Shots bounce to new targets up to 3 times.
~ BTD6 description

Bouncing Bullet is the third upgrade of Path 2 for the Sniper Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It allows bullets to bounce up to 3 times, hitting 4 bloons total per shot. It costs $2,720 on Easy, $3,200 on Medium, $3,455 on Hard, and $3,840 on Impoppable.



Bouncing Bullet is a mediocre upgrade that most other towers outclass. It is still usable as bloon popping power, but a large amount of Bouncing Bullets is needed to clear a suitable amount of bloons. It becomes nearly completely useless in late-game, when the Shrapnel Shot is unable to activate due to the massively increased health of superceramics. Bouncing Bullet's main redeeming factor is Shrapnel Shot, the Bouncing Bullet's previous upgrade. It is stronger than Deadly Precision or Semi Automatic Rifle with Shrapnel Shot, and that is the main reason to utilise this upgrade. However, both of those upgrade paths function better with another crosspath than this tower, and the tower still remains very weak.


  • Crosspath with the top path for increased bullet damage as shrapnel shots from the upgrade before only activate from fully popped bloons, which is a very useful upgrade earlier in the game.
  • Set the targeting of the Bouncing Bullet to First to allow the weaker bloons to activate the shrapnel shots.
  • It is worth noting that Bouncing Bullet inherits the Night Vision Goggles property where its bullets deal +2 damage to all Camo Bloons. As a result, it becomes somewhat more useful against mid-game Camo Bloons.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Cost of Bouncing Bullet decreased ($3500 --> $3200)


Change balloon Projectile should no longer get stuck on track between jumps.

  • Buff Main bullets from the Bouncing Bullets now deal +2 damage to Camo Bloons.

Change balloon Undocumented: Seeking projectiles appear to have been optimised, affecting the Bouncing Bullet. It is unknown how this has specifically affected the seeking of the Bouncing Bullet.

  • Change balloon Shrapnel Shot reworked to eject in a 45 degree arc instead of 360
  • Nerf Shrapnel Shot now shoots 5 shrapnel pieces instead of 8.
  • Buff Shrapnel Shot now produces shrapnel once upon every attack instead of only when entire bloon is destroyed



  • The Bouncing Bullet artwork has a similar pose to BTD5's Semi-Automatic Rifle, as well as both having the goggles from the Night Vision Goggles upgrade.
    • However, in BTD6, the Semi-Automatic Rifle no longer is along the Night Vision Goggles path, so it has a different pose.
  • Each bullet can hit up to 68 bloons if there is no spacing between the bloons.
  • Bouncing Bullet originally costed as much as Semi-Automatic, until Version 7.0 when Bouncing Bullet received a price buff.
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