloons TD 6. It is distinct from Spawn Spawn On-Map (unspecified variant) because Burst must come from another attack, while an attack with the Spawn property just appears in a specific location out of nowhere. The same attack with Burst will never have Spawn and vice versa.

Typical examples of Burst are any tower that produces secondary attacks that come from their main projectiles. This includes: Airburst Darts, any explosive produced by a straight-attacking projectile (e.g. bombs, missiles, fireballs). In the case for Shrapnel Shot and BTD6 Frag Bombs, they use Shrapnel Shrapnel (unspecified quantity and angle) instead due to the bursts not hitting the same bloon from where the bursts originate from.

Most attacks require an upgrade to have the attack style Burst, although Bomb Shooters have Burst by default. That being said, Bomb Shooter explosions do not need to be marked with Burst, because the initial impact is ignored due to the initial hit doing nothing in terms of game mechanics of the bombs. For BTD6 Hydra Rocket Pods, the bursts must be accounted upon due to the missile projectile itself having special attack behaviors other than an initial impact. However, BTD6 Fireball requires both the attack behavior of the on-hit and the explosion to be taken into account because the on-hit cannot damage Purples but the explosion can if it hits any non-Purple, and so both its on-hit and explosion must both be declared. Similar applies to attacks where the initial hit deals damage, such as Admiral Brickell mines and First Strike Capability ability missiles.

List Towers of Burst in BTD6[]