For the BTD5 counterpart, see Burny Stuff (BTD5).
Sets Bloons on fire with each hit.
~ BTD6 description

Burny Stuff is the second upgrade of Path 3 for the Mortar Monkey in BTD6. All bloons damaged by the Mortar Monkey with Burny Stuff will be set on fire, dealing 1 damage every 1.5s for 3 seconds, for a total of 2 damage. Unlike BTD5, the Mortar Monkey cannot apply napalm to Black Bloons or Zebra Bloons unless the Mortar can damage them (e.g. upgrading to Heavy Shells, adding MIB, or using Striker Jones Level 5+).

Burny Stuff improves its napalm damage-over-time to 2 per 1.5s with Shell Shock (4 total damage), 3 per 1.5s with The Big One (6 total damage), and 25 per 1.5s with The Biggest One (50 total damage). Duration of the Burny Stuff's status effect and the rate of damage ticks both do not change with crosspathing.

It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Upgrading to Burny Stuff adds not only a fiery design to the barrel, but the Mortar Monkey's hat gains a fiery design too.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Burny Stuff helps the Mortar Monkey deal effective early-game damage, similar to its role in earlier games. The damage-over-time effect is faster but lasts shorter and deals less overall damage, but it remains useful against early grouped bloons and early Lead Bloons. If Burny Stuff is added to more powerful upgrades, more specifically from Shell Shock onwards, the napalm effect becomes more effective against stronger bloons.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Burny Stuff is an effective tool for chipping down weaker bloons.
  • Adding Burny Stuff to Shell Shock can both stun and deal high damage, although with less effective stun potential compared to getting Rapid Reload. Combining one 3-0-2 Shell Shock with many 3-2-0 Shell Shock may help apply both stuns and extra popping power.
  • Adding Burny Stuff to The Big One is decent for simply hitting dense groups of Ceramics and chipping them down. Adding a 0-1-2 Ice to stall the Ceramics should help let the napalm catch densely packed bloons especially mid-game Ceramics.
  • Adding Burny Stuff to The Biggest One deals higher DPS than with Rapid Reload, but is less effective at stunning Ceramics.
  • The value of Burny Stuff to Heavy Shells or Artillery Battery is not very useful, because Heavy Shells already pops Black Bloons. It serves next to no purpose for Pop and Awe because of how little extra damage it does compared to if crosspathed with Bigger Blast and Bloon Buster.

Version History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]

  • Buff.png Attack speed without Path 2 upgrades increased (2.2s --> 2.0s)
  • Buff.png Attack speed with Faster Reload increased (1.54s --> 1.5s)
  • Nerf.png Attack speed with Rapid Reload decreased (1.07s --> 1.08s)
  • Buff.png Burny Stuff damage now increases with Upper Path 1 upgrades

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upgrading to this upgrade turns the mortar shells orange-red, and explosions turn orange-red too. In BTD5, adding Burny Stuff made the explosions very red.
  • In BTD6, a Heavy Shells with Burny Stuff could not affect Black Bloons until Version 7.0, when it got fixed.
  • In BTD6, the description for Burny Stuff is not completely accurate. Although it claims that bloons are set on fire on "each hit", they are only set on fire if bloons are damaged. So a Black Bloon can be "hit" by a Mortar Monkey, but it won't be affected by it.

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