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As of Version 1.4.1

Bottle Rocket BATTD.png

Bottle Rocket is a Rare Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It gives the character 10% extra range, with an extra 10% extra range when equipped to a character with a Bomb equipped (only applicable to Captain Cassie or C4 Charlie). Bottle Rocket can be equipped to any character except Ice King. It can be obtained from a Rare Wish Orb, or occasionally from a Super Rare Wish Orb or an Uncommon Wish Orb. It can be sharded for 100 Shards.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Bottle Rocket is a red firework with a yellow banana symbol on it.

Version History[edit | edit source]


Nerf.png Bottle Rocket can no longer be equipped to Ice King.

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