Bridge and Tower is the first track under the adventure Glob Save the Queen.




Note: Bloon Beacon rewards on a certain difficulty always reward a specific reward regardless of map. Please see Bloon Beacon (BATTD) #Reward for more info on hose rewards.

First TimeEdit

  • Normal: TBA
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: 150 Coins, 6 Gems, 3 Star Level Currency, Uncommon/Rare Wish Orb, 1 Random Power (Common/Uncommon), 200 XP.
  • Impoppable: 150 Coins, 6 Gems, 5 Star Level Currency, 1 Rare Wish Orb, 1 Random Power (Common/Uncommon), 275 XP.

Replay rewardEdit

  • Normal : TBA


  • TBA

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