Shots bounce to new targets up to 3 times.
~ BTD6 description

Bouncing Bullet is the third upgrade of Path 2 for the Sniper Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It allows bullets to bounce up to 3 times, hitting 4 bloons total per shot. It costs $2,720 on Easy, $3,200 on Medium, $3,455 on Hard, and $3,840 on Impoppable.


Bouncing Bullet is a useful upgrade for utilising Shrapnel Shot, the Bouncing Bullet's previous upgrade. Setting to First will greatly maximize the amount of frag explosions, as setting it to First will generally target the weaker bloons that near the exit, which would in turn would help stop the most front bloons from leaking.

The best upgrade combination to combine would be to add Path 1 upgrades Full Metal Jacket or Large Calibre. It would be less useful to add Path 3 upgrades for the Bouncing Bullet due to a 0/2/3 Semi Automatic being more reliable than a 0/3/2 Bouncing Bullet, since the Semi Automatic with Shrapnel Shot on First would target the most front bloons anyway, which for the same price would lose both the opportunity to purchase further speed upgrades through Full Auto Rifle and the chance to create more reliable fragments with Path 1 upgrades.

To make most use of this upgrade, it is best to combine many 2/3/0 Bouncing Bullets on First with reliable MOAB-class popping power, which will then allow the many Bouncing Bullet Snipers to then crack open bloons to reek havoc on the various bloons with lots of shrapnel. This form of defense is best utilized in Rounds 41-80; any round beyond Round 80 and the many Ceramics on screen will be too tough to crack (because of Freeplay rules), while any round before Round 41 will likely be unaffordable to purchase enough Bouncing Bullets to create devastating effects to the bloons.

The advantage of the Bouncing Bullet is that Path 1 does not have to be missed in order to get reliable Shrapnel onto normal bloons. A 0/2/3 Semi Automatic Rifle set on First will typically create shrapnel well against weaker bloons; however, it tends to get overwhelmed against dense tightly packed bloons that are stronger than Blues, as Shrapnel doesn't always form for bloons popped, due to some popped bloons eventually becoming slower, where stronger bloons may push the Semi Automatic Rifle back unless it is fast enough to pop bloons to create Shrapnel. Bouncing Bullets, on the other hand, attack slower but can more reliably create shrapnel from bloons at the most front, as Path 1 upgrades can be bought to increase chances of Shrapnel to form from total destruction of bloons. While 0/2/3 Semi Automatic Rifles can shoot a lot faster, thus popping up bloons much faster directly with some good form of opportunity of shrapnel forming, a 2/3/0 Bouncing Bullet is slightly more than three times as slow as the Semi Automatic Rifle but produces much more reliable Shrapnel production if Path 1 upgrades are bought.

Compared with Semi Automatic Rifle, Bouncing Bullet detects camo and can beat a Semi Automatic Rifle under very specific situations. Despite similar price points and seemingly similar efficiency (between 3x speed for Semi Automatic Rifle and 3x bounce for Bouncing Bullet, which results in hitting 4 bloons), they both have major differences in reliability depending on their situation. The value of shrapnel production through speed versus reliablity can be decided between the 0/2/3 Sniper and the 2/3/0 Sniper when it comes to shrapnel.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Cost of Bouncing Bullet decreased ($3500 --> $3200)


Change balloon Projectile should no longer get stuck on track between jumps.

  • Buff Main bullets now allows the Sniper Monkey to deal +2 damage to Camo Bloons.



  • The Bouncing Bullet artwork has a similar pose to BTD5's Semi-Automatic Rifle, as well as both having the goggles from the Night Vision Goggles upgrade.
    • However, in BTD6, the Semi-Automatic Rifle no longer is along the Night Vision Goggles path, so it has a different pose.
  • Each bullet can hit up to 68 bloons if there is no spacing between the bloons.
  • Bouncing Bullet originally costed as much as Semi-Automatic, until Version 7.0 when Bouncing Bullet received a price buff.
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