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Burny Stuff applying Burn onto bloons by using napalm

Burn (also referred as Napalm) is a status effect characterized by slowly burning a bloon. It is part of the damage types family. It has appeared since Bloons TD 5, with the release of the Mortar Tower (present-day counterpart: Mortar Monkey).

Burn is represented on Bloons Wiki as Burn (standard bloons, unspecified alt variants), the upgrade artwork for Burny Stuff in Bloons TD 6, the classic example of inflicting a burn effect, as there was a Burny Stuff in Bloons TD 5 too. There is a MOAB-class variant of Burn that applies specifically to whether the burning status effect can affect MOAB-class bloons, marked with this symbol: Burn (MOAB-Class Bloons, unspecified alt variants). The aforementioned is the upgrade icon for Blooncineration, which clearly depicts a burning MOAB.

Bloons affected by Burn will slowly be dealt damage every few seconds regardless of whether it was directly attacked by other attacks or not. Burn cannot stack with other variants of Burn, but the effect can be refreshed by a Burn of the same type. Weaker variants of Burn can replace stronger variants of Burn, such as mixing the burning effects of Blooncineration's napalm with Dragon's Breath's flame napalm, which interferes with each other's damage. In fact, any new burn statuses applied override the old burn.

The most typical examples of Burn are the Mortar Monkey's Burny Stuff, Monkey Buccaneer's Hot Shot, and Gwendolin Level 7+. Other examples include BTD6 Dragon's Breath, Spiked Mines (both BTD5 and BTD6 counterparts), MOAB Domination's explosive special boomerangs, and Inferno Ring's meteor explosions.

Most attacks require an upgrade to apply the Burn status effect.

In BTD5 generation games, napalm by default always burns bloons at a rate of 1 damage per 2 seconds for up to 6 seconds from impact, and does not affect MOAB-class bloons. The only towers capable of producing napalm in those games are BTD5 Burny Stuff and BTD5 Spiked Mines.

In Bloons Pop!, Gwendolin and Mega Mortar Monkey can burn bloons with their attacks. Bloons affected by burning take 1 burning damage every TBA seconds (for 2 ticks or 3 ticks, respectively) all within the duration of the shot.

List of Towers with Burn[]






  • Frozen Bloons can also have napalm on them, even though fire melts ice, or even ice disintegrating fire.